7 Best Day Trading Platform In India

This article analyzes the top best day trading platforms in India, along with their price and comparison, to choose the best trading app in India:
The exchange of products and services between two parties is a trade. Trading is when you buy a thing and then sell it for a better price.
You don’t have to leave your comfy house to trade these days. You may trade online at any time or location using your mobile phone. There are trading applications available.

It is critical for long-term success in the market to collaborate with the top trading platform in India. Filtering the excellent from the bad, on the other hand, maybe a time-consuming and laborious task.

Key Takeaways

• The types of trading platforms in India
• 7 best day trading platforms in India
• Answers to some of the frequently asked questions on trading platforms in India

Best Day Trading Platform In India

Types of Trading Platforms In India

When it comes to executing smooth stock trading without meeting time and geographical limitations, the use of online trading platforms for stock trading is pretty apparent.

Online trading can be done using one of the three basic interfaces shown below.

Desktop-based, Mobile-based and Browser-based

1. A Mobile Website Or App

As its name suggests, this kind of trading platform may be accessible by cell phones. This trading platform has become India’s top online platform due to the country’s growing use of mobile devices.

The main justifications are mobility, the convenience of use, and the absence of physical obstacles.

2. Web-Based/Browser

A trading platform that can be accessed using a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, is browser-based.

In situations when access to cell phones and computers is not possible, this platform is beneficial.
Your trading account can be accessed using a web browser, for instance, if you are not carrying your laptop and are away from home.

This trading platform has typically been thought to be a little slower than a desktop-based trading platform.

3. Desktop-Based

This platform may be downloaded and set up on a PC or laptop. This is unquestionably the most excellent trading platform in India if you’re one of the traders or investors who want to put immediate buy/sell orders.

The flexibility to perform numerous operations using shortcut keys, such as F1 for purchasing and F2 for selling, is the most attractive feature of this trading platform.

7 Best Day Trading Platform In India

To win in the stock market, you must utilize a trading platform independent of your trading technique. It would help if you had a quick trading platform, real-time market data, and practical tools for sophisticated charting to trade online consistently.

You must obtain the best trading platform available in India in this situation.The best trading platform in India may be used to execute the right approach in exchanging to be ready for the current market demands.

To choose the finest trading software in India depending on your needs, read the helpful basics & features provided below.

1. Upstox Pro

A unique computer system or software is not required to use the Upstox Pro Web trading platform. Regardless of the operating system, any PC may access the trading platform.

A browser and a strong internet connection are all you need to get started. The UpStox Pro website provides comprehensive, customizable charts with over 100 indicators to help you discover market trends and make sound decisions.

A single order entry form may be used to place both cover and bracket orders. Additionally, the widget option makes it easier to tailor the platform to your trading preferences.

Widgets from Upstox Pro Web come in a wide range, including
• Order Book
• Watchlist Charts
• Position Book.
107 indicators and ten years’ worth of historical data are available. You may choose a charting length ranging between one minute and one month.
Additionally, you may make an order directly from the charts on the UpStox Pro online platform by simply clicking on the chart.


• A unified search engine to find simple and complicated stocks
• Nifty 50 and other indices’ preconfigured watchlists can be contacted.
• Access NSE currencies, futures, and options scrips.
• Utilize over 100 technical indicators on charts that are live.
• Create limitless price alerts for immediate updates.
• Create an infinite number of unique watchlists
• Tools for advanced charts that compare to industry norms
• To keep up, obtain current market information.


• The quality of the technical help is subpar.
• Comparatively few features to its competitors.
• Upstox’s desktop terminal requires a fast and reliable internet connection.
• Call and Trade services are fee-based; as an alternative, Upstox costs Rs 20 for phone-placed orders.

2. ICICI Trade Racer

A desktop-based trading tool called ICICI Trade Racer has a market and trend scanner that aids in spotting trading opportunities in real-time. You can set pre-defined technical settings that constitute the foundation of the scanning tools.

Additionally, the Live Scanner tool identifies scripts that are getting close to days, weeks, months, three months, and year high or low pricing. In addition, Trade Race provides “Heat maps” for tracking changes in pricing.

Additionally, you may use the iClick2Gain tool to trade while getting access to fundamental and technical calls.
The Trade Racer platform may be easily modified with an icon bar, pre-defined desktops, a grid structure, and a custom color scheme.

• Trading heat map analysis
• Market scanning and trend scanning

• Bulky platform, sluggish loading
• A surplus of trade calls

3. Fyers One

The desktop trading platform Fryers One has built-in stock screeners that may be used to identify patterns, points of support and resistance, and intraday movements.

The platform features sophisticated charting, allowing you to view intraday (1 to 5 minute) charts for up to 30 days and historical end-of-day data going back 10 years.

One can trade utilizing more than 60 indicators and studies to do the necessary in-depth technical analysis.
With the Fryers One “Heat map,” Market Dynamics, and Index Meter tools, traders may instantly analyze market movements.

You may create a watchlist of sectors, indexes, and derivatives in any of Fryers One’s 10 efficiently designed, customized workspaces.

• Superior charting capabilities
• Stock monitors
• Free equity delivery trading is available.
• With more than 65 technical indicators, advanced charting
• Live Scanner & Trend Scanner Built-In
• Accepts payments via UPI
• Operates with limited bandwidth

• Access to research papers and trade operation advice is not available
• Reliance on third-party providers for charting, such as Trading View and Omnesys API

4. Angel Speed Pro

Installing the desktop-based trading platform Angel Speed Pro requires downloading executable (.exe) files.
The platform requires a Pentium 4 CPU and 1GB of RAM, at the very least.

The least necessary internet speed is 40 kbps.
Downloading the most recent Java and Adobe Flash Player versions will allow you to run Angel Speed Pro.

While trading, the site allows you to view Angel’s trade calls and research advisory/reports.
Using Angel Speed Pro, you may watch stock price and market movements and develop trading strategies by integrating the “Heat map” research.

The charting options include 30-day intraday charts, combined best-5 charts, and an excel chart opening option.
The unique feature is that you may watch and trade in two separate desktops using the “Multi desktop options.”

One has the choice to create several watch lists, tweak the toolbar, and add widgets to the dashboard screen and viewing area on Angel Speed Pro.

• Trading heat map analysis
• 30-day history for intraday charts
• A multiple-desk option
• Access to advisory reports and trading calls

• No direct trading from charts
• Numerous calls and suggestions

5. Sharekhan Trade Tiger

A unique feature of the desktop trading platform Trade Tiger is the ability to trade using a heat map.
TradeTiger may be customized with several screens, charts, and shortcuts.

Multiple orders, bracket orders, and bulk orders may all be placed with just one click. You may trade following your preferences by defining order amount by absolute number, trade value, or current market price on the website.

You get easy-to-use intraday and daily charts with more than 30 indicators and studies with Trade Tiger. Additionally, you can link many charts together by period, scrip, or currency.

The advanced charting capabilities may be used to execute trades directly and display entry, target, and exit lines.
Trade Tiger provides option quotes that include portfolio greeks, pay-off charts, and more than 30 trading techniques.

Additionally, live market streaming data may be exported into Excel, where one can then do trading.

• Easy access to Sharekhan Research papers, recommendations, and endorsements.
• 14 banks are affiliated with us for simple online money transfers to trading accounts.
• Get real-time, direct share market feeds from the NSE, BSE, MCX, etc.
• Several helpful tools, including the premium calculator, the span calculator, and the brokerage calculator.
• A one-click option for placing an order.
• Loaded with more than 30 trading strategies

• There is no 3-in-1 account available.
• There is no Mac notebook version.
• There are no mutual funds available.

6. Zerodha Kite

An online trading platform called Zerodha Kite uses less than 0.5 Kbps of bandwidth. There are no particular system prerequisites; however, a fast internet connection is required.

One can access Marketwatch through Kite and sophisticated charting with over 100 indicators and 6 different chart types. You can access a wealth of historical price data for equities and F&O contracts to help with trading.

Bracket and Cover orders may be placed on the platform in milliseconds. To assess market liquidity and adjust your trading strategy, you may also see 20 market depth (trade quotes).

One may search and trade more than 90,000 equities and F&O contracts using Kite on several exchanges.
Kite is an easy-to-use, slick interface that allows you to evaluate, trade, and manage your portfolio in one place.


• Different Market Watch
• Comprehensive charting features more than 100 indicators and six different chart types.
• The window for Floating Orders
• Brackets with trigger entry and covers with limit entry are progressive order types.
• Over 90,000 equities and F&O contracts may be quickly searched using the unified instrument search.
• Order notifications, quotes, and live ticks
• Integrating Quant seamlessly to do fundamental analysis utilizing behavior analytics
• Combining with other investment applications created by partners of Zerodha

• No room for backtesting a plan
• back office distinct under the moniker Zerodha Q

7. Paisa

You may trade stocks, invest in mutual funds, acquire digital gold, buy insurance, and take out personal loans with the 5 Paisa mobile trading app.
It is possible to place orders with only one click. The program has a ton of sophisticated charts, sketching features, and stock information to help you trade.
However, there are reports of delayed chart loading and subpar customer support in the app stores.

• Trade Station offers its clients simple access to trading calls and suggestions while being a bargain broker.
• This 5Paisa trading platform often changes, adding new features each time and fixing any flaws or issues from earlier iterations.
• Even with a slow internet connection, the trading software has been shown to function flawlessly, which is undoubtedly a huge benefit.
• The choice to sign up for the demo session
• Enables clients to trade in the insurance and mutual fund sectors and the equities market.


• The loading of charts might be delayed by low internet bandwidth.
• There is just a Windows version available.
• The software works better on a desktop or laptop because it is not responsive.

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The trading demands and style of each determine the best trading platform.We’ve highlighted the top trading platforms in India with cutting-edge innovative features.

They aim for a modern language.The methodology and computer program writing support even the intelligent swapping strategy.

This information is accurate and fair. Here, one may get India’s most significant trading platform and begin relaxed internet trading.

With 107 technical indicators and the ability to trade straight from charts, UpStox Pro Web online trading platform offers an advantage if you seek the most acceptable platform.

The most excellent user interface out of all the competitors is provided by Zerodha Kite, which offers a variety of widget tools to customize the platform.


Who Is The No One Intraday Trader In India?

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is ranked first among stock dealers in India.

Which Is The No One trading App In India?

Zerodha Kite App is the no 1 trading app in India

Is Day Trading Legal In India?

Along with day trading by institutional investors, naked short selling is still prohibited in India.

Due to the economic unrest of that year, Indian officials imposed a temporary restriction on short sales between March 2020 and October 2020.

Which Is Better, Zerodha or Groww?

Although Zerodha and Groww are online discount brokers, Zerodha excels in the following areas over Groww: In India, Zerodha established the discount broking industry.

Zerodha provides equity delivery trading without a commission. In addition to equity, futures, and options (F&O), Zerodha now supports currency and commodity trading.

You can learn more from the video below:

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