How to Stake on Trust Wallet for Rewards in 2023

Cryptocurrency validation and earning have significantly changed due to the rise of crypto staking. With staking becoming a profitable method to hold coins and tokens, Binance’s Trust Wallet provides a convenient solution by allowing users to stake cryptocurrencies directly within the app.

This article will cover Trust Wallet staking, explain how crypto staking operates, and highlight the advantages of staking your digital assets.

Stake on Trust Wallet for Rewards

What is Staking Cryptocurrencies?

Every blockchain has a common characteristic: transactions must be validated. For instance, in Bitcoin, this is done through a process called mining which consumes a significant amount of electricity (Proof-of-Work).

However, there are alternative consensus mechanisms used for validation, such as Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and its various variations or hybrid models, which will be collectively referred to as staking. When a person stakes coins, they have the power to vote and earn income on the network, similar to earning interest from a bank account or allowing a bank to invest their money.

Staking can be seen as a way for currency holders to participate in the security and maintenance of the blockchain network in exchange for rewards. This mechanism provides an alternative to the energy-intensive process of mining in Proof-of-Work and is seen as a more environmentally friendly option.

By staking their coins, individuals can also help increase the network’s decentralization, as the decision-making power is distributed among a larger group of stakeholders. Staking can also lead to a more stable and secure network, as individuals are vested in maintaining its integrity.

Overall, staking is an important aspect of many blockchain networks and offers several benefits to both individuals and the network as a whole.

Benefits of Staking Cryptocurrency

  • One of the key advantages of staking coins is that it eliminates the requirement to buy high-priced equipment and use energy continuously.
  • In contrast to the proof-of-work system, where coins are earned through a low-probability mathematical process, staking provides guaranteed returns and a dependable source of income. Another advantage is that the value of staked coins does not decrease, unlike ASICs and other mining hardware, which are only impacted by market price changes.

How to Stake on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is Binance’s official cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store multiple digital assets. It can be downloaded as a mobile app for iOS and Android, and you can set up your own Wallet in minutes.

After downloading the app and completing the setup process, you can immediately start using the staking feature. For instance, if you want to stake Tron, go to the “Discover” section and look for the “Staking” section at the top of the page. By clicking on “See All”, you can view all the coins eligible for staking and the associated APR.

To buy Tron, use the MoonPay feature, a third-party payment provider, to purchase the cryptocurrency with your bank card. Once you have acquired Tron, select the amount you wish to stake and choose a validator to begin earning passive Tron rewards.

Trust Wallet allows for lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies, but their primary feature is staking, which is listed first on their Discover page. Staking is a form of investing in cryptocurrencies and can be done through various applications and platforms.

With Trust Wallet, you have the advantage of being able to start staking right from the platform and also have the option of using the Trust Wallet browser to stake on a decentralized exchange, providing you with multiple ways to stake different coins and tokens.

To stake some cryptos using Trust Wallet, you need to connect to Frontier wallet, which is separate from Trust Wallet. The Trust Wallet website has a staking calculator on the Staking page where you can estimate your earnings based on the current annual percentage rate. The calculator displays the daily, monthly, and yearly earnings for each coin available for staking.

Please note that staking on Trust Wallet has a minimum amount of cryptocurrency required, and earnings begin the day after staking with a lock period that varies. If you are interested in earning passively from your stablecoins, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, consider AQRU, an online platform and mobile app that allows you to earn from your cryptocurrency quickly.

Simply put, here are the key steps on how to stake cryptos on Trust Wallet:

  • Create a Trust Wallet account
  • Configure Trust Wallet
  • Add funds to your account
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies using Trust Wallet.

Rewards for Staking on Trust Wallet

When staking with Trust Wallet, it is important to keep in mind that earning rates vary for different cryptocurrencies. You should research the staking rewards for the specific coins you want to earn with.

The rewards will change depending on the coin and the available validators. For instance, staking Algorand on Trust Wallet offers APR ranging from 4.88 to 6 percent, while staking BNB can give you APR from 5.31 to 9.31 percent.

Another way to earn rewards with Trust Wallet is through liquidity provision. A popular staking coin, Lucky Block (LBLOCK), known for being the fastest token to hit a billion-dollar market cap, can be bought through the Trust Wallet browser on the PancakeSwap exchange. By connecting to the Lucky Block app, LBLOCK holders receive 10% of daily lottery earnings divided based on the amount of tokens held.

By holding BNB tokens, you have the opportunity to participate in the BNB/LBLOCK liquidity pool by providing liquidity and, in return, earn a portion of all trades based on the proportion of your share in the pool. The maximum annual interest rate you can receive for this is 19%.


Trust Wallet is an easy-to-use decentralized wallet with various functions, including lending, borrowing, and staking, as mentioned in this evaluation. It supports hundreds of coins and offers both off-chain and on-chain staking options.

The staking annual percentage returns may differ based on the chosen validator and may fluctuate, so it’s essential to monitor them regularly. If you’re searching for a platform with a consistently high yield from stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies, AQRU might be a suitable option.

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Stake on Trust Wallet for Rewards
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