Top 7 Life Insurance Companies In South Africa

Everyone has to deal with insurance at some point, even though it is not everyone’s favorite subject. life insurance companies in South Africa are available to provide you with the best coverage, whether you need to protect your priceless possessions, or your property, or take out life insurance.

The necessity for life insurance has existed since the start of the twenty-first century. It would help if you had life or business insurance these days to qualify for many loans. This highlights the value of life insurance, and getting one only underscores your accountability.

You seldom truly realize how much you need insurance until you are forced to live without it, even though it is sometimes considered somewhat costly. Insurance may be a lifeline in unfortunate circumstances.

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Life Insurance Companies In South Africa

List Of The Top 7 Best Life Insurance Companies In South Africa

It is no secret that the best life insurance companies in South Africa are those that have been around for many years and have a proven track record.  Here is a list of the top 7 best life insurance companies in South Africa:

1. FNB Life Insurance

FNB Life Insurance offers its clients reasonably priced life insurance policies. Combining life insurance with a critical illness and disability insurance policy is possible. You may also buy income protection coverage to safeguard your money.

You won’t have to pay extra for the benefit of the R30,000 funeral protection that comes with the insurance. In South Africa’s market for life insurance, FNB has the most devoted clientele. According to SA-CSI, it has the most devoted clientele and provides the best customer service in South Africa.


The First National Bank provides an insurance product called FNB Life Insurance. The protection for life insurance may be up to R10 million, and the monthly costs can be as little as R87.


  • You can combine your life insurance with a disability and serious sickness policy.
  • Up to 1500 eBucks points may be earned in a single month.
  • Get the chance to get 40% of your monthly premiums as eBucks.
  • Includes an R30,000.00 funeral benefit in addition.
  • After a successful application, the Funeral benefit is paid out within 24 hours.
  • Adaptable life insurance policies that are designed to meet your requirements.
  • Up to R10 million in life insurance coverage is available for you.
  • Prices for premiums begin at R87 per month.
  • The cover price begins at R100,000.


  • Because the premiums are set, customers may be sure they can make future payments.
  • Fixed premiums provide you with greater financial flexibility.
  • Because the rates don’t change as you age, you may save money in the long run.
  • The breakdown of premium costs is simple to comprehend.
  • The premiums protect against growing inflation and don’t rise yearly.


  • The initial premiums are high, but they don’t change during the policy.
  • Due to the hefty expenses, it might be difficult for young individuals just beginning their jobs to get this sort of premium.
  • The guidelines are rigid. It doesn’t provide a way to raise or lower premiums.
  • Throughout the life of the policy, the amount insured doesn’t change.

2.  Liberty

Simple life insurance is available from Liberty Life, and you may add as many beneficiaries as you want to your policy. Because the policyholder may change their insurance at any moment, the life insurance coverage is also adaptable. You may increase this coverage by adding significant sickness insurance, income protection, and disability coverage.

With Liberty National, you can’t apply for a policy online, receive rates, or file claims without speaking to an agent. Additionally, the business struggles with consumer satisfaction. If you pick a different provider, whether you need term or whole life insurance, you may benefit from a more transparent procedure and superior customer service.

If you pick a different provider, whether you need term or whole life insurance, you may benefit from a more transparent procedure and superior customer service.


One of the most cost-effective life insurance policies in South Africa is offered Life Cover from Liberty. You may get a cover worth R1 million for R128.


  • Benefits for Accidental Death
  • Accidental Death Benefit for Spouse
  • Young rider
  • Partner Rider
  • Rider of Term
  • The rider with Terminal Illness
  • Enhanced Waiver Rider
  • Rider for Interim Term


  • Provides convertible insurance
  • A-rated for monetary security


  • Several grievances against the NAIC
  • There are no online quotations.
  • Absence of policy specifics
  • To apply, you must talk with an agent.

3. MetLife Insurance

Metropolitan provides life insurance coverage that is known for being inexpensive. Affordable Metropolitan Life Insurance also offers services to the underprivileged.

Metropolitan handles this so successfully that you may acquire a cover of R100,000 for minimal rates. Few life insurers provide for low-income individuals.

Metropolitan provides services to wealthy people who wish to spend millions on their lives. You may also add disability and critical illness coverage along with your life insurance. Therefore, Metropolitan can provide you with the life goods you need.


For those from 18 to 85, MetLife provides a one-year term coverage. This policy’s base level of protection is $100,000. Unless you add the Convertible and Renewable Options rider, the basic policy is neither renewable nor convertible.


  • Enhanced care advantages
  • Increasing the death benefit sooner
  • Disability premium waiver benefit
  • The benefit of the applicant’s premium waiver
  • Itinerant Enricher (allows you to purchase additional whole life insurance inside your policy)
  • Benefit for accidental deaths
  • child’s language
  • Broad term
  • Assured insurance ability


  • One-year term life, simplified issue term life, and assured acceptance whole life are among the products offered by MetLife. Online shopping is available for streamlined and assured acceptance items.
  • For term life insurance policies, the online quotation tool offers rapid rates.
  • The customer complaint ratio of.13 is much lower than the average insurance score of 1, which is 1.
  • The biggest insurer in the nation, MetLife has a solid track record of financial stability and an A+ rating from A.M. Best.


  • The company’s internet tools and products are limited; life insurance consumers cannot use the mobile app, submit claims, or make payments online.
  • Even with the quotation tool, there isn’t much information online regarding MetLife’s policy choices, making it difficult for first-time clients to make judgments.

4. Assupol

Affordable and flexible coverage options are provided by Assupol life insurance. Whether a person is wealthy or not, Assupol Life insurance offers a variety of coverage options for everyone.

The best approach to leave your family or others with the gift of financial security in the event of your passing is via life insurance plans. You may afford to leave your family with cash by paying a minimal premium of R73 each month.

You should leave your family some money for a variety of reasons. This is particularly relevant to those without assets, like unit trusts.


You may acquire life insurance coverage for as little as R90 per month, along with up to R10,000 in funeral coverage for you and your spouse, with the option to raise your coverage after a specific time. Additionally, if you don’t file a claim for ten years, the 4Sure Loyalty Reward will refund you 10% of your premiums.


  • Starting monthly premiums are R90. Your risk profile will determine how to proceed.
  • If one of you passes away, you and your spouse get a funeral benefit of R10,000.00. When you or a family member makes a claim, payment is made within 24 hours or sooner.
  • A death benefit of up to R300,000.
  • This insurance may be used as collateral to secure debt, such as a mortgage.
  • Your coverage amount and monthly premiums both rise as a result of inflation.
  • For claims involving natural causes, coverage phases in over 18 months.
  • After five years, there is a possibility to enhance this policy’s coverage to up to R1 million.


  • Provides convertible insurance
  • A-rated for monetary security


  • There are no online quotations.
  • Absence of policy specifics
  • To apply, you must talk with an agent.

5. 1Life Life Insurance

A life insurance policy called 1Life Pure Life offers up to R10,000,000.00. The coverage offers set prices for the first 12 months after signing up for the plan. The quoted price will be guaranteed for the first 12 months upon membership, and no increases will be made.

The 1Life Pure Life cover comes with a funeral benefit for funeral expenses. the policyholder’s death, the Pay Now funeral benefit provides R50,000.00 in coverage.


The 1Life Pure Life Plus Cover includes a funeral for the primary insured. A memorial benefit of R5,000.00 to the primary insured. The insurance includes an R6,000 food bonus and a repatriation service.


  • If customers combine their life insurance with a 1Life funeral cover, they may save up to 28% on their due premiums.
  • When someone dies accidentally, there is no waiting time.
  • No medical examinations are necessary.
  • The first 12 months after the subscription are fixed-price premium periods.
  • With the 1Life Pure Life Plus policy, there are funeral benefits included.


  • There is no need for medical testing.
  • The life insurance policy’s premiums are set for the first 12 months following purchase.
  • If a person already has life insurance via another company, they may extend their coverage with 1life.
  • R10 million is a high maximum cover amount.
  • Instant coverage is provided for both accidental and natural death.
  • The consequences of Covid-19 are promptly covered.


  • For this plan, the insurer does not provide a cashback benefit.

6. Sanlam

One of the best life insurance companies in South Africa, if not all of Africa, is Sanlam. Sanlam is Africa’s biggest life insurer, which explains this. However, the title of “Africa’s biggest life insurer” is not free.

This suggests that you need to provide excellent service. The best solution seems to be to get life insurance from the best life insurer. This can be the case since Sanlam Life insurance is more comprehensive than standard life insurance.


Monthly premiums start at R100. The most that may be covered is R10 million. Quick payment of up to R50,000.00 is available to pay for urgent costs. There is no waiting time, and the cover is quick.


  • Funeral expenses
  • Cancellation of any unpaid debt.
  • Contribute to any expenses incurred in the administration of the policyholder’s estate.
  • Ensuring that the family has enough money to keep living comfortably.


  • Convertible insurance is offered.
  • Rated A for financial stability


  • There are no quotes available online.
  • Lack of precise policy details

7. OUTsurance

The company’s tagline, “You always get something out,” is a guarantee that customers will get if they avoid filing any claims for a certain amount of time. A complete life insurance plan covering death, disability, and critical illness is an option, but you may also purchase each of these coverages separately.

OUTsurance uses your risk profile and the risk elements in your lifestyle to determine premium amounts. OUTsurance life insurance comes with a five-year price guarantee. If your plan calls for blood tests, OUTsurance will pay for these and send a nurse to your house. Additional options include fixed prices or yearly coverage increases.


Life Cover from OUTsurance is one of the most reasonably priced life insurance plans in South Africa. You may pay R128 for a policy that is worth R1 million.


  • Your risk variables affect the premiums you pay.
  • To purchase death insurance, you must be aged 18 to 64.
  • Between R200,000.00 and R16,000,000 is the coverage amount.
  • Funeral benefits are included with the death cover. The amount that accelerates a part of your complete death insurance is this amount.
  • You may increase your death benefit by adding a spouse or kid as a policyholder.


  • Provides convertible insurance.
  • A-rated for financial stability


  • No quotes can be found online.
  • Lack of policy details


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Selecting the finest life insurance policy considers several factors and due investigation. It is crucial to note what the beneficiaries require and what you want for them since the benefits or add-ons on your life insurance will need to meet the lifestyle of the cover recipients.

Your life insurance coverage may be helpful to you in certain circumstances. At a certain point in your policy’s life, you may be eligible for a cash refund of up to 100% of all your premiums. Make sure you understand how much life insurance you need before making any significant choices.

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