Is C98 Coin Good for Investment? Price Prediction Explained

The C98 coin is Decentralized finance – DeFi coin focused on yield farming, staking coin swapping. This helps users make several different transactions and exchanges with the crypto allowing for a broad of cryptocurrencies.

The C98 coin genuinely focuses on aggregating various assets and supporting all these assets, functioning on different blockchains. This includes Etherum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and a few other ones. This very diverse function coin has wallets on various exchanges and supports 25 networks or more across its mobile and desktop systems.

C98 coin
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The founders of this coin have a steady goal and target of making the coin so versatile in vast fields and applications, including:

  • The C98 coin can serve as a lending and borrowing platform
  • It can serve as an NFT marketplace and even as a derivative
  • There is a concrete plan on developing a Launchpad with this coin.

Number of C98 Coin in Circulation

The C98 coin, which is a governance token, has a circulation supply of 185,000,000 and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000.

This token is shared with various parties as follows:

  • 21% of the circulating coin goes back to the system and development of the coin.
  • 20% is allocated to the development of the community.
  • 20% is kept for the team of producers.
  • 15% goes for strategic sales, and 12% is for the treasury.
  • The 5% is for the seed sale, and another 5% is for the Binance Launchpad sale, and the last 2% is for advisors.

C98 Coin Founders

The C98 coin founders are experienced individuals in cryptocurrency and have had their fair share in the blockchain industry. Two individuals Thanh Le who was an early investor in the THOR chain network, and Vinh The Ngyuyen of Kytek Software, are the two individuals who founded the C98 coin with Khiem Dang, co-founder at Kytek software as the CTO of the project.

Where to Buy the C98 coin?

The C98 coin is a secured coin running on the Ethereum network, the Binance Smart Chain network, and Solana. So basically, it’s a BEP-20 and ERC-20 coin.

The coin can be purchased from various exchanging platforms as it has been listed on most by now. The popular Binance Exchange and Trading platform can buy and store the C98 coin for as long as the investor wants.

The coin can still be bought through the normal process of purchasing BTC from credible exchanges and swapping the bitcoin for the C98 coin on notable exchanges using the pancake swap and other swap exchanges.

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C98 Coin Contract Address

The C98 coin has become a significant coin for investors to store funds and make profits seeing as it is a promising project which has hit above $1 in recent time.

As at the time of writing this post the C98 coin is $4.508 and the contract address – 0xaec945e04baf28b135fa7c640f624f8d90f1c3a6.

Is The C98 Coin A Good Investment, And What Is Its Price Prediction?

The C98 coin has shown major improvement since its development and launch in major exchanges. The coin, a DeFi token, has shown remarkable progress in its sector, yield farming, and will keep growing and having more value in the crypto world.

The price predictions for the coin indicate that the coin will keep adding more value as time goes and will become significant crypto or altcoin for investors and users shortly.


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