How To Get Mortgage With Bad Credit In Canada

Yes, you can get a mortgage with bad credit in Canada though it involves higher interest rates and an extra deposit. Read on to learn more about the 10 best bad credit mortgage brokers in Canada.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bad Credit refers to poor or late payment of loans and bills.
  • A mortgage with bad credit has a high-interest rate and a down payment of 20-25%.
  • The lowest credit score to get a mortgage with bad credit in Canada is 680.
  • To get a mortgage with bad credit, you have to partner with the lenders that provide such a service.
  • Canadian Mortgage Finder is one of the best bad credit mortgage brokers in Canada
Mortgage With Bad Credit In Canada

What Does Bad Credit Mean?

Bad Credit infers to an individual having poor or late payment of bills and loans. It is indicated by a low credit score (below 580).

People with bad credit scores find it difficult to get a loan or have a credit card, regardless you can still secure a mortgage by partnering with bad credit mortgage brokers.

A mortgage with bad credit is similar to a normal mortgage except that it involves a higher interest rate and additional deposit fee (20%-25% instead of 5%-10%).

The Lowest Credit Score You Can Get A Mortgage With In Canada

A credit score is a number (three-digits) planned to convey the probability of you paying your bills on time.

There are several credit scores and models of scoring:higher credit scores mainly result in more promising credit terms (good credit history) while lower credit score is known as bad credit.

However, the lowest credit score that you can get a mortgage within Canada is 680 as newly recorded in 2022.

Requirements To Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit In Canada

To get a mortgage with bad credit in Canada, there are some requirements to consider.

Requirements are the qualifications lending companies review before approving a mortgage application.

  • Age: You must be 18 years older.
  • Residence: You must be a Canadian.
  • Proof Of Your Employment and Income: To get approved for a mortgage with bad credit, lenders review your employment and income status to identify if you are eligible to pay for the down payment.
  • Debt History: Lending companies need your debt history to consider how you pay off your debt to ascertain if a mortgage will be given to you.
  • Credit Score: Lenders review their clients’ credit scores to know the type of mortgage to provide: a good credit score has a lower interest rate while a bad credit score has a higher interest rate. Hence, you are required to provide your correct credit history.

How To Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit In Canada

Canada allows buying a mortgage with bad credit but there are ways in which they are done:

1. Enhance Your Credit Score

The lowest credit score to get a mortgage in Canadian lenders is 600. So, having a credit score lower than 600 is poorer and cannot offer you a mortgage.

However, endeavor to improve your credit score by at least 600 (though it is still a bad credit score) to help secure a lower mortgage rate with a lower monthly mortgage payment.

2. Save For Down Payment

A down payment is the initial money a buyer pays in a real estate transaction and larger purchases.

Getting a mortgage with bad credit accrues a bigger interest rate and massive deposit such as a 20-25% down payment. Therefore, ensure to save for it to be able to get a mortgage.

3. Search For Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

Some Canadian banks do not accept offering mortgages with a bad credit score. However, look out for the lenders who provide such services and partner with them.

4. Have A Co-signer or Joint Mortgage

A co-signed or joined mortgage involves a third party as a guarantor of the mortgage. They also pay the monthly payment when the co-signee cannot.

Therefore, getting a co-signer for your mortgage brings a better mortgage rate because their credit score is also evaluated.

However, it may lead to conflict between the two parties, especially when they have different opinions on the home.

5. Work for Your Next Renewal

Another way of getting a mortgage with bad credit is by working on your next mortgage renewal which may take 5 years later.

Before then, build your credit score, it will help you move from a bad credit mortgage to a good credit mortgage, thus, lowering your interest rate.

List Of The 10 Best Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers In Canada

Bad credit should not be a reason for not getting a mortgage in Canada.

Nevertheless, here are the brokers that provide mortgages in Canada despite having a bad credit score.

1. Lending Circle

Lending Circle is a leading mortgage firm for Home equity loans and Alternatives.

They believe that the resident of Canada deserves good mortgages regardless of credit status thus, providing direct capital to home buyers for mortgages.

2. Rala Investment

It is a private lender and bad credit mortgage broker founded in 1996 that provides resourceful real estate finance.

The mortgage broker is exceptional from others because their charge is based on the quality of the loan they deal on to satisfy their customers.

Their services range from real estate refinancing to private lending and bad credit mortgage.

3. Canadian Mortgage Finder

Canadian Mortgage Finder has been in the business of providing bad credit mortgages since 2003.

They work based on many factors that cause bad credit before offering a bad credit mortgage to an individual.

4. Lend With Bob

Lend with Bob broker works for their clients to provide them with a satisfying outcome.

They offer private mortgages, bad credit mortgages, debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, etc.

With Bob, you can achieve financial security.

5. Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Toronto

The broker renders fast and easy services to homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

They have access to different lenders and have more than 300 mortgage products.


It is another mortgage broker that provides different mortgages including bad credit mortgages, private mortgages, etc.

With this broker, you can get your mortgage without much stress and satisfaction.

7. Cana West Mortgage

Cana West Mortgage deals with residential and commercial mortgages with all types of credit profiles.

With the broker, you can secure a mortgage with bad credit.

8. Paul Hunjan Mortgage Broker

It is a Canadian mortgage broker that has helped many people get mortgages with bad credit for years.

It also offers mortgage refinancing, etc.

9. is a mortgage brokerage site where you can buy a mortgage with bad credit.

It has more lending options, increases cash flow, and has the best rates ever.

It is user-friendly and takes about 7 business days to verify your mortgage application.

10. Canadian Mortgage Service

It is a leading broker that offers various mortgages such as home equity loans, mortgage refinancing, bad credit mortgages, etc.

They provide the best mortgage through their experienced workers.

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Getting a bad credit mortgage is difficult though quite possible through the lenders that provide such service.

It is similar to regular mortgages except that they come with high-interest rates and a down payment of 20-25% instead of the normal 5-10%.

However, it is possible to get a mortgage with bad credit in Canada by partnering with the best bad credit mortgage brokers in the country.


Here are discussed some of the most asked questions and their answers on mortgages with bad credit in Canada.

What Is The Lowest Credit Score To Buy A Home In Canada?

The lowest credit score to buy a home in Canada is 680.

Can Someone With A 500 Credit Score Buy A House?


You can buy a house with a 500 credit score if your loan is funded by a Government Lender such as an FHA loan.

How Hard Is It To Get A Mortgage With A 500 Credit Score?

It is a bit hard due to the additional fees as a result of bad credit but if your loan is supported by the Government like an FHA loan, you can get a mortgage with a 500 credit score.

What Is The Average Canadian Credit Score?

Based on the recent Borrowell analysis from 2 million users, the average Canadian credit score is 672.

Can I Get A Mortgage With A Credit Score Of 550?

Yes, you can. But because it falls into a bad credit score, you will get fewer options for lenders willing to provide you with a mortgage.

Should I Wait To Buy A House 2022?

No, you should not wait. The way rate is rapidly rising now shows that in the subsequent years to come it will be higher.

Therefore, buying a house now is a good option.

What Credit Score Do you Need To Buy A House In 2022?

You need a credit score of 620 to buy a house in 2022.

What Credit Score Do I Need To Buy A House With No Money Down?

Buying a house with no money down requires a credit score of 620.

You can learn more from the video below:

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