How To Accept Pending Payment On PayPal

This article will discuss how to accept pending payments on PayPal. Pending payment sometime occurs on PayPal with payments yet to be processed. Despite this delay, one can still accept these pending payments on PayPal.

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What Does Pending Payment Mean On PayPal?

Pending payment on PayPal means a specific payment is still being processed or yet to be concluded. Most times, a pending payment occurs as a result of the payment system or other issues.

The Causes Of Pending Payment On PayPal

PayPal is one of the best platforms that can be used to conduct transactions and receive and send funds. Pending payment sometimes occurs on the platform with some reasons attached to it. Below are the causes of pending payment on PayPal.

• Selling Riskier Items

One leading cause of pending payment on PayPal is the issue of selling riskier items. These items, which include tickets, gift cards, computers, and travel packages, sometimes result in pending payment.

• Customer Complaint

Another reason which may result in pending payment on PayPal is excess customer complaints. When many customers complain about your product, PayPal may restrict or delay payment.

• Change In Selling Price

An unusual change in the selling price for a specific transaction is a significant reason for pending payment. Once PayPal notices this, it may leave your payment still incomplete.

How To Accept Pending Payment On PayPal

Currently, one can accept pending payments on PayPal. An individual can accept pending payments on PayPal by following the steps below.

• Login To Your PayPal Account

The first thing you need to do to accept pending payments is to log in to your PayPal account. Carefully provide your login details on the provided spaces and login into your account.

• Search For Pending Payment

Once you have logged into your PayPal account, you need to navigate through and look out for any pending payment transaction and open it.

• Accept The Payment

After opening the specific pending payment transaction, you would be provided with three options, namely accepting, declining, and adding tracking information. You need to click on “Accept” to accept the pending payment.

• Finalize The Process

Once you click “Accept,” you will be taken to another page. On this page, you would be shown the option of accepting or declining the payment and resending the funds to the sender. To finalize the process, click on “Accept” and then submit.

You will get a notification from PayPal that your order has been accepted and the balance opened. You can withdraw a certain amount once it’s credited to your PayPal.

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How To Resolve PayPal Payment Pending For A Week

PayPal is a great way to resolve payments pending for a week. There are ways by which one can carefully resolve the PayPal payment pending for a week. Below are the ways to resolve PayPal payments pending for a week.

• Provide Customer Service

One of the best ways to resolve PayPal payment pending is to communicate better with your customers. You must ensure that you help them whenever there’s an issue, and you need to handle it on time.

• Post Real Photos

Another essential thing to consider to avoid PayPal payments pending due to refunds and disputes is to post actual photos of the items you sell. This would allow your potential customers to know better about what you are offering.

How To Cancel A Pending PayPal Payment

Canceling a pending PayPal payment is simple, and one can conduct this on their PayPal account. To cancel a pending PayPal payment, one would need to login into their account with PayPal and navigate to the activity menu on the home page.

After that, you would need to select the option of “All Transactions.” Then you would need to search for the specific payment; if the payment remains pending, you would be shown the option to cancel it.

Click on the “Cancel” option on the pending payment, and it will be canceled. Once successful, it would reflect in your bank account or, instead, your PayPal account.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on accepting pending payments on PayPal.

Can I Withdraw Money That Is Pending?

No, you can’t withdraw money that is pending.

Why Do PayPal Hold Funds For 72 Hours?

PayPal holds funds for 72 hours because of security checking reasons.

Does Pending Mean It Went Through?

No, pending means it’s still been processed.

Do Pending Transactions Always Go Through?

No, it’s not all pending transactions that go through.

Why Can’t I Accept A Pending Payment On PayPal?

You may not be able to accept a pending payment on PayPal because of a review due to a possible risk or fraud.

How Long Will My PayPal Money Be Pending?

PayPal money will remain pending for 21 days.

Why Is My Received Money Pending On PayPal?

Your received money may be pending on PayPal as the payment is still being processed.

Why Is Money Still Pending On PayPal After 21 Days?

Your money may still be pending after 21 days as the problem associated is yet to be resolved.

How Do I Confirm Payment On PayPal?

You need to log in and click on “Activity” on PayPal, search and click on the original payment. Then click on “Confirm Receipt” and “Yes” to confirm that you received the order.

How Do I Release Funds From PayPal?

You would need to add tracking information to your orders or instead print a shipping label through PayPal.

Why Is A Payment Pending?

A payment pending is a transaction that is yet to be processed completely.

Does PayPal Hold Money From Friends?

Yes, if you receive money from friends for the first time in a long time.

Does PayPal Hold Money Until When Item Is Shipped?

Yes, PayPal holds the money until when an item is shipped.

How Long Does It Take For Money To Show Up On PayPal?

It takes a few minutes for money to show up in PayPal.


Accepting pending payment on PayPal is possible if one considers the above-discussed steps. PayPal is one of the best payment service providers that one can use for payments.

We hope this article provides enough information on accepting pending payments on PayPal. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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