Top 7 Cryptocurrency Private Investigators You Should Know

This article will explore top 5 cryptocurrency investigation tools, the best cryptocurrency private investigators, the requirements to become a cryptocurrency investigator, etc.

Cryptocurrency has seen a huge growth in the world economy. However, this has paved the way for fraudulent activities on the blockchain. complaints of investment fraud, theft, and price manipulation in digital currency markets have risen sharply, which is why it is becoming increasingly essential to trace and investigate transactions in different cryptocurrencies. Kindly read through this article to learn more about cryptocurrency private investigators and what they do.

What a cryptocurrency investigator does?

A cryptocurrency investigator uses advanced techniques to follow the trail of illicit funds. During a cryptocurrency investigation, a cryptocurrency investigator carefully looks through the transactions posted on the blockchain. Then, the cryptocurrency investigator will work to find out what address contains the stolen funds.

After identifying the address, the next step is to unmask the owner of the address by Using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Know Your Customer (KYC) data collected by the exchanges; from there, law enforcement can issue subpoenas and try to recover all the funds.


List of Top best cryptocurrency private investigators

Here is a list of the top best cryptocurrency private investigators you should know:

Top 5 cryptocurrency investigation Tools

  • Chainalysis:

Chainalysis is one of the most popular blockchain analytics tools, cryptocurrency investigation, and transaction monitoring solutions providers, enabling banks, businesses, and even governments to understand how cryptocurrency is used.

Chainalysis services are believed to be used in over 45 countries, and it also supports over 87 different leading cryptocurrencies and services to over 270 organizations.

Chainalysis has 4 different products and software solutions:

  • Chainalysis Reactor: This is the investigation software that connects all cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities. Enabling you to combat fraudulent activity on the blockchain”.
  • Chainalysis know your transaction (KYT): it Helps cryptocurrency businesses to comply with both local and global regulations, detect high-risk activities, intercept and seize illicit funds, etc.
  • Chainalysis Kryptos: It Provides the complete profiles of cryptocurrency businesses based on KYC details and the Chainalysis data.
  • Chainalysis Data: Access blockchain big data that enables your research or investigation into blockchain transactions.
  • Elliptic: Both Financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies depend on Elliptic’s blockchain analytics to manage risk and meet regulatory compliance globally.

Elliptic helps financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, and regulators to monitor and understand their cryptocurrency investments and exposures, trace suspicious cryptocurrency transactions, and unmask cyber criminals that make use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering and every other financial crime.

Elliptic offers five different blockchain analytics services:

  • Elliptic Discovery:Helps one to detect and assess their exposure to crypto-assets.
  • Elliptic Lens: Helps to check, monitor cryptocurrency wallets, and understand the flow of funds.
  • Elliptic Navigator:Helps to Control your risks and grow your cryptocurrency investment with confidence.
  • Elliptic Forensics: Helps you to uncover cryptocurrency-enabled crimes.
  • Investigation Services: helps to Investigate and resolve crimes conducted with the use of cryptocurrencies.
  • CipherTrace: A blockchain analytics tool that is committed to growing the cryptocurrency economy by making digital assets trusted by governments and safe for mass adoption while protecting banks from crypto (money) laundering risks.

The CipherTrace platform supports:

  • blockchain forensic investigations,
  • automated AML/CTF compliance,
  • regulatory supervision of digital asset businesses,
  • and , crypto threat visibility for banks and every other financial institution.

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  • Santiment: This blockchain analytics tool was developed to remove disinformation and misinformation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing and offering data-driven insights on cryptocurrency networks, blockchain-based projects, crowd sentiment, and market behavior. The Santiment is a tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, retail investors, and developers to analyze crypto assets from numerous angles and react to developing shifts in market sentiment and network trends.
  • WhiteStream: The WhiteStream blockchain analytics tool helps to provide insights into cryptocurrency transactions by turning all blockchain raw data into searchable and executable information that businesses and individuals can easily access.

These data are then served to users via API for various purposes like AML, Counter-terrorism financing, fraud detection and prevention, KYC, compliance, etc.


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How to become a cryptocurrency private investigator?

Below are the Eligibility Requirements for you to become a cryptocurrency private investigator:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Four years of experience in e-commerce, investigations, intelligence, military, cybersecurity, fraud, law enforcement, forensics, computer/digital forensics, criminal justice or law, or an associate’s degree plus six years of experience.
  • High School diploma or equivalency plus seven years of experience.

What do you think of a cryptocurrency private investigator? Kindly drop your view in the comment section below.

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