10 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms in 2023

This article will discuss the ten best crypto copy trading platforms in 2023. Crypto copy trading is a method of taking different trading tips from other traders and employing them in our trades.

What is Crypto Copy Trading?

Crypto copy trading involves copying the strategies and techniques of bigger and successful traders and using these to place your trades.

Investors get to pick how much to invest and employ the positions already taken by other traders.

Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms
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Is Crypto Copy Trading Profitable?

Yes, crypto copy trading is a profitable strategy to take in trading. This copy-to-trade strategy enables a particular trader to enjoy the same amount of profit as other successful traders.

It offers the trader copying the technique to trade with fewer mistakes and limiting their leveraging on a particular position.

Crypto copy trading is good if you have a reliable and successful trader to copy your strategy.

More importantly, it is better to consider researching before fully utilizing these copies to trade strategies.

Where to Copy Crypto Trades?

Some of the platforms where traders and investors can copy crypto trades include:

  • eToro (Copy Trader)

eToro is a trading platform that offers access to crypto-assets and consists of a network full of traders. It gives access to copy trading from other markets.

  • Crypto Hopper

Crypto Hopper is a crypto exchange platform with a comprehensive tool that users can utilize for their trades. The platform offers copy trading and is supported by Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase.

  • Zignaly

Zignaly is a crypto copy platform that offers a free-to-use crypto copy option. There is no fee for subscription on the platform, and Binance and Kucoin support it.

  • Gate.io

Gate.io is a crypto-asset exchange that has been active since 2013 and offers access to crypto assets. The platform is well secured and gives traders access to copy trading.

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10 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platform

The ten best crypto copy trading platforms available in 2023 include:

1. Pionex

Pionex is a unique crypto copy trading platform that enables users to use its free trading options to execute their trades. They also have the best customer service to attend to traders’ problems.

2. eToro

eToro is a popular trading platform that offers advanced trading features and access to cryptocurrency and commodities, stock, and gold.

The platform supports over 16 crypto assets, and their copy trading features are exciting.

3. CopyMe

CopyMe is a US-based trading platform that offers a unique platform for crypto copy trading. Users are allowed to trade and follow the strategies used by professionals and experts.

4. Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a universal crypto copy platform that is cloud-based, which means you do not need to download to use the platform.

Users can customize their asset portfolio and set their token’s value percentage.

5. Kryll

Kryll has a better trading bot to help you execute your trading decisions. They have a marketplace where strategies can exchange between different traders.

Beginners can also benefit from this platform, built with basic features for users.

6. Trade Mate

Trade Mate is a great platform that offers copy trading features for investors and traders to use. They also have the best trading bots that yield good and fast results for inventors.

7. 3Commas

3Commas offers traders access to multiple copy trading strategies and trading bots to assist them in trading.

They have a community of professional traders who trade their strategy, and one is allowed to copy trade them on their position.

8. Tradelize

Tradelize offers users access to monitor and utilize the trading decision and strategies of other traders. The platform is available both as an app and on a desk system for ease of usage.

9. CoinMatics

CoinMatics is a great crypto copy trading platform launched in 2918 and offered beginners and professionals the best trading tools. Investors can copy trade their crypto strategies using manual or automatic mode.

10. Wunderbit

Wunderbit offers users the ability to copy different trade strategies from other trades, and you can also execute your trading decisions using their inbuilt trading bots.

Crypto copy trading is an excellent way of making better returns while utilizing the strategies of other professional traders.

Even with the success story, it is still advisable to analyze before confirming and using these strategies. Drop us a message in our comment section for all your comments and views.

Watch the video to know the best crypto copy trading platform to use:

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