The 7 Safest Ways To Make An Online Purchase

Currently, every sale happens to be online which rises to online purchases, but what are the safest ways to make an online purchase and succeed without being defrauded by scammers who impersonate a notable online vendor? These are what I will enlighten here.

Online purchase as the name implies is requesting and paying for a product online through any electronic payment method and receiving the products without having to meet the seller physically.

It is also known as digital purchase as it is done through digital means and widens our awareness about newly manufactured products.

Hence, here are explained the 7 safest ways to make an online purchase without encountering scammers.

Key Takeaways:

  • What an online purchase is and how it works
  • The 7 safest ways to make an online purchase.
safest ways to make an online purchase

What Is An Online Purchase?

An online purchase, also known as online shopping is an electronic commerce that allows consumers to directly purchase products from the manufacturer or seller through the internet using a mobile app or web browser.

The products bought on the internet are known as digital products due to their online feature during the whole transaction.

Advantages Of Online Purchase

Online purchase has various benefits for consumers, such as facilitating a consumer’s purchasing power. Others are:

1. Saves Time

Online purchase saves time as the buyer does not spend much time standing in queues at the cash counter to pay for purchased products. Rather, both buying and payment are done in the comfort of your home within a few minutes.

2. Saves Money

Online purchase saves money because online stores give discounts on products for a certain period to gain more customers. Of course, shopping during the period as a customer saves you some money.

3. Availability

Online products are invariably accessible to shop as the mall is open 24/7 for 365 days. This signifies that time is not a drawback to buying whatever you want to buy online.

4. Variety Of Products

Since there are many online stores, a variety of unique products are available to purchase. And because of the easy access to the stores, you can decide on the brand to buy.

5. Online Monitoring

Online purchases give consumers access to track the order and delivery status.

Disadvantage Of Online Purchase

Regardless of the fact, online purchasing is a quick way to buy products, some users prefer to use this means only in a limited way due to some risks involved such as.

1. No Assurance

The buyer of online products does not have the privilege to be reassured about the validity of the products they want, unlike the traditional purchase.

The buying behavior lies on the consumer only, which may affect his or her product choice.

2. Delay In Delivery

The purchase and payment processes are completed within a few minutes but the delivery takes weeks to reach the buyer. It is a result of distance and improper inventory management.

Delays in delivery often make some buyers lose interest

3. Fraud

Payment made online while purchasing the products is sometimes not secured. A buyer may get his account hacked by a fraudster. Sometimes, the shipping may disappear and thus, prevent the buyer from completing the shipping processes for the purchased items.

How Online Purchase Works

Online purchase is electronic commerce that allows consumers to buy goods and services through the internet.

It works similarly to other purchasing processes but the difference is that it is done using electronic payment.

The online stores create a search feature allowing their customers to find a specific brand, item, or model to buy. Through the search feature, the buyers place a demand on a brand and pay for it using a credit or debit card or other forms of payment method.

After the complete payment, the merchant or seller ships the goods to the buyer following the buyer’s delivery order. Some buyers would want a doorstep delivery while some prefer picking it up at a particular place due to the high delivery fee involved.

The 7 Safest Ways To Make An Online Purchase

Due to the risks involved in online purchases, I have collected, through thorough research, the best 7 safest ways to make an online purchase without being scammed. They are as follows.

1. Use A VPN

One of the safest ways to make an online purchase is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Number). It creates an encrypted tunnel between your devices and other public servers and prevents the cybercriminals hovering nearby from intercepting your personal information.

Hence, do not browse for any online products using public Wi-Fi, but protect yourself with a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

2. Use A Strong Password

A strong password adds extra security which keeps cybercriminals away from your account. So, when buying through the network, use a strong password such as a complex set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not use common words or reuse passwords for two accounts.

3. Analyze Site Security

Site security plays a crucial role in online purchases. To ensure a site’s security rate, use a lock icon in the browse bar to confirm the site uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and URL starting with ‘HTTPS’ rather than only ‘HTTP’.

The reason for analyzing the site security is that a secure site veils customers’ data and shopping from them mitigates the risk of endangering your personal information.

4. Pay With Credit Card Only

Credit cards offer $0 liability for fraud and buying with a credit card does not give a seller direct access to your account. Even if your credit card company notices any fraud, it investigates the activity and sends you a new card. Therefore, use a credit card payment method only for security purposes.

5. Shop With A Reliable Retailer

Reliable retailers are known online retailers that offer quality products. They are known and trusted by many buyers.

Shopping from them is one of the safest ways to make an online purchase. To do so, bookmark your favorite shopping sites and avoid directly typing the retailers’ names into your browser. A single typo may result in clicking and making a purchase on the wrong site, exposing your personal information to scammers.

6. Use A Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card gives more security to online purchases. It is a card with a temporary number linked to the credit card that you can use for online purchases. It allows a buyer to purchase goods without showing his or her credit card to the seller, thus, building more security and the safest way to make an online purchase.

7. Monitor Your Stuff

After you have completed the payment, keep track of your bought goods to ensure they are shipped your way. If the seller refuses to give information about the delivery, cancel the request and the payment immediately through your credit issuer.

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Online purchase allows buying goods without meeting the seller physically. It is the fastest way to make payment for what you desire through electronic payment methods.

Before you make an online purchase, ensure the site is safe and apply the abovementioned safest ways to make an online purchase to avoid jeopardizing your personal information. This is the only way to avoid scammers from having access to your identity and defrauding you.


Here are some answers to your questions about the safest ways to make an online purchase.

What Payment Method Is Safest For The Buyer?

The use of credit cards only for payment is generally regarded as the safest.

Can I Pay With Paypal For Online Purchase?

Yes, you can. Buyer Protection covers all eligible online purchases where Paypal is used.

How Do I Know My Online Payment Is Secure?

To know your online payment is secure, 

  • Use a strong password.
  • Use a trusted and secure site connection.
  • Choose credit card over debit card payment method.
  • Control your account.
  • Examine the store privacy statement before buying

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safest ways to make an online purchase
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