How to Find The Right Accountant for a Small Business

Running a successful business, whether big or small, could be one of the most tedious things to engage in, and it is very important to know that for a small business to experience growth and advancement then, it needs good accounting services, and this is where the whole idea of needing a professional and responsible accountant for your small business comes in.   

Why Are Accountants So Important to Small Businesses?

The reasons are clear, and it is inarguable that business is to accounting as accounting is to business and vice versa. The two factors can’t exist without the other. One sure reason for accounting in small businesses is to keep track of business assets, liabilities, cash flows, and income. The role of the accountants is to keep watch over the business income and expenses. 

Since accounting is the language of business, it is also very important to understand that accountants are vital parts of every business, and they help boost business growth, especially in business finances. 

As a small business owner, it will be nearly impossible to carry out the accounting operations all by yourself without needing an extra hand to help you with it. Running a business can be a tough thing to do, so it is recommended you hire a professional accountant that will be able to handle your business auditing, budgeting, and taxation. 


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Advantages of Getting An Accountant for Your Small Business

Below are some advantages of hiring a professional accountant for your small business. 

1. Helps In Taxation Matters

Accountants are usually involved in carrying out the financial operations of a business and ensuring that the business activities run smoothly without any challenges. However, accountants are hired in businesses to be able to handle taxation matters to avoid errors. 

2. Maintenance of Business

A good accountant is charged with the sole responsibility of maintaining a business. They are responsible for providing useful information concerning the business’s finances and alternate ways the business can use to boost its operation and activities. In other words, one of the major advantages of hiring an accountant for your business is to be able to keep track of your business. 

Disadvantages of Getting An Accountant for Your Small Business 

Though it is essential to have a responsible accountant capable of running the financial aspect of your business, it may also cost you some effects, and below are some of them. 

1. Errors Are Bound to Occur

Despite hiring an accountant for your business, that doesn’t change the fact that errors are common mistakes are bound to happen. To err is human, and that applies the same way I’m businesses. In accounting, mistakes are bound to occur, which can be disturbing and lead to loss. 

2. Fraudulent Activities

If you are not careful as a business owner, your accountant may be very cunning and end up scamming you. And that is why it is recommended you hire a trustworthy, responsible, and reliable person to handle your business finances unless you don’t mind being duped. 

How Do I Find The Right Accountant for My Small Business? 

As a small business owner, sometimes it can be difficult to identify the best accountant for your business finances, but it is no big deal to seek out all you need to do is to find those who have worked in other businesses. Make use of referrals because that way, you may be able to see the type of person who meets up your criteria.

You can also try to ask for certification and years of experience in providing accounting services. This is also a proven way to hire the best accountant for your small business as it helps expose those with many years of experience to you. 

List of Accounting Services for Small Businesses In The US

As a small business owner, there is a lot you have to do, and when it comes to keeping track of your business record, you need to carry out some of these services. 

1. Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping is a skill that involves keeping a record of every business transaction, cash flow, and expense that is being processed every day. This is one of the most necessary services needed for every business. 

2. Monthly Accounting

Just like bookkeeping, monthly accounting involves keeping a track record of the necessary information in the business within a month. This is to ensure and improve the accountability of the business. 

3. Cash Flow Forecasting

This skill mainly involves using tracked-down business records to predict what the business is likely to encounter in the future and prepare favorable plans for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Accountant Worth It for a Small Business? 

It is quintessential to hire a business accountant, even if small, provided you can afford to pay for their services. The reason is to keep important records of transactions to avoid running into losses and ensure the business’s growth and development. 

What Does An Accountant Do for a Small Business? 

The importance, as well as the roles of an accountant in a small business, can not be overemphasized. One of the major duties of an accountant in a small business is to keep a record of business transactions, control taxation, budgeting and carry out statutory business and internal audits. 

How Do I Prepare My Taxes for My Business? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by small business owners. Anyway, the easiest way to carry out business tax preparation is first to pick your tax form, understand your tax filing deadline, gather and analyze your business records, and, if possible, speak with your accountant to be able to find out possible ways if you can not pay your tax liability. 

Is Getting a Tax Accountant Worth It? 

Yes, It is recommended that as a small business owner, you hire a professional accountant who can carry out the business’s financial operations accurately and successfully. Getting a qualified accountant for your business is worth it, even as a small business owner. 

Do I Need An Accountant If Self-Employed? 

It all depends on whether you can afford to hire a professional accountant for your business finances, but if you can afford to hire one for your business, then why not? Being self-employed doesn’t guarantee your business advancement and growth, but a good accountant does. In other words, hiring an accountant for your business is necessary even as a self-employed business owner. 

How Much Is It to Have Someone to Do Your Taxes? 

The charges may sometimes vary, but as of 2020, accountants charge between $100-$200, which may be calculated per hour of operation. So, to get someone to do your taxes for your business, anything between $100-$200 should be your budget, but you should understand that the charges are subject to change. 


In summary, getting an accountant for your small business is something very essential, and it is highly recommended to ensure a reduction in workload, decision making, and business growth and advancement. 

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