10 Best Stock Market Prediction Software for Traders in 2023

This guide explains the best stock market prediction software you can leverage with any trading strategy. Stock prediction and analysis are some of the most difficult jobs to complete.

There are several causes for this, including market volatility and a variety of other independent and dependent variables that influence the value of a particular stock in the market.

These variables make it very difficult for any stock market expert to anticipate the rise and fall of the market with great precision or accuracy.

Stock Market Prediction Software
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What is Stock Market Prediction Software?

Stock market prediction is the act of trying to determine or establish the future value of company stock or other financial instruments that are traded on an exchange.

The successful prediction of a stock’s future value could yield significant profit. While Stock market prediction software is a series of programs or computer applications designed to assist in trading stocks and currencies or various stages of trading.

They guide traders and investors through various stock markets and also provide the tools necessary to make well-informed stock-picking decisions.

List of 10 Best Stock Market Prediction Software for Traders

There is numerous stock market prediction software for traders to choose from. Each of these software offers a range of advanced tools that improve stock market traders’ buying and selling decisions regardless of their expertise.

If you are looking for the best stock market prediction software, try the following stock trading software listed below:

  • MetaStockPros

MetaStock is great trading software; it offers features like:

  •  Backtesting system
  • Technical chart analysis and
  • Real-time data from news feeds, and a lot more.


In terms of broker integration, this software does not offer or provide as many options as some other competitors and is also not available on mobile.

  • Trade Ideas


Trade Ideas is regarded as one of, if not the best, trading stock market prediction software around for a good reason. This platform is the most advanced for day trading options stock prediction and also trade signals.


Trade Ideas is one of the pricier software, but you get what you pay for.

  •  TrendSpider


TrendSpider is one of the best stock market prediction software programs for technical analysis using charts. This stock charting software is among the few trading platforms capable of automating chart analysis, and this software is also available as a mobile app.


TrendSpiderhas no feature that connects one to other traders for advice and support, unlike other trading platforms. There is also the absence of automated trading.

  • Stock Rover


As a free stock trading software, Stock Rover is absolutely stacked. This is a great free stock trading platform for traders on a budget.


Although many of the features are free, their true potential can only be released with the premium version. Moreover, day traders cannot benefit as much from this stock trading software as long-term investors. Stock Rover provides no market data on global exchanges.

  • TradingView


There are several benefits to using TradingView as your stock market prediction trading platform. It is one of the only online stock software that grants access to global stock, cryptocurrencies, Forex, and also CFD trading. Tradingview is also available as a mobile app for more convenient trading.


Although TradingView is one of the great free trading software, most of its best features are only unlocked for premium subscribers. Moreover, this platform does not cover stock options trading. While it includes news feeds in the platform, users can’t customize the data feeds, and also the news is not in real-time.

  • TC2000


TC2000 shows off its experience with its numerous useful features. North American stock traders who like to visualize market data will find this platform very useful, and It is also available as a mobile app. This TC2000 is a great option for traders looking to trade ETFs or mutual funds.


TC2000 is available in North America only, and it exclusively tracks stocks in American and Canadian exchanges. A social option is absent, and there is no community for new traders to run to when they are in need of advice or feedback on their strategies. Lastly, it also lacks a backtesting feature which is very useful for analysis.

  • TradeStation


As a trading platform, TradeStation offers its users:

  • Real-time market data,
  • Faster trade execution,
  • and a reliable platform.

There is no account minimum for their highest premium accounts, and there is no commission on stock and EFT trades. Tradestation also provides an option to trade in cryptocurrency. As a software, the features seemed to be designed for active traders.


Traders may struggle at first to use TradeStation because the interface is not the most intuitive or user-friendly. Its highly technical features are also confusing unless you are an experienced trader. And there are also hidden trading costs such as surcharges that most traders may find annoying.

  • VectorVest 7


The software is designed to simplify stock trading, and It provides numerous benefits to investors and traders beyond simplification, such as:

  • Strong technical analysis,
  • Stock screening,
  • and ratings.

The platform promotes the Value, Safety, and Timing system of trading.


Though VectorVest 7does offer a rankings system, it has no information on how it is calculated. Therefore, stock traders can’t confirm whether it is actually effective or not, and it also has no news or social features. Making traders turn elsewhere to get advice or learn from other traders.

  • NinjaTrader


This is a great platform for traders who appreciate technical tools. It provides a wide range of features that traders can use to analyze their strategy and also performance. Ninjatrader offers access to stocks, futures, Forex, and CFD trading.


The best features of this NinjaTrader are not available to free users. Moreover, there is also no app for this software.

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The Best Stock Market Prediction Software for Beginners?

Trade Ideas software is perfect for beginner traders because of its wealth of educational resources and community support.

New stock traders will highly benefit from their webinars and educational videos. Beginners can also turn to their huge community of traders on Trade Ideas for advice regarding their trade and strategy.

Afterward, they can practice this strategy using the platform trade simulation without risking real funds. This helps beginner traders gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the stock market.

Which of these stock market prediction software have you used, and what was your experience like?

Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Watch the video below to know the best stock market prediction software for traders:

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