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It might be tempting to take a loan with a longer term while looking for a vehicle loan. This is because the monthly payment could be a lot less than it would be for a loan with a shorter term. Increasing the amount of money you have each month may seem like a wise financial decision.

The length of your auto loan, which affects the amount of your monthly payment and interest fees, usually is 24 to 84 months or two to seven years.

You will pay more each month for a loan with a shorter term, but you will pay less interest overall. Smaller monthly payments are available with longer-term loans, such as an 84-month vehicle loan, but they come with higher interest rates.

The optimum term for you is one you can afford, although most car loan customers take out 60-month or five-year loans. An 84-month auto loan, for instance, can be the best option if you need a vehicle but can only afford fewer monthly payments. Understand how a longer-term loan works before taking one out, such as an 84-month vehicle loan, to determine whether it’s good for you.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Key Takeaways

  • What is a long-term auto loan?
  • How long-term auto loans work
  • how to get a long-term car loan (84-month auto loan)
  • The risks of long-term auto loans
  • What To Know Before Taking Out An 84-Month Auto Loan
  • List of companies that offers 84 monthly auto loan

What Is A Long-Term Auto Loan?

One of the most extended loan durations that car lenders may issue is an auto loan with 84 monthly payments. Although specific lenders provide loan periods of up to 96 months, the maximum number of months generally accepted is 84.

One advantage of having such a long term is that it enables you to stretch out the monthly payments in a manner that is more manageable financially. Those with little financial resources and those who are self-employed and do not have a reliable source of income will benefit the most from this.

If you take out a loan with an 84-month term, you will have the advantage of having the market’s lowest monthly payment, and you will be able to return the loan over 7 years. On the other hand, a considerable danger is involved: in the long term, you will be required to pay a considerably higher amount of interest.

How long-Term Auto Loans Work

The approval process for a vehicle loan is quite similar to other finance forms. The lender examines your application and evaluates your financial status and credit score to establish your creditworthiness.

The lender will need evidence that you have a reliable income source and can afford the automobile. This often implies that you must have a job with a consistent source of income and a minimum credit score. However, there are certain exceptions. To assess whether you are an eligible applicant for a vehicle loan, the lender will consider other aspects, even if you have an excellent credit score.

You will make regular monthly payments for a predetermined schedule for 24 to 84 months once the lender approves you and offers you a vehicle loan.

Auto Loan Amounts

Your monthly income, spending, credit score, and debt level will all be considered when determining how much you may borrow for a vehicle. The amount you can afford depends on your down payment.

A $5,000 down payment will put you in a situation where you can still buy that vehicle, for instance, if you are looking at $40,000 cars but can only get approved for $35,000.

Auto Loan Interest Rates

Your credit score, loan amount, duration, and lender all play significant roles in determining the interest rate for your auto loan. Borrowers with very good to exceptional credit—typically a score of 740 to 850—get the best prices.

Examine your credit report and, if necessary, ask for modifications if you want to acquire the best rate. Requests for corrections should be made at least 30 days before the application deadline; this permits. Instead of going directly to the dealer, you should prequalify with at least three lenders. Your purchase will be excellent because of this.

Auto Loan Terms

Your monthly payment and the total interest amount depend on how long your auto loan is outstanding. Your monthly payment will go more as the period becomes shorter, but you’ll pay less interest since it has less time to accumulate. Most auto loans last between two and seven years.

Auto Loan Payoff

The payout procedure is simple. You’ll make consistent monthly payments until your auto loan is fully repaid. The title to the car will be given to you after it has been paid in full. If you can find a cheaper interest rate, you could also be able to refinance the loan before it is paid off, but this is not a guarantee.

How To Get A Long-Term Car Loan (84-Month Auto Loan)

There are times when you have a limited amount of money to spend or when you don’t have a lot of wiggle space to haggle with the auto dealer. A car loan with a more extended repayment period can be your best decision when you have few options.

  • Your monthly payments will not fit into your budget unless you choose a term that is longer.
  • When the vehicle loan is paid early, the borrower is not subject to additional fees.
  • Because of the length of the term, you will have the financial flexibility to purchase a more dependable, high-quality car.
  • Your vehicle’s lengthy warranty will help keep the total amount spent on repairs to a minimum.
  • You can get a low-interest rate and want to invest the difference to make more money.

The Risks Of Long-Term Auto Loans

A car loan with 84 months of payments comes with a few drawbacks, including the following:

Having to pay a higher interest rate

Even if your rate of interest stays the same throughout the life of the loan, the longer the terms of your loan will result in a more outstanding total interest payment obligation on your part than would be the case with a loan with shorter terms.

Getting turned around within the vehicle

When the seventh year comes around, your car’s value will have dropped dramatically due to depreciation. If you wish to buy a new automobile with the money, you obtain from the sale of this one, or even if you sell it privately, you won’t get nearly as much as you did when you bought it.

Repairs and ongoing maintenance

Some of the older automobiles need more maintenance than others. After more than five years of ownership, if you are still making payments on the vehicle you purchased, there is a possibility that it could need expensive repairs. It is much simpler to make a case for spending money on maintenance and repairs for older automobiles that you own outright.

What To Know Before Taking Out An 84-Month Auto Loan

When you get a car loan, the company will offer you a certain period to pay it back, along with the interest and other expenses. When you take up a car loan for 84 months, your interest rate and the monthly payment will remain the same for the whole of that 84 months.

Some borrowers may want to prepay their loan; nevertheless, lenders may impose a prepayment penalty on borrowers in certain circumstances; thus, verifying with your lender before making any early payments is essential.

List Of Companies That Offer 84-Month Auto Loan

Your choice of auto loan length should fit your needs.

An 84-month car loan may be too much, even with lower monthly payments. Long-term auto loans are rare. Regular auto loans are generally better for your financial future than refinancing.

1. myAutoloan

MyAutoloan compares vehicle loan rates from many lenders. You may submit personal information on the site’s web form to obtain loan offers from lenders nearly instantly. Best Low-Rate Option because of availability and pricing.

MyAutoloan’s rates are modest, according to our analysis. Marketplace loans provide a 3.99% APR for new cars. MyAutoloan might be a suitable alternative for persons with below-average credit (575 minimum).

The company’s $8,000 minimum loan amount may need you to spend more on a vehicle than you expected. myAutoloan won’t lend on cars older than 10 years or with more than 125,000 km. Some may find these rules onerous.


  • Acceptance of credit scores below average (575 and above)
  • Outstanding interest rates
  • A seamless and simple internet experience


  • High ($8,000) minimums for purchase loans
  • Several limitations on vehicles
  • Not accessible in Alaska or Hawaii

2. Consumers Credit Union 

Illinois’ Consumers Credit Union is becoming nationwide. Our team chose this lender because it provides a broad selection of terms and loan amounts at standard industry rates.

Credit union loans are available. Members get 4.09% APR on vehicle loans. You may borrow any amount over 84 months if you qualify.

These prices are only for 2019 and newer automobiles. Older automobiles start at 4.34% APR.

Anyone may join Consumers Credit Union, a membership-based non-bank. The Consumers Cooperative Association requires a Social Security number or tax ID and a $5 nonrefundable fee.


  • Very lenient financing conditions
  • 100% finance, maximum
  • There is no capped or minimum borrowing amount.


  • Exclusively for members
  • Small branches

3. AutoPay 

AutoPay is an online marketplace for vehicle loans and refinancing. With cheap rates and flexible terms, it’s the Best Auto Loan Company.

AutoPay’s network of lenders offers good-credit consumers APRs as low as 2.99% on new and used autos. The organization approves auto loans for anyone with a 575 credit score or above

AutoPay gives you 24- to 96-month loan durations. You may pay off your vehicle loan fast or over many years.


  • Offers mild credit pre-qualification.
  • For consumers with excellent credit, low APRs are offered
  • There are no application costs or early payment fees.
  • Insurance with guaranteed asset protection (GAP)


  • Loan financing may need some time.

4. Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union provides affordable vehicle loan rates. Because of its car-buying service and availability, we call it the Most Cohesive Process for Auto Loans.

PenFed is mainly for military soldiers and their families and government and nonprofit employees. Even if you don’t qualify, you may join by donating to a charity.

PenFed’s beginning APR for new autos is among the lowest we’ve observed. To receive that rate, you must use PenFed’s car-buying service. PenFed members may get discounts and reimbursements at partner dealerships, like other credit unions.

PenFed car loans might be challenging to get. Credit union members must have 610 or better credit ratings. PenFed’s late loan fee is $29!


  • Some of the most affordable vehicle loan rates available
  • Added advantages for members
  • Some members may be eligible for debt protection.


  • Available to members only
  • Hefty late payment penalty
  • Fair or better credit is necessary.

5.  iLending

For individuals wishing to receive better terms and cheaper interest rates for their car loans, iLending is a potential alternative due to its reputation as a refinancing auto loan expert.

With APR beginning as low as 2.14% for individuals with excellent credit, the firm collaborates with a network of lenders and financial institutions to give some of the lowest APR rates we’ve seen in the sector.

The loan amount and conditions may vary based on the lender you choose to refinance with since it is an auto refinancing marketplace. Currently, iLending does not provide loans for new or used cars.


  • For people with excellent credit, low APR rates
  • Those with low credit scores have the opportunity to refinance their auto loan.
  • Strong reputation for client service


  • Does not provide loans for new or used cars.

Best Auto Loan Length

Consider your budget, your financing amount, and the interest rate. Dealers often attempt to persuade customers to accept lengthier loan terms, but it is in no way worth giving in to pressure from the salesperson.

The duration of your vehicle loan should be as short as possible. It not only guarantees that you pay less interest, but it also makes the loan easier to repay sooner. You will thus have that additional monthly money to use for other bills and costs.

You may always choose a more extended payback period in the beginning and refinance your loan when your budget permits if you can’t afford a larger monthly payment. You may also pay off your loan early and save on interest if your lender doesn’t impose a prepayment fee.

Consider term lengths while keeping your demands, requirements, and long-term objectives in mind. Understanding your finances can help you choose the best course of action, as there is no ideal vehicle loan duration.

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Your selection for a car loan term is ultimately personal and should suit your circumstances.

Even while reduced monthly payments could be alluring, taking on an 84-month vehicle loan commitment might be a case of trying to bite off more than you can chew.

Only a very few times is a long-term vehicle loan genuinely worthwhile. Regular vehicle loans offer more advantages for your financial future while refinancing is always possible.

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