20 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk In 2023

There are a number of best apps that pay you to walk, but these are some of the best. Each app has its unique features and benefits, so it’s essential to find one that suits your needs. 

How to Get Paid to Walk

There are a few different ways that you can get paid to walk. One way is to sign up for a program like StepBet or HealthyWage. These programs allow you to bet on yourself to reach a specific step goal. If you reach your goal, you will earn money.

Another way to get paid to walk is by participating in a walking challenge. Many companies and organizations host challenges where people can earn prizes for walking a certain number of steps.

You can also download apps that pay you to walk. These apps usually work by tracking your steps and awarding points or cash prizes as you reach certain milestones. Popular apps that pay you to walk include Sweatcoin, Stepz, and Pacer Pedometer.

So there are a few different ways to get paid to walk. If you’re looking for a way to make extra money, consider signing up for a program like StepBet or HealthyWage, participating in a walking challenge, or downloading an app that pays you to walk.

best apps that pay you to walk

Reasons Why Apps Pay You to Walk

  • People are becoming more health-conscious and want to get paid for being active
  •  Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that is good for your health
  • Walking can be done anywhere, at any time, making it a convenient form of exercise
  • Walking is a free form of exercise, so you can save money by walking instead of going to the gym
  •  You can use walking apps to track your progress and see how much money you are earning

20 Best Apps That Pay You to Walk in 2023

Many great apps can help you get in shape and earn some money while at it. Here are 20 of the best apps that pay you to walk in 2023:

1. Sweatcoin:

This is one of the most widely used fitness apps. The app will reward you with digital currency each time you use the GPS tracker. The digital currency can be traded for real-world rewards such as product vouchers, gift cards, or experiences

It is completely free to download and use. However, the prizes are subject to change. To access the most valuable prizes, you will need to save enough money.

2. Wag:

This is a popular app for pet owners who want to earn money by walking dogs. You must pass a thorough screening process, which includes a test to determine your dog-related knowledge.

Once you are approved, you can earn money to just walk with your dog and hang out with them.

3. Postmates:

This is a food delivery service that allows people to deliver food in their area. While many people choose to drive their cars or motorcycles to deliver, Postmates is a great way to earn money for your exercise. The best thing about the app is that you can earn per mile for each delivery.

4. Achievement:

This does not only pays you for walking, but it also rewards you for participating in other healthy activities.

These activities can include your sleep quality, diet, and other types of exercise, aside from walking. These apps can be used in conjunction with Achievement, but Achievement is an excellent program on its own.

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Google Fit

You can receive the Achievement app rewards, regardless of linking the apps. You’ll get $10 for every 10,000 steps.

5. Stepbet:

This app stands out from the other apps on this list. While is still supplies you with the opportunity to get paid for walking, your rewards are calculated differently. This app is wager-based, meaning that you’ll either win or lose money depending on the bet you place.

Stepbet will give you goals about how many steps you should take each day. It is entirely dependent on how hard you work to achieve your goals.

If you are confident that you will achieve your daily goals, you can place a wager on one of the in-app games. It’s hard to lose money, so placing bets on your performance can be an excellent motivator. The pot will be split between you and the other winners if you can reach your daily or weekly goals.

6.  Gigwalk:

This is another hugely popular app that pays you for simple lifestyle changes. With Gigwalk, unlike many other apps in the category, you earn cash by completing tasks.

Depending on which gig you choose, your earnings can range from $3 to $100. PayPal is the most common method of transacting these transactions.

Are you unsure how it works? Businesses list their tasks by location, and the app allows users to “apply for” the jobs in real-time. Many jobs require very little or no special skills.

7. LifeCoin:

This app is very similar to Sweatcoin. Aside from the slightly different look and feel of the interface, the apps are, in many ways, identical.

The main difference is the $4.33 per month subscription fee required to join LifeCoin. The subscription includes premium access to popular apps as well as higher-quality prizes.

8. Walgreen’s Balance Rewards:

Are you a grocery shopper who loves discounts and bargains? If so, Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program may be just for you. The program offers tons of savings by turning the number of miles you walk into Balance Reward points.

Walgreens rewards you more than walking. Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program offers many other ways to earn points.

These tasks can include connecting a health app, keeping track of your sleep schedule, getting your blood pressure checked, monitoring your glucose levels, and exercising.

You can earn as many as 1,000 points each month through the app. Get active and get some Walgreens Balance Rewards points.

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9. Runtopia:

This is probably one of the most well-supported apps on our list. The Runtopia app rewards you with bonuses while you’re striving to meet your fitness goals.

Runtopia makes it easy to set your own exercise goals and encourages you to reach them with a variety of motivational approaches. Runtopia’s in-app audio coach keeps you on track and offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

You can always get a premium membership to the app that offers you a multi-step weight loss plan. You will find warm-ups and stretches as well as exercises that can help you reach specific fitness goals.

You can earn Sports Coins by completing in-app tasks. You can trade Sports Coins for coupons, products, or cash with a reasonable amount.

10. Charity Miles :

This app offers a unique take on the pay-per-step model. The app helps you raise money for the charity of your choice by helping you collect pledges from your friends and family. Unlike the traditional fundraising run, you can fundraise all year long through the cumulative total of your runs and steps.

Charity Miles goes beyond walking. Running, biking and jogging are all covered and can bring in a lot of money for your charity.

11. Higi partners:

With many devices and apps to turn fitness efforts into points for rewards on Higi. Higi will connect to various fitness trackers, including Fitbit, Nike+, Garmin, RunKeeper, and other apps.

Higi allows you to track your blood pressure and weight at more than 11,000 locations across the United States. You can also share your data with trusted healthcare providers, caregivers and family members.

12. MapMyFitness:

This is a community-centered platform where you can track your workouts and sign up for fitness challenges.

Participating in the challenges will get you into a draw to win Under Armour gear or discounts at participating retailers.

13. Fitpotato:

This is a fun iOS-only app that lets you compete in weekly contests in either walking, running, or dog walking that help motivate you to exercise.

To win a part of the weekly prize payout, you must complete three of the chosen challenges each week. The number of people who complete the challenge successfully determines how much you get paid. If you are the only winner, the whole jackpot is yours.

14. Winwalk:

This is a pedometer app it counts your steps as you hike, walk, and run. Along the way, Winwalk will send you reminders and encouraging messages to help you achieve your goals.

You can also get digital coins based on your daily steps to exchange for e-gift certificates.

15. EarthMiles:

This gives fitness enthusiasts a way to earn sweet deals at participating retailers by exercising. When you download EarthMiles, you connect it to all of your other fitness apps, like Fitbit, Nike+, GoogleFit, and MapMyFitness.

EarthMiles tracks your activity and awards you “EarthMiles” for every 1 km you walk. You can then redeem your EarthMiles to get discounts or coupons at top online shops.

16. Fit For Bucks:

This is the best app for anyone that likes to stay active and support local businesses. The Fit For Bucks iOS app syncs your fitness-tracking smartwatch to log your workouts.

The app converts your daily steps into prizes such as free or discounted food, drinks, products, or free classes. Fit For Bucks can help you turn your healthy lifestyle into great rewards that are both good for you and your community.

17. Yoda:

This is a fitness app that turns exercise into a game where you can earn cash rewards for staying active.

Yodo offers cash rewards for as many times as you like. Yodo also has an integrated pedometer, which tracks your steps and activity. This allows you to log your exercise and help you reach your fitness goals.

18. CircleCare:

This is a workplace-based fitness app that rewards employees for exercising. With the app, your employer can reward you whenever you exercise or take care of your physical well-being.

CircleCare allows you to walk more and earn points which can be used later for amazing prizes.

19. Doordash:

This app pays individuals to deliver food orders from restaurants to their homes. Doordash is always looking for new delivery workers. They can be paid to fulfill orders when they are available.

The gig-based app charges workers according to how far they travel to fulfill an order. You can earn more if you exercise more, whether you are delivering by bicycle or by foot.

 20. Instacart:

A grocery delivery service that delivers food to customers in the United States. If you are looking for a part-time job, you can choose to work in-store as a shopper.

Instacart allows you to get your daily steps in while providing essential groceries for your community.


There are many best apps that pay you to walk. These apps can help you to stay healthy and earn some extra money. If you are looking for a way to make money while you walk, then these apps are a great option for you. Thanks for reading!

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