Top 10 Best Loans for the Unemployed in Nigeria

A loan is a monetary method that helps both companies, business owners and individuals attain their financial responsibilities.

A large percentage of loan organizations required collateral to secure repayment of funds by those who borrowed money from them.

Not all individuals have what it takes to tender any of their assets in borrowing money that is why it is essential to have no collateral in exchange for cash for borrowers.

That makes it so easy for individuals and business owners to borrow money without rendering collateral.

In the next section of this article, I will let you know some of the loans for the unemployed in Nigeria.

Loans for the Unemployed in Nigeria
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List of the Top 10 Best Loan Apps to Lend Money As An Unemployed Nigerian

If you a Nigerian without a job or being under paid, these loan apps have come to help with their instant loans without collateral.


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1. Fast Credit Loans

Fast credit loans are one of the promising loans for jobless people in Nigeria. They provide loans in a fast manner plus active interest rates. The repayment period is 15 months with instant funding.

This platform has three several categories of loans, onset from

  • Fast credit private loan
  • Fast credit SMS loan
  • Fast credit public loan

2. Fast cash loan

Fast cash loan is another loan for unemployed people in Nigeria under the agency of FCMB that accept no collateral in borrowing out for individuals’ demands and emergency.

It’s an instant loan for money borrowing with and access by using FCMB loan code {*329*11#}

With the help of FCMB loans, individuals are eligible for N200k with instant disbursement.

Get this $200+ Cash App Free Money Code 2022

3. LMoney loan

LMoney is one of the most convenient loans for individuals and those already working. It’s an instant loan approval with quick money disbursement allowing individuals and business owners to borrow up to N2 Million naira within a period of 24hrs.

4. Lendigo loan

Lendigo is one of the best loans offering loans to business owners and individuals from the minimum amount of N300k and above.

it requires less effort and energy due to the fact that customers can apply for a loan through the platform website.

5. Kwikpay credit

Are you disturbed about financial instability? Say no to the financial downturn. Have you heard of kwikpay credit? Kwikpay credit is a financial assistance platform that helps individuals and business owners to get out of money worries.

The platform quickly makes instant disbursement of money through its website. It is very easy to access as anyone can apply for it.

6. Standard chartered loan

Haven’t you heard about this platform yet? It is one of the highest and best loans in Nigeria that offers and gives you up to N2 Million naira loan which you can pay back in 63 months interest-free.

Advantageously, everyone can apply for the loan being a jobless and salary earner.

7. Renmoney loan

Renmoney is one of the outstanding fintech companies administering a microfinancing banking license in Lagos, Nigeria.

They pay loans to their clients through their website which is being administered by CNB and insured and protected by NDIC.

8. Jumia loan app.

The jumia loan app is a loan set that is precisely provided for schooling ages in which they can borrow up to N30k naira with no collateral.

it requires no struggle for application but is an easy way to apply through the Jumia pay app.

9. Quickteller loan 

These specific platforms have been in existence for a long time with a great impact to make their customers comfortable. They offer financial services and assistance to thousands of people which have made their portfolio spread across Nigeria and other African countries.

The platform loan is not only for working people, but it’s also for the unemployed too.

10. Baobab loans

No matter who you are, as long as you need money. Nothing is stopping you from applying for the trusted platform which can offer you what you want.

with the help of Baobab, you can get a minimum loan of N20k and a maximum of N50k with no collateral through their website.

Baobab loan is specifically based on business loans. They offer loans for business in Nigeria. Once you have a plan of borrowing money in this area of Nigeria, {Oyo, Ogun, and Lagos state}, why not go for Baobab loans.

This are organizations or companies that offer quick loans on behalf of their customers. These so-called platforms required no collateral from any customers but just to help them cover up their financial instability.

11. C24 loans

C24 offers private loans and business loans to people with instant online money loans to people that are urgently in want of a loan.

This online application can be easily completed in less than 5 minutes with an instant response of loan which is usually sent instantly. It’s one of the quickest loans for instant loans for Nigeria.

12. Fair money loan

Fair money is also popular for its great performance in the life of its clients. Fair money gives its users up a 500,000 naira within 5 minutes in which their refund is always flexible with no collateral involved.

To get this app, go to the google play store and download it and apply to get your money in minutes.

13. Specta loan

With the help of a spectra loan, clients are eligible to access up to 5 million within 5 minutes with no collateral.

It also gives up to 2 million naira to help customers start a business. The platform gives out loans to both working and non-working people. You can also check your spectra score.

14. Pay later

Pay later is a program that offers online short-term loans to people and business owners in Nigeria to assist them to cover up financial crises.

With this program, clients can access up to N500,000 loans without any collateral. once clients’ application is authorized, funds are typically received in 1-3 business days.

making a one-time repayment method helps you to borrow more in the next loan.

15. Kia Kia

It’s a digital lending platform for Nigerian business owners. It utilizes data, psychometrics for its credit scoring, and credit risk inspection algorithms to provide business loans to its customers.

Kia Kia was a name derived from a Nigerian language that meant ‘fast fast’ The word them to them meant the platform allows very easy and quick solutions to its clients with effective performance.

The apps above gives quick loans to Nigerians without collateral. So, if you are in search of the best loans for the unemployed in Nigeria, these loans institute can help you with some. Remember to always read their terms and conditions before taking any loans from the above mentioned organizations to prevent stories that touches.

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