How To Buy Safemoon On Bitmart – Complete Step By Step Guide

Buying Safemoon On Bitmart is an easy task and in this post, I’ll be sharing with you how to buy safemoon on Bitmart exchange app.

BitMart is a leading digital asset exchange that enables users to trade digital currencies or cryptocurrencies for other popular assets, such as fiat or digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What is Bitmart App?

BitMart offers its trading platform for IOS and Android operating systems, allowing their traders to have the same user-friendly experience. This is made possible through the Bitmart app.

How to Buy Safemoon

Bitmart Safemoon Price

There is no cryptocurrency whose price does not change or fluctuate in the blockchain world. So there’s no fix price for safe moon but below is the latest information on safe moon which is available on Bitmart.

Price to USD : $ 0.0000035
Close price : 0.0000035 USDT
Market rank : 1,221
Exchange : BitMart
Base currency : Safemoon

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How to Use Bitmart – Step by Step Guide

Bitmart offers trading on futures which specifically is a market for perpetual swaps, offered per the terms and conditions for Bitmart Futures Market.

Below is the guide to buy coins on Bitmart:

1. Use your browser to visit Bitmart to sign in to your BitMart account. If you do not have a BitMart account, create a Bitmat account here.

2. Go to BitMart main page.

Click “Futures” to enter the Perpetual Swap trading interface.

3. Deposit or transfer funds to futures account.

On the Bitmart platform, you need to deposit or transfer fund into your account.

4. Choose the trading pair you wish to trade for in the trading section.

After transferring funds into your account, you can choose the trading pair you intend on trading. Currently, BitMart supports a wide range of trading pairs, including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, EOS/USDT, BSV/USDT, LTC/USDT, ETC/USDT, XRP/USDT, etc.

5. Choose the leverage you want to use.

BitMart offers a choice of multiple adjustable leverages, currently supporting 0x-125x in both cross and isolated positions.

6. Choose the order type.

You will choose the particular order type you want to use. For more information, you can read on order type and then select the type you want to use.

7. Enter the price and quantity, then choose to buy (long position) or sell (short position).

After choosing your order type, you need to enter the price and quantity you want to purchase and then decide whether to stay long in the trade or to go short.

8. After you placed an order, you can view the position, the average price of the open position, the liquidation price, the margin, the unrealized PNL, the realized profit and loss, and the close position in the [Positions] list.

9. Close position:

This means setting a price at which the system will automatically close the position when the price reaches or setting the position to close at the current market price.

10. Confirm your close.

You need to confirm the close you have made and make sure it matches with what you want

11. You can review your order at [Order History].

You can review the trades you have made recently by checking your order history

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How to Buy Safemoon on Bitmart?

How to Buy Safemoon

To buy Safemoon on Bitmart, you need to have some USDT. To get USDT, you can either send a different coin to your BitMart wallet and trade for USDT or you can buy USDT with a credit card from one of their vendors.

• Buying a coin
You need to buy a coin using another wallet e.g Coinbase. Preferably you can purchase USDC because it does not fluctuate in price.

• Sending the USDC to BitMart

After purchasing your USDC using another platform, you need to send the USDC to the Bitmart. You can do this by going into your BitMart account and Searching for USDC. Then, click Deposit. The ” Address ” it gives you is where you will send the USDC to.

• Trade your USDC for USDT

The next step is to use the USDC available in your Bitmart to trade for USDT. This can also be done using the Bitmart platform.

• Buy Safemoon

Using the Bitmart, you can then trade your USDT for the safemoon amount you want to purchase. You will do this by searching for safemoon within asset and clicking ” Trade ” .

If you hit market, you will get it for what it’s being sold at. that is the fastest way to buy Safemoon.

BitMart is one of the best crypto exchanges with over two million customers for a reason. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted cyptocurrency exchange that is easy to use and does not cause any complications, then BitMart is an ideal option for you.

If you this post on how to buy Safemoon on Bitmat works for you, feel free to share your thought through the comment session.


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