Nicehash Miner Review: Is Nicehash Miner Legit

Nicehash Miner (NHM) is a free software that allows you to connect your mining rigs to the nicehash hash-power market place. This enables you to rent out power of your machine and earn crypto coins in returns.

Nicehash Miner

Beginners who start mining are usually faced with the problem of deciding which pool to join and very other necessary services.

Even though most investors prefer to earn directly from trading on cryptocurrency, they are many other investors who are attracted to mining. This mining enables the investors to work on existing coins to earn more.

Nicehash miner is a service that can be used to buy and sell computing power, It is a backbone network that indirectly influences the generation of new coin and transaction confirmation.

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This is a Slovenian cryptocurrency hash power that was founded in 2014 by Marko Kobal and Matjaž Škorjan that provides a market where buyers and sellers of hashing power are unified.


As a miner of nicehash, you get to earn while mining and be paid in cryptocurrency. The level of your profitability predominantly depends on the amount of hash power that you are able to provide to Nicehash.

Also, selling your hash power with nicehash is very profitable, even more than mining cryptocurrency itself because nicehash provides series of support and helps large mining operators who are in need of technical assistance but on the other hand cryptocurrency mining is not fully beneficial and profitable in some cases.

Most Common Nicehash Mining Issues

When it comes to using nicehash and mining to earn more coins and make profit, there are some common issued to be faced and these are:

  • Nicehash is an intermediate service that tends to be a problem for investors in terms of security.
  • This service restrict users in choosing a payment method, making purchases on the platform is only available on BTC which is relatively slow in making payment and attracts high commission.
  • Nicehash is not suitable for long term investment since the execution of transactions does not exceed 10 days, it does not give room for making future earnings.

How Does Nicehash Work ?

Nicehash is an online brokerage market that brings together buyers and sellers of mining power. Power is a computing resources, an indicator of how much power hardware spents to run the software and and solve proof of work algorithms.

Everyone can start mining without much knowledge of cryptocurrency mining, it is easy to use and the Nicehash miner is connected to nicehash platform and the nicehash power market. When using nicehash, you can either engage in it as a power buyer or power seller (miner)

  • Power Buyer

This will entail you choosing the cryptocurrency you need, a mining pool, setting the price that you can pay for the service and place an appropriate order. When the order is filled with miners, the buyer receives the cryptocurrency mined by the pool.

This is convenient since the buyer does not perform complex actions on his/her own and can do without investing the money in the purchase of the equipment.

  • Power Sellers (Miners)

As a seller, you will need to install and run nicehash software, connecting your computing power to the buyers order and platform servers. Power is directed to the pool selected by the buyer. Payment for each validation is received in bitcoins, the cost is determined by the average for the current moment and is updated every 60 seconds. The process is automated as possible.

Is Nicehash Miner Legit?

Nicehash is definitely legit but it is advisable for you to withdraw your funds as often as possible and remember to be security minded while mining.

For sellers, Nicehash is a very fast way to start making money on cryptocurrency. This process is mostly automated, with minimal amount of effort being required. This is suitable to those who can effectively devote alot of time to earn.

For buyers, it is a convenient tool for avoiding the purchase of expensive equipment and it can earn you alot, as long as you choose and stick to a profitable coin.


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Nicehash Miner
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