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Welcome to Coindecimal 5ROI Exchange Review. A new crypto trading platform with a new native token ROI, that will make a good investment.

What is 5ROI Exchange

5ROI Exchange is a multi-application financial and cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Cayman. 5ROI Global provides a platform for the trading of various cryptocurrencies around the world.

5ROI has low transaction fees, fast transaction processing speed with electronic financial services: Spot, Futures, IEO, Credit line, Staking, OTC…, giving investors a diversified and potential financial ground.

5ROI supports multi-language as well as multidevice with high safety and security to bring the most convenience to investors.

In addition, 5ROI Global also hopes to contribute to the construction and development of a fully developed global cryptocurrency market, optimally serving all users globally to access this market.

5ROI Exchange Review

5roi exchange review

Currently, many cryptocurrency exchanges are operating around the world, but there are still many inadequate barriers that make it difficult for users to access as well as participating in transactions with this potential market, some of the problems encountered by most cryptocurrency exchanges today are:

  • Complicated trading system: The most common shortcomings of most financial exchanges in general and electronic exchanges, in particular, is the complexity of the
    system’s interface, which makes it difficult to execute transactions, users have to spend a lot of time to learn. Besides, the language barrier is undeniably a big problem in
    accessing a new market.

In solution to that 5ROI always uphold the best in user experience through user-friendly and easy-touse interface design. Aim to simplify for all types of users.

In addition, the 5ROI exchange system supports a variety of languages for users, making the transactions of global investors more convenient.

  • Poor market liquidity: Liquidity is always the most concerned topic for investors when trading digital assets. In addition to the convenience of transactions, liquidity also ensures the stability and activity of the entire market. Currently, many exchanges and trading platforms are operating on the cryptocurrency market, but not all exchanges have high liquidity, leading to many complications for investors when trading.

By collaborating and connecting with top exchanges in the world, 5ROI Global creates a trading system with high liquidity up to billions of USD per day.

Above all, thanks to high liquidity, 5ROI Global also offers a solution for faster transaction processing speed and increased accuracy for the technical analysis of the system.

  • Poor security: The security and system safety standards of exchanges are always a concern of interest when it comes to trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Undeniably, many exchanges have to stop working due to hacker attacks  because of poor security

Information security, system security is always one of the top criteria. We have experience in building financial systems according to the latest and highest security standards.

5ROI Global provides many outstanding features, and is regularly updated with technology to respond to market changes, to optimize the user experience and trading activities, many
outstanding features as follows:

  • Spot,
  • Futures,
  • Margin trading,
  • OTC,
  • Staking,
  • Airdrop,
  • IEO,

Besides, 5ROI Global Exchange also creates features, products aimed at businesses, especially start-up businesses like solutions to help businesses access capital from the community.

ROI Token (ROI)

5roi exchange review

ROI is a cryptocurrency issued by the 5ROI trading platform. ROI token running on the
Binance Smart Chain platform will be issued in a limited number with the aim of
promoting trading activity on 5ROI.

The purpose of using ROI at 5ROI is mainly to pay for transaction fees, exchange fees,
and other services in the 5ROI financial ecosystem.

ROI token distribution plan

The total amount of ROI tokens issued is 50,000,000,000 ROIs (50 billion ROIs) with an initial price of $0.001. The amount of tokens allocated to each wallet is as follows:

  • Team: 10%
  • Advisors & Partners: 10%
  • Development fund: 40%
  • Private Sale: 5%
  • Public Sale: 20%
  • Airdrop: 15%

Team: They plan to allocate 10% of the total ROI released to the team, which equates to an amount of 5 billion ROIs. This amount of ROI will be locked for 5 years, and the annual
allocation plan will be coordinated by the company to ensure the stability of the business plan.

Advisors & Partners: similarly, they reserve 10% of the released ROI for advisors and development partners, this number of ROI is also locked for 5 years and distributed annually according to the company coordination.

Development fund: They reserve 40% of the issued ROI equivalent to 20 billion ROI for the development fund. This ROI will be locked and distributed over 10 years, 2.5% quarterly.

Private Sale: 5% of the issued ROI equivalent to 2.5 billion ROI is the distributed amount for Private Sale activity.

Public Sale: They spend 20% of the total ROI token issuance to conduct IEO crowdfunding. The sale period will be carried out until they reach the expected number of tokens, or maximum within 31 days.

Airdrop: in order to bring more investment opportunities to members as well as to plan for member growth, they spend 15% of the issued tokens equivalent to 7.5 billion ROI to
airdrop to the community.

Fund allocation plan: The token sale from the Development Fund wallet will be used
for the management of the company. The specific allocation is shown in the diagram below.

According to the allocation plan, 20% of the ROI Token will be devoted to the IEO offering on the 5ROI Global platform itself.

The official Public Sale price is $0.001. We plan to conduct the ROI token IEO program on 8/8/2021.

As part of the business plan, we will proceed to build and develop a new generation blockchain called ROI Chain for the main use of the ecosystem and partners.

Applied from the world’s leading technology solutions, on-chain governance through the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism promotes decentralization and high performance.

ROI Chain will solve transaction costs and transaction speed problems with the ability to reach 50,000 transactions/second and guarantee fees below $0.01/transaction while ensuring friendly and safe security for users, developers, and ecosystem partners.

Besides, ROI Chain also improves the liquidity for users when using this blockchain

Is 5ROI Exchange Safe and Secured

5Roi exchange is safe and secured to carry out all your trading activities. But then, if you have the intention of storing your token for a longer period of time (not actively trading).

We advice you do that with a cold wallet. In fact, in general it is advanceable to use cold storage to store tokens that are not meant for trading.

How Does 5ROI Exchange Generate Revenue

We will discuss the various revenue model for 5ROI Exchange

1. Derived from transaction fees from investors, members

Transaction fees are one of the main sources of revenue of 5ROI Global, they collect fees on trading activities of users based on the products and services that we provide.

Investors and users can participate in trading in many different forms such as spot, margin or through futures, OTC…

5ROI Global still has a discount policy for traders while holding an mount of ROI tokens (cryptocurrency issued by 5ROI Global).

2. Derived from listing fees and IEO from corporate partners

They work and select reputable partners, potential business models wishing to list tokens on the exchange, they collect related service fees from providing listing solutions, and marketing for partners.

Similarly, we also charge a fee from cooperative programs with businesses participating in IEOs at the exchange.

3. Derived from the margin loan operation fee

5ROI Global provides a margin trading loan solution to increase revenue for users who participate in trading at 5ROI Global, the loan interest and related fees are listed as a source of their revenue.

4. Derived from other service charges

In addition, the platform also collects fees from members for various services such as deposit/withdrawal fees, currency conversion fees, as well as customer-focus activities for enterprise partners.

Final Verdict

5ROI Global is a financial technology company that provides digital asset-related technology solutions to more than 200 countries globally.

Cryptocurrency and financial trading platform 5ROI Global is the company’s main product, which allows investors and users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Users can exchange hundreds of currency pairs using this platform

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