VSCO Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025 – 2030

The following VSCO Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025 – 2030 is designed to provide investors with a glimpse into what the future may hold for the company. In this report, we examine VSCO’s key performance indicators and forecast their growth over the next eight years.

VSCO stock forecast

About Victoria Secret Stock

The stock of Victoria Secret has seen a slight increase in price this year. This could be indicative that there is more demand for lingerie retailer. This valuation increase could continue as Victoria Secret expands its product range and grows its customer base. Victoria Secret stock could be a good investment option for investors due to its potential long-term returns.

Is VSCO Stock a Good Investment?

VSCO stock is a good investment. Many people might be asking if it is time to sell VSCO stock after seeing its stock price drop by over 50% in March. There are still good reasons to keep VSCO stock.

VSCO’s foundations are healthy, despite recent declines. Last year, the company had $173 million in revenues and a net income of $11 million. VSCO also has a lot of upside potential. Analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that VSCO’s market value could rise to $2 billion in the next five-years.

Second, even though the market is difficult right now for stocks, there are still opportunities for profit for investors who are willing to take a chance.

Victoria Secret Stock Price History

Victoria Secret, a lingerie retailer, has been around since 1973. It sells bras and panties as well as intimate apparel such as sleepwear and panties.

Victoria Secret stock has risen steadily over the years to $57.05 per share in December 2007. Although the stock price has declined slightly over the years, it is still relatively stable at $47 per share.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2023

VSCO stock forecast 2023 projects 9.13% return of investment. This forecast is optimistic, but it’s possible with continued growth on the VSCO platform. Investors should look at opportunities to invest now, while the price is still very low.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2024

We provide a VSCO stock forecast for 2024 in this article. The stock price of VSCO is expected to rise by 3.98%.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2025

VSCO stock will rise by 5.15% Based on VSCO’s growth prospects and growing user base, this prediction takes into account the company’s competitive advantages in the photo editing market.

The author also calls on readers to consider investing in VSCO stock if they believe in its long-term prospects.

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VSCO Stock Forecast 2026

We believe VSCO stock will see significant growth in the future. The company’s growth rate is expected to be 12.06% by 2026.

Based on VSCO’s growth potential and current stock price trajectory, this prediction is based upon the current market state.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2027

. This is a 14.5% annual growth rate. This forecast is possible due to the company’s strong foundations. Investors should therefore continue to watch VSCO’s performance.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2028

VSCO stock forecast 2028 projects growth at 18.2% The company’s clear path to success is good news for shareholders. Its diverse product range and active user base gives it a competitive edge.

VSCO stock is well worth considering if you are looking for quality stock that will grow in value.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2029

Canaccord Genuity analysts reiterate their buy rating for VSCO stock, with a target price at $22.5 per share. The company’s strong foundations, including its user base and engagement, will allow it to continue growth. VSCO is a leading platform for photo editing.

VSCO Stock Forecast 2030

VSCO stock forecast 2030 predicts a 24.9% rise in value over three years. Investors should look into VSCO stock now. VSCO stock is well-positioned for future growth, and the company has a strong track record in profitability.

Victoria Secret Stock Dividend

Victoria Secret stock trades at a discount relative to its underlying value. The company announced a quarterly dividend of $0.28 per share. With steady growth prospects and a healthy financial position.


VSCO stock is forecast to rise in value over the next year. The company has a lot of potentials and is on the rise, making it a great investment for those who are looking for growth.

As VSCO continues to grow, the stock price will continue to climb, so be sure to keep an eye on this company.

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