IM Academy Review: Is IM Legit or Scam?

This article will discuss the IM Academy review and whether it is legit or a scam. IM Academy is a forex educational platform that offers various trading services and products to its members. The platform also accords one the opportunity of participating in their XLM scheme.

What is IM Academy?

IM Academy is an online-based company that provides different educational products and offers teachings on various forex trading skills.

The educational platform provides several forms of application-based information to its list of members.

IM Academy,IM Academy Review
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What Does IM Academy Do?

IM Academy mainly focuses on offering its members diverse educational material to help strengthen and improve their forex trading abilities. The company seeks to teach different skills to help an individual become a successful forex trader. IM Academy has numerous members who depend on various content to assist them in understanding forex trading.

Is IM Academy a Pyramid Scheme?

No, IM Academy is not a pyramid scheme. However, the educational providing company, in addition to offering its members various materials on forex trading, also runs an XLM program that rewards those that promote the company.

It’s considered that the company uses this program to gather newer members, which is almost the same as a pyramid scheme.

But the company is regarded as legit and known to offer quality educational materials to aid in learning about forex trading.

Is IM Legit or a Scam?

No, IM Academy is not a scam. The company is regarded as offering a legit and trusted platform where one can derive detailed information on forex trading.

The educational based company provides one with access to enrolling in their XLM scheme, which one can utilize to make money from promoting the platform.

Even though this XLM scheme is considered a disguise for fraudulent activities, the company is legit.

The Pros of IM Academy

The IM Academy is an excellent platform where one can derive educational courses on forex trading. Below is a list of some of the pros of IM Academy;

  • Access to Educational Materials

One of the benefits of considering IM Academy is access to its long list of educational materials and facilities.

The platform is regarded as a very excellent place where one can actively gain information on forex trading.

  • Sales of Trading Tools

Aside from the benefit of access to numerous educational materials, the platform sells many forex trading tools.

One can comfortably access various tools for analyzing the forex market, which will help determine the best position to trade.

  • Payment of Compensation

Another known benefit of IM Academy is its compensation plan which it has for its long list of members.

Note that any old or new member who decides to join their XLM scheme and promote the company would get paid.

  • Live Mentorship

IM Academy offers its list of members access to their coaching and live mentorship programs.

The newest members could feed off expert and professional traders’ experience, knowledge, and skills.


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The Cons of IM Academy

Even when the educational company is rated as a good forex trading learning option, there are some disadvantages to using their services. Below are some of the cons of IM Academy;

  • Expensive Monthly Renewal Fee

One of the negatives of IM Academy is that its members are always expected to renew their membership every month. This renewal fee is usually high and could affect one’s continual existence on the platform.

  • Numerous User Complaints

The number of user complaints is a major disadvantage of the IM Academy. Many users of the platform have voiced their continual displeasure with the level of services offered on the platform.

  • There are no Refunds

Another negative of IM Academy is that it does not make any refunds on already made payments to its platform.

The online-based platform offers various materials members can purchase, but no refund exists.

IM Academy Investigation

Currently, there are no investigations on IM Academy, an online-based company that offers individuals access to its list of forex trading materials. The company is not under any form of investigation.

What you Should Know About IM Academy Lawsuit

IM Academy has not been a victim of any lawsuit as of today. The educational-based company offers one the ability to derive various information on forex trading and earn compensation from participating in their XLM scheme. There’s no lawsuit against IM Academy and no information to back that up.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on IM Academy

Can IM Academy Make you Rich?

No, the platform only offers access to learning materials and their XLM scheme, which rewards those who promote and attract new members.

How Much Does it Cost to Join IM Academy?

IM Academy normally charges intending members before they are allowed to join their platform. The price of their monthly membership subscription is about $174, which an intending member must pay every month.

Do you Have to Pay IM Academy Monthly?

Yes, every member must make a monthly membership payment to the platform, and this monthly fee is considered one’s membership subscription to stay active on the platform.

Can you Cancel Your IM Academy Membership?

You can cancel your membership with the educational-based company “IM Academy.” However, there’s no certain guarantee that you would get a refund for any payment previously made to the platform.

Is IM Academy FCA Regulated?

IM Academy is not regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

How do I Get Money Back From IM Academy?

Normally a subscriber is allowed to get refunds after making a payment but only within seven days. After this number of days, it’s entirely impossible to get refunds.

IM Academy is an educational company that intends to help various individuals with information on forex trading.

Despite this help, it’s important that one research more on the platform before signing up. We hope this article will help with quality and helpful information on the company. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know more about the IM Academy:

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