10 Best Hard Money Lenders in Georgia 2023

Hard money lenders are generally private lenders who will provide cash to borrowers in exchange for a percentage of the value of the loan repaid. They do not make loans based on creditworthiness or other factors that can be gauged by a bank or other financial institution.

Instead, hard money lenders generally focus on one thing and one thing only: getting their hands on as much money as they can. In many ways, hard money lending is similar to traditional mortgage lending.

Both offer an opportunity for investors looking to purchase a property with cash rather than equity in their own pockets. However, where the two industries diverge is in regulations and standards applied to ensure those seeking hard money loans are doing so responsibly.

Best hard money lenders in Georgia

What is Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a cash loan that is usually secured by a particular property. Hard money lenders will usually require a security deposit, which is generally higher than the amount secured by a conventional mortgage. Hard money loans fall under the category of “hard” lending as opposed to “soft” lending, which includes mortgages and home equity loans, among other things.

How to Apply For a Hard Money Loan in Georgia

To be considered for a hard money loan, you will generally have to provide the lender with detailed information about your financing options, including a description of your current payment timeline and the makeup of your monthly expenses.

Lenders will also want to see if you have any past tax returns to reference. If the lender approves your application, you will then have to go through a rigorous approval process in order to secure a loan. The goal is to make sure the borrower is creditworthy, can repay the loan and is responsible for the property as security.

One way to do this is to complete a credit report check. Another is to send a representative to the lender’s office to provide a sample of income to secure the loan. In some cases, you will also be required to pay a fee in order to secure the loan.

How to Get a Hard money Lender Loan in Georgia

The easiest way to get a hard money lender loan in Georgia is to find a private lender who specializes in the type of loan you’re looking for. Lenders who focus exclusively on hard money loans can be found all over the state, but the best ones will have flexible online applications that allow you to apply online and see offers from lenders you’ve never met in person.

Hard money lenders are generally more selective when it comes to who they loan money to. In order to get a loan, you’ll have to show up with some cash and a valid credit card. Most hard money lenders will only loan you the amount of money you can afford to pay back, and they’ll require a minimum monthly payment to “make sure you can pay your bills.”

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10 Best Hard Money Lenders in Georgia 2023

Like any other loan, a hard money loan comes with some benefits and some significant risks. Before choosing a lender, make sure to do your research and find one that you feel comfortable working with. Here are 10 of the best hard money lenders in Georgia.

Each is unique and has its own distinct method of lending. Whether you’re looking for a 5% down payment or an investment property, these lenders have financing options that fit your individual needs.

1. Money Avenue

Money Avenue offers highly personalized service and will help you cut through the red tape in the financing arena that is so often involved in securing loans from banks and other lending institutions. Having a Money Avenue Finance Consultant on your team of professionals is a game-winning step in obtaining an optimal mortgage, business

2. East West Bank

East-West Bank has served as a pathway to success. With over 120 locations across the U.S. and China, we are the premier financial bridge between the East and West. Our teams of experienced, multicultural professionals help guide businesses and community members on both sides of the Pacific looking to explore new markets and create new opportunities

3. Belsky Mortgage LLC

A well-diversified mortgage broker who works in both residential and commercial real estate. A large network of lending resources for nearly any deal. Fully licensed for primary residential homes in FL, NC, OH, and TX. Private and Commercial Investment lending in 48 states. 

4. Access Point Financial

Access Point Financial (APF) is a direct hospitality lender that provides a bridge, CAPEX, construction, mezzanine, preferred equity, and permanent financing to qualified hoteliers throughout the United States and Canada. The loan programs are flexible and are typically used for acquisition, refinance, construction take-out, and renovations.

5. Rabun County Bank

Rabun County Bank is a hometown bank with a strong commitment to exceeding our customer’s expectations. We want to be the best. Our customers want to bank with the best. Our employees want to work for the best. Our shareholders want to own a part of the best. 

6. Bulldog Lending

We specialize in unconventional commercial hard money loans on real estate, equipment, and aircraft. Our expertise and depth of lending knowledge allow us to consider loans that are outside of the core competency of conventional lenders. With several decades of experience, we are able to quickly understand the value of an asset.

7. Woods Biz loans

Woods Biz Loans is an Independent Sales Organization specializing in providing real-estate secured business loans and access to capital to support the growth and development of under-served small-to-medium sized businesses. that lack access to traditional funding in all 50 states.

8. York Funding LLC

York Funding is a direct hard money bridge lender to real estate professionals engaged in the acquisition and renovation of one-to-four family houses, multi-family apartment buildings, mixed-use properties, retail, office, strip malls, warehouses, notes, buildable lots, commercial properties, hotels and halted new construction.

9. Kapital Partners

Kapital Partners was established in 2010 to provide time-sensitive, bridge financing to real estate investors to fund the purchase of non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties, provide bridge loans, and provide real estate-backed lines of credit. Formed towards the end of the recession

10. Piedmont Capital Lending

Piedmont Capital Lending provides short-term real estate secured loans for all types of commercial and residential use and all types of credit profiles. We provide speed and flexibility in financing that traditional banks cannot offer. Our loans are funded in-house, which means you get your money fast and at preferred rates.


Hard money lending is different from conventional lending in that it is not based on your creditworthiness. Instead, it is based on the amount of money the borrower can afford to pay back, along with a percentage as a Security Deposit. If you’re looking to get a loan that is not based on your creditworthiness, you’ll want to consider searching among the wide range of hard money lenders in Georgia. While most hard money lenders are selective about who they loan money to, there are a few that will give you the money you want, when you want it.

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Best hard money lenders in Georgia
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