How to Import Trust Wallet to MetaMask – A Step by Step Guide

This article will discuss how to import Trust wallet to MetaMask. Importing Trust wallet to MetaMask involves moving your trust wallet details to the metamask, a browser extension. The metamask helps for interaction with decentralized applications.

What happens when you Import Trust Wallet to MetaMask

Once an investor or trader imports Trust Wallet to Metamask, their crypto-asset becomes visible and accessible from both the source and destination wallet.

Importing Trust wallet involves extending your crypto asset from Trust wallet to a Metamask.

Import Trust Wallet to MetaMask
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How long does it take to transfer from Trust Wallet to MetaMask?

Transferring from your trust wallet to the metamask wallet takes between 7-8 minutes. You will be required to sign and approve your transaction in your metamask wallet, where you will also settle the gas fee. There would be a progress tab bar that will indicate that your transfer is complete.

How to export a private key from Trust Wallet to MetaMask

Go to settings and check the wallet that holds your crypto asset on your trust wallet. Click the three-dotted points, and then it would show you an option “show your recovery phrase” click this option, copy or write down the 12 words.

Go to metamask; you will see an option to add an account; click on the option and then import account.

It says paste your private keys since we can’t get this private key from the trust wallet. Go to mnemonic code converter, a platform where you can get your private keys; if you have any doubt or fear that the website may claim your code, you can use the offline option to get the private keys.

On the website, paste your 12 keys in “Bep 39” mnemonics, scroll down and select ETH as your preferred coin, and then still on the same page, scroll down and on the derivation path option and set it at BEP 44.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page you will notice the first public address is your receive address on trust wallet; move to the first private key, copy and go back to metamask.

On metamask, click on import your account, paste your private key, and your account will come up once you do this.

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How to import Trust Wallet to Metamask – a step by step Guide

To import trust wallet to metamask, you need to take your seed phrase from trust wallet and add it to your metamask account. On your trust wallet, go to settings and click on wallets.

After selecting your wallet with the crypto asset, click on “show recovery phrase,” then copy the phrase or write it down in ascending order.

Download the metamask wallet and immediately log into your account; once logged in, click on “get started.”

After that, a new page will come up, and you will click to import using the secret recovery phrase. A box will come up, and you must paste the already copied phrase from trust wallet.

Once you input the phrase, you would need to create a password. Create the password, confirm the password, and click “import.”

Once you have completed this process, a congratulations message will pop up showing you have successfully imported your trust wallet into your metamask wallet.

Does Trust Wallet give you private keys?

Trust wallet does not present users with the private keys they are looking for, not even in the account section.

The address details created for a particular key will always be stored as phrases instead of codes. So one cannot find this key in the asset section as you would want to.

Importing trust wallets to metamask can be done easily by following the above-discussed steps.

We hope this article will help aid your trading and usage of the trust wallet and metamask platform. For all your views, questions, and recommendations, kindly drop us a message in our comment section.

Watch the video below to learn how to import Trust Wallet to Metamask:

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