Top 10 Best Crypto Futures Trading Platforms In Australia 2023

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage, and many people are looking to invest in them. One way to do this is to trade them on a cryptocurrency futures market.

best crypto futures trading platforms in Australia

List of 10 Best Crypto Futures Trading Platforms In Australia

These are the 10 best crypto futures trading platforms in Australia. If you’re looking to invest in crypto  assets and trade them yourself, these platforms should be at the top of your list. They offer great customer support and are regulated by financial authorities.

1. Capital- Best Overall

Capital does so much more than just a crypto exchange. That’s what makes it so special. Capital allows you to trade crypto along with stocks, commodities and forex. You can also trade ETFs, market indices, forex, stocks, commodities, and many other assets. All this without any trading fees.

Capital charges a tight spread, which can vary depending on the asset. It is very small. The platform is fully functional and has a well-rated mobile app. A demo account also allows you to trade in real-time using fake money (paper) or real money.

Capital is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. This means that it’s a secure, reliable exchange regulated by trusted authorities. Capital offers unparalleled customer support, with every user having a dedicated account manager that they can reach via email or phone.


  • Low forex CFD fees, commission-free real stocks
  • Great account opening experience
  • Excellent chat and email support


  • Smaller account currencies are not available
  •  High stock Index CFD fees
  • Only CFDs, stocks, and spread betting are available


    • Zero trading fees
    • Tight spreads (around 0.1% – 0.3%)
    • Supports 50+ cryptocurrencies
    • You can leverage up to 500x (200x on crypto).
    • Deposits and withdrawals are free with debit/credit cards and bank transfers, among other things.
    • You can reach your dedicated account manager at any time.
    • Excellent desktop trading platform
    • Apps are highly rated (4.8/5 on Apple, Google, 4.6/5).


    • Trade fees: 0%
    • Spreads: 0.1% – 0.3%

Best for

  • Investors who are looking to invest in crypto at extremely low fees.

2. – Best For Staking has been a leading global exchange. It supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, making it a great choice for investing in unknown altcoins. offers unique features that only a few Australian cryptocurrency exchanges can match. When they feel confident about a coin, users can trade options or futures contracts and earn interest by staking them. has made considerable investments in its platform security. This makes trading with them very safe. Day traders have an advantage over the rest because the exchange updates prices dozens of times per second.


  • Large range of crypto assets.
  • If you fund your account using cash transfers, fees are lower.


  • Credit and debit card purchases have high fees.
  • Services not available in the U.S.
  • No cryptocurrency-to-crypto trading.


    • Supports 100+ cryptocurrencies
    • You can leverage up to 10x
    • Trade crypto derivatives (futures or options contracts)
    • Daily interest can be earned by staking your coins.
    • Buy newly listed coins up to 50% off
    • Fees: 0.4% per trade
    • All cryptocurrencies allow for free deposits


    • Trade Fees 0.4%

Best for

  • Investors want to purchase altcoins or other crypto assets before becoming mainstream.

3. Digital Surge – Best Variety Of Coins

Digital Surge has been rated one of Australia’s top crypto exchanges. It supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies, verifies most accounts immediately, and offers extra security through cold storage and Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Digital Surge’s trading charges range from 0.5% up to 0.1% depending on the trading volume. Fiat deposits start at $2 each. You can also use it to buy and sell crypto on specific dates with Dollar-Cost Averaging. You can also place instant orders, but you may have to pay 0.5%.

Digital Surge’s interface makes it easy to use. The app is also available for desktop and mobile. Sign up to receive a 50% discount on all trading fees. Trustpilot has rated their customer support as very helpful. They are available 24/7 via live chat right from their website.


  • Rapid KYC and identity verification.
  • It is easy to set up prices or buy alerts.
  • Available bill payments service
  • Deposits can be made in fiat currencies or bank transfers.
  • Multiple trading pairs available.
  • It is simple to use and understand to exchange altcoins.
  • Two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) is offered by 2FA.
  • A transparent and simple fee structure.
  • Ability to store funds offline in cold storage


Fiat deposits are only available for Australian dollars.

Spot markets only allows trading pairs of ETH/AUD and BTC/AUD.

is a website that caters specifically to new traders. It does not allow for experienced investors.

There are no credit card transaction services.


    • Simple to use trading interface
    • Low fees
    • Supported by 250+ crypto assets
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Instant account verification
    • You can set price notifications at any time


    • Based on trade volume, trading fees range from 0.5% to 0.1%
    • No additional fees for Instant Buy/Sell orders
    • Deposit fees (PayID), are free
    • Deposit fees (POLi: $2.30 to $3.30
    • Bank withdrawals are free
    • You can withdraw crypto from your standard network gas fee

Best for

  • Investors in cryptocurrencies from Australia are looking for excellent customer service and a great trading experience.

4. Swyftx

Swyftx was an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by Alex Harper and Angus Goldman in 2018. Swyftx has been registered and regulated under the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre. It is an exchange that also offers a staking platform for selected crypto.

Swyftx supports 16 cryptocurrencies, including Cardano, Solana (SOL), Cosmos(ATOM), Polkadot and Polkadot. The interest rates for each crypto vary: the annual rates are 4.5% to 6%, and 10.8% to 12%, respectively. There is no lock-up period, which means that you can stake or withdraw at any time without penalty.

The Swyft Wallet can be used in conjunction with the Swyftx Trading Wallet. Staking rewards can be deposited in the former and are paid out each day in the same staked currency. The minimum amount of staking is $1AUD for the chosen crypto.


  • Debit and credit card deposits are accepted
  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • It takes only a few minutes for you to register and begin trading
  • Over 320+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Earn interest by investing 21 coins
  • Chat with a real person


  • No advanced markets
  • Available only in Australia and New Zealand


    • Select cryptos can earn up to 23% annually in interest
    • Available for desktop and mobile
    • Withdrawals and deposits in AUD
    • Supports 16 cryptocurrencies
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Charts by TradingView
    • Real-time data


    • Spreads: 0.41%
    • No Staking Fees
    • Deposit Fees (Fiat), No Charge
    • Withdrawal Fees (Fiat), Free (maximum $100k).
    • Deposit Fees (Crypto: No fees (network mining charges may apply).
    • Withdrawal Fees (Crypto: Free; network mining fees may apply).
    • Exchange Trading Fees: 0.6% (high Volume Discounts Apply)

Best for

  • Swyftx investors who have an existing Swyftx account that want to benefit from one of the most affordable staking platforms on the market.

5. Binance

Binance was launched in 2017 and is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. It supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and PAX Gold [PAXG]) and more than 50 fiat currencies. Binance Coin (BNB) is its native token.

Binance’s native token doubles up as a utility token and offers discounts on trading fees to holders. Trading fees vary depending on how many BNB tokens are held. They range from 0.1% to 0.4%. Instant trades are subject to a 0.5% fee. Deposits, fiat and crypto are free.

One of Binance’s most notable features is Binance Earn. This crypto staking platform allows you to trade with any crypto. It also offers a Crypto Visa card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Advanced charting tools are also available. You can also get special offers each month, and they reward you when you reach certain milestones like trading crypto or trading between pairs.


  • Very low non-instant and immediate buy fees
  • Numerous extra services
  •  Extensive coin selection


  • It is not available in the USA
  • Account verification problems
  • Numerous extra services
  •  Corporate structure that is not transparent


    • The largest number of supported cryptocurrencies (300+).
    • Large range of fiat currencies supported (50+)
    • Binance Earn feature
    • Visa Card for Binance
    • Advanced charting tools
    • Use Binance Coin to get lower fees


    • Crypto deposit fees: Free
    • Fiat deposit fees: From 0.0% to 3.5%
    • Withdrawal fees for cryptocurrencies: From 0% up to 2,5%
    • Taker fees from 0.04 to 0.1%
    • The maker fees range from 0.02 to 0.1%
    • Futures trading maker fees: 0.02%
    • Futures trading fees: 0.04%
    • Instant trade/buy fees of 0.5%
    • Purchases of debit/credit cards 4.5%

Best for

  • Investors from around the world who are looking to invest in obscure or undiscovered altcoins.

6. CoinSpot – Best For Day Trading

CoinSpot aims to make it easy for Aussies to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies. CoinSpot was established in 2013 and supports more than 360 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Luna (TERRA), Solana (SOL) and Luna (TERRA).

CoinSpot is Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platform. It offers a wide range of features to its clients, including a Multicurrency wallet, bundles of crypto and access DeFi and NFT projects. There is also an Over-The-Counter trading desk.

OTC Trading Desk at CoinSpot is available to high-net-worth individuals who wish to place an order exceeding $145,000 or $100,000. CoinSpot’s OTC offers many benefits, including access to a professional broker and instant settlements. CoinSpot is mobile-friendly for Android and iOS. It uses Two-Factor authentication.


  • There are many coins and cryptocurrencies available on the exchange.
  • There is an OTC- and institutional trading service;
  • no minimum deposit;
  • quick account verification;
  • Mobile application and convenient trading terminal;
  • Low fixed commissions for trading or withdrawal of funds;
  • Free multicurrency wallet to store cryptocurrency;
  • A profitable referral program that offers significant benefits.
  • The website has been steadily developing since 2014.


  • Fiat trading is not available.
  • Demo accounts are not currently available.
  • Investment programs are not available.


    • Supports 360+ cryptocurrencies
    • Multi-currency Wallet
    • CoinSpot Bundles
    • OTC Trading Platform
    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • ISO 27001 Security Certification
    • Most users can verify their accounts instantly
    • Available on Android and iOS: Mobile App


    • Market Orders: 0.1%
    • OTC: 0.1%
    • Instant Buy/Sell: 1%
    • Deposit Fees (PayID/POLi, Direct Deposits, etc.): No Charge
    • Withdrawal (AUD).
    • Deposit Fees (Crypto).
    • Withdrawal fees (Crypto), Depending on the crypto (for Bitcoin 0.003 BTC).

Best for

  • Investors with high net worth who desire access to OTC and instant trades as well as crypto bundles.

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7. Kraken

Kraken was founded in 2011 as a cryptocurrency exchange and bank. Kraken is based in the USA and supports 7 fiat currencies, including USD, US, EUR and GBP. It also supports over 160 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Tether [USDT], Monero (XMR) and Augur (REP).

To access Kraken’s Over-the-Counter trading desk, the minimum trade value is $145,000 or approximately 100,000 USD. Access to the OTC platform’s expert market insights and 24/7 customer support will be available to all users.

In partnership with Bloomberg Terminal, Kraken provides real-time data access and insights to its users, all from the Kraken dashboard.


  • Respectable reputation
  • Global support
  • Reliable customer support
  • Tiered verification
  • Affordable fees


  • Few payment methods
  • Sophisticated UI


    • Supports 161 cryptocurrencies
    • Supports 7 fiat currencies
    • User interface is simple and intuitive
    • Kraken Crypto Watch allows you to track the cryptocurrency market
    • Many educational and informational resources are available about crypto that its users can use.
    • Support available 24/7 via a variety of means


    • Minimum investment to access OTC: $100,000
    • Trade fees: Between 0.2% and 0%
    • Purchases of crypto credit cards: 3.75% + EUR0.25
    • Purchases of ACH crypto: 1.5%

Best for

  • Investors searching for the most established and largest crypto exchanges.

8. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins has a unique approach to trading than the rest of these platforms. Instead of trading with the wider market, you trade with individual traders. Due to its ease of use, it has a loyal user base and is one of the oldest cryptocurrency markets.

LocalBitcoins’ low entry barrier is the main reason I love it. It’s simple to verify your account and begin trading.

However, LocalBitcoins users need to be cautious as it is possible to be scammed by other users, particularly when you sell Bitcoin for cash. A buyer may pay you via PayPal and then file a PayPal dispute after receiving your Bitcoin. This is a common scam. You can also pay using other payment methods, such as. INTERAC transfers or bank wires are more secure but you should still be cautious. LocalBitcoins is not responsible for any claims that seem too good to be true.


  • Peer-to-peer Bitcoin purchases
  • No selling and buying fees
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Reputation system


  • Unavailable in most states
  • Scams
  • Asks for private information
  • Offers Bitcoin
  • Limited Features


    • It is simple to use
    • It is very easy to get started in trading
    • Transaction fees are low
    • Deposit Australian dollars by bank transfer, INTERAC Moneygram, Wise or PayPal.


    • Flat fee of 0.00006 BTC per transaction for trading fees
    • Free Deposits
    • You can withdraw funds for free

Best for

  • Investors who want to trade Bitcoin quickly and efficiently.

9. eToro – Overall Best Crypto Exchange Australia 2023

eToro is the most trusted crypto exchange in Australia for various reasons. eToro is licensed and regulated by several tier one bodies, including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Additional licensing is available from the FCA (UK), and the SEC(US).

You can trade, buy and sell crypto assets without worrying about its legitimacy. Registering for an eToro account is all you need. You will also need to upload your ID. You can then instantly deposit funds using an Australian debit/credit or e-wallet such as Paypal.

You can also deposit funds via a bank transfer. You can also deposit funds via bank transfer for a minimal fee of 0.5%. The minimum funding requirement is $50. eToro hosts dozens of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, AAVE and Dogecoin. This includes everything from Ethereum, Bitcoin, AAVE and Dogecoin to XRP and Litecoin to Cardano and Shiba inu.


    • ASIC regulates
    • Trade fees are extremely low
    • One of the most trusted crypto wallets in Australia
    • Platform for mobile apps and web
    • Supports many coins
    • You can deposit funds using a debit/credit/e-wallet or bank transfer
    • Tools for copy trading


    • The platform might not be for advanced traders.


    • Digital Transactions – Brokerage Trading Platforms
    • Analytics Tools – Brokerage Trading platforms
    • Market Tailoring – Brokerage Trading Platforms
    • Market Intelligence – Brokerage Trading

Etoro fees

    • There are no management fees
    • There are no rollover fees
    • No ticket fees
    • There are no additional brokerage fees.

10. Coinbase – The Top Australian Bitcoin Exchange for Beginners

Coinbase is next on our list of the top crypto exchanges in Australia. Coinbase, a highly-regarded exchange, was launched in 2012. Coinbase shares are listed on the NASDAQ. This exchange is highly regulated and enjoys a great reputation in this sector.

The simple investment process at Coinbase is easy for beginners. It typically takes only three steps. You will first need to create an account and provide personal information. You will need to upload an ID to confirm your identity. After entering your debit or credit card details, you can purchase Bitcoin immediately.

There are fees of 3.99% for using a debit or credit card on this platform. Alternatively, you can deposit funds from your Australian bank account. This is free. After funds have been credited, which can take up to a few days, you will need to pay a commission at 1.49% for your chosen crypto market.

The Coinbase exchange supports over 50 popular cryptocurrencies – and all can be traded starting at $2. Coinbase offers a mobile application that doubles as a secure wallet. This app can be downloaded to your Android and iOS phones free of cost. Coinbase also offers cryptocurrency staking services for those who want to profit from their digital assets.


    • Regulated in the US and listed at the NASDAQ
    • Supports 50+ Coins
    • Accepts bank transfers and debit/credit cards
    • Amazing security features
    • Ideal for beginners


    • Commission and payment fees are high
    • Trading tools and features are limited


  • Coinbase charges transaction and trading fees between 0.5% and 4.5%, depending on the cryptocurrency and the amount of the transaction, and the payment method.
  • Coinbase has a flat fee. This fee changes depending on the transaction size. It’s $0.99 for transactions below $10, $1.99 for transactions between $25 and $50, $1.99 for transactions between $25 and $50 and $2.99 for transactions between $50 and $200. Transactions above $200 will be charged a percentage-based fee, not a flat fee.
  • Coinbase charges a spread-based fee of 0.50%. Other fees are dependent on the method of payment used. ACH transfers are free; USD Wallet and bank accounts add a 1.49% fee. Credit or debit cards add a 3.99% fee. Wire transfers add $10 incoming and $25 outgoing fees.


Use it quickly

  • Coinbase is extremely easy to use. To minimize trading costs, signing up is quick and easy.
  • It is easy to use and brightens the interface. The search bar allows you to quickly navigate through the many crypto offerings, including Bitcoin and Tellor. You can also set up purchases that will recur.
  • Coinbase lets you trade selected cryptos to cryptos. This means you can convert your Augur to Litecoins. This conversion incurs a fee of 2% on the transaction.


  • Coinbase has built its reputation as a safe place to buy and trade crypto. This was a significant claim after the Mt. This was especially true after the Mt. Coinbase has never experienced such a catastrophe.
  • The platform claims that 98% are offline and stored in different locations all over the globe, providing greater security for digital assets. Coinbase stores your crypto in its free wallet service. However, you can also choose to store your crypto in a third party wallet.
  • To sign in to your account, you will need to perform a 2-factor authentication. You can also use biometric fingerprints or AES256 encryption for your private keys.
  • Coinbase also offers crime insurance to protect your digital assets from theft and cybersecurity breaches. This insurance does not apply to individual accounts and only kicks in if Coinbase itself is compromised.
  • Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection doesn’t cover cryptocurrency you have in your accounts.


The best crypto futures trading platforms in Australia are those with high liquidity and a wide range of options. They also offer low fees, reliable customer support, and broad market coverage. With these features, traders can make informed and profitable investments in the cryptocurrency market.

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