How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card In France

Undoubtedly, you can buy bitcoin with a credit card in France. Buying bitcoin with a credit card is possible but it depends completely on the crypto exchange you are using.

Though the process is like correlating and validating a bank account through an Automated Clearing House (ACH), it generates fees from the crypto exchange and the company.

Key Takeaways

  • The Best Bitcoin Wallet in France
  • The List Of 7 Best Places To Buy Bitcoin In France
  • The Benefit of Buying Bitcoin With A Credit Card
Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card In France

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (form of money) that operates free of any central control (government) rather, it relies on cryptography and peer-to-peer software.

All Bitcoin transactions and copies are held and recorded in a public ledger and on servers across the globe.

Bitcoin can be exchanged for cash like any other asset i.e., it enables trade by barter.

There is no authorized technique for converting Bitcoin to another currency, but it can be carried out through any communication platform or in person.

However, it is divided into seven decimal places: a thousand bitcoin is a Milli while a hundred millionth is a Satoshi.

Buying Bitcoin With A Credit Card

Bitcoin made its debut in 2009 and over the last few years, it has gone from a vague method of payment to a primary stream investment preference.

Due to the rage and tremendous profit of Bitcoin, investors with a limited budget find a different way to purchase Bitcoin which ends in using a credit card. For some, it is the most suitable way to purchase Bitcoin and use future gains to pay off their debts.

Few Credit Cards That Can Earn You Rewards In Bitcoin

There are credit cards through which you can earn rewards in Bitcoin:

  • SoFi Credit Card: SoFi repays reward points directly into Bitcoin through the SoFi Invest App.
  • Venmo Credit Card: Venmo enables its credit cardholders to use monthly cash back in their Venmo account to auto-buy Bitcoin with no transaction fee.
  • BlockFi Bitcoin Credit Card: The card earns its customers a percentage back in Bitcoin.
  • Brex Credit Card: It is a credit card for business people and benefits the cardholder 9 times in Bitcoin.
  • Credit Card: credit card offers 1% to 8% rewards but it depends on the card.

The Benefit of Buying Bitcoin With A Credit Card

The most satisfactory in buying Bitcoin with a credit card is the convenience. Unlike bank transfers which can be repetitious, using a credit card streamlines the process-credit card with a new number is reissued to the cardholder when his information is risked, and bank account information is always updated, taking longer to process.

The Downside Of Buying Bitcoin With A Credit Card

Generally, the risk of buying Bitcoin with a credit card is the fees involved:

  • The Broker Fees: Buying Bitcoin with a credit card attracts extra fees because you have to pay for the broker with whom you did the transaction. The charge is known as the ‘Broker Fee.’
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: Buying Bitcoin with a credit card in another country accrues additional fees (foreign transaction fees) for each purchase. The fee range between 1%-3%.
  • Credit Card Fees: Typically, credit cards deal with Bitcoin purchases like a cash advance, and a fee is accrued for using it.

The List Of 7 Best Places To Buy Bitcoin In France

You can buy Bitcoin anywhere in the world but here are discussed the best places where you can purchase Bitcoin in France, including using your credit card.

1. Bitpanda

It is the broker that offers high payment in buying Bitcoin using a credit card, debit card, online bank transfers, NETELLER, etc. with payment limits and low fees.

It is reliable and trustworthy, but the fees are not displayed on the site but are included in the price.

2. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is one of the globally largest and most popular Bitcoin exchanges. It accepts bank transfers, international bank wire, credit cards, and SEPA transfers.

It has a very low fee (0.25% decreasing to 0.1%) with an 8% fee on small credit card purchases falling to 5% with adequate trading volume.

3. Coinbase

It is the world’s largest broker where you can buy Bitcoin. It makes it easier for beginners buy don’titcoin as it supports customers from numerous countries comprising the UK, France, the US, Singapore, Europe, etc.

Coinbase is high in liquidity and limited in buying behaviors with the ‘Immediate Buy’ option using a debit card.

The downside is that it keeps track of where and how you spend your Bitcoins and it takes about 5 business days to complete purchases made with bank transfers.

4. Bity

Bity is a Bitcoin exchange that enables quick Bitcoin purchases after a phone verification. It has a payment limit of up to $100,000 per annum (after intensive confirmation) with a low annual limit of $4,000 (no verification).

It requires ID verification for purchase which may prevent some from exchanging.

5. Kraken

Kraken, being user-friendly, allows the exchange of Bitcoin with 2 forms of payment (wire transfer and Automated Clearing House (ACH).

It takes 2-3 business days to verify payment.

6. eToro

eToro is a platform where you can buy Bitcoin. It accepts bank transfers, NETELLER, etc. but not credit cards. However, it offers copy trading.

7. Coinmama

Coinmama is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that allows buying and selling of Bitcoin using a credit card and bank transfers. Its payment verification takes a business day.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet in France

Purchasing a Bitcoin wallet in France depends on the amount of security you want. However, the best and most secured Bitcoin wallets in France are hardware wallets: Ledger Nano A, Ledger Nano X, Trezor Model T, or Trezor one.

The Easiest Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in France

To buy bitcoin with a credit card in France, you have to follow the easiest ways which include the following steps:

Step 1

Inquire About The Fee

Initially, to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in France, you are required to get information concerning the fees involved: advance fees, credit card fees, and foreign transaction fees.

Step 2

Decide The Amount Of Your Payment

After knowing the fees, look for the page on the exchange site that displays the fees for using a credit card and choose the amount suitable for you.

Step 3

Find Your Account

Fund your exchange account with the sum of money for buying Bitcoin and invest when you are ready.

Step 4

Pay Off Your Card Balance

Due to the cash advance interest which becomes active when you purchase Bitcoin, have a plan to pay off the balance immediately to avert additional interest fees.

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates free of central control. Buying Bitcoin with a credit card is much easier than a bank transfer. Your credit card is reissued with a new number when your information is jeopardized, which is better than trying to update a bank account information.

For a streamlined process to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in France, you must research the price and fees involved.


Here are some of the most asked questions about how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in France.

Which Bitcoin App Works In France?

Bitpanda is the Bitcoin app that works best in France.

Can I Buy A Bitcoin With A Credit Card?

Probably you can though it accrues extra fees and depends on the crypto exchange you are using.

Are There Bitcoin ATMs in France?


There are Bitcoin ATMs in France used for international expansion.

Which Crypto Exchange Is Best In France? is the best crypto exchange in France because it supports a larger range of cryptocurrencies.

What Credit Cards Allow Bitcoin Purchases?

American Express, Chase, Citi, and Capital One credit cards allow Bitcoin purchases.

How Do I Fund My Crypto Account With a Credit Card?

You fund your crypto account with a credit card by uploading your credit card information and linking it to your exchange account.

Does Bitcoin ATM Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Bitcoin ATM accepts credit cards for the exchange of Bitcoin.

You can learn more from the video below:

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