How to Claim Trust Wallet Token Airdrop

In this article, we will understand all about the Trust Wallet Token Airdrop and how to get this airdrop.

The Trust Wallet platform has proven to be a major platform for different cryptocurrencies, given its use to exchange and swap different cryptos and coins using the decentralized exchange platforms present on the trust Wallet platform.

Many airdrops are present on the Trust Wallet platform, and this can be claimed by following some simple basic steps, which will be outlined through the course of this article.

Trust Wallet Token Airdrop
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Investors and crypto users need to understand all about any airdrop in which they choose to participate since these airdrops can turn out to be maximally successful in the future.


Steps To Claim Airdrop on Trust Wallet

Before claiming an airdrop on the Trust Wallet, it is important to understand what type of Airdrop the user desires to claim since this will determine the user’s approach to claim it.

The type of airdrop users can claim paid Airdrop or free Airdrop. These two types of Airdrop can be claimed in very distinct ways; therefore, the user must understand what type of Airdrop to claim.

Claiming A “Network Fee” Required Airdrop

It is important to understand that before any interested investor or crypto user can claim a Network Fee required Airdrop, the user must have a small amount of money on the Wallet in use since this will enable the investor or crypto user to claim the Airdrop.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how the claim a “Network Fee” required Airdrop:

  • Users should go ahead and purchase a small amount of BNB or Ethereum from a trusted exchange like Binance or Coinbase and withdraw the coin to the Trust Wallet platform.
  • For this article, we will be using the BNB coin to work with a BEP-20 airdrop token, though for an ER-20 airdrop, the steps are the same only difference being the use of Ethereum instead of BNB.
  • Once the BNB has been withdrawn to the Trust Wallet platform, the user can swap the BNB coin to the Binance Smart chain token as this is the currency for the airdrop transaction.
  • It is now time to copy the official address of the airdrop token which user wishes to claim. Once copied from a trusted source, open up the dApps section of the Trust Wallet platform and paste the already copied address on the search box of the dApps section and hit the “Search” button.
  • Once the address is loaded, it will open up with an Ethereum icon that the user needs to change to the Binance smart chain icon to understand that the user is working with a BEP-20 coin.
  • Then the user can click on claim free airdrop depending on how the page opens up, which depends on which airdrop token the user is working with.
  • After this, the user will be sent to a page where the user needs to make a network payment depending on the fee shown for the transaction or claiming the airdrop token.
  • Users can go ahead and click on the “Approve” button to approve the transaction, and the network fee will be deducted from the available Binance Smart Chain con balance.
  • Users can click on the Wallet to see the number of airdrop tokens that the user has claimed by following the above steps.
  • It is important to understand that airdrops are gradual prices of making profit and turn-overs from cryptocurrency. Some of these airdrop tokens will still take a while before they have real values depending on the appreciation of the coin by investors and crypto users in the coin market.
  • But once they have value, the user or investor will become a major rich crypto investor in the coin market.

These are the basic steps to claim a “Network Fee” airdrop token successfully.

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How to Claim Trust Wallet Token Airdrop

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to claiming the Trust Wallet Token Airdrop for any interested investor or crypto user:

  • Since Binance has executed one the largest airdrops in the history of airdrops and has distributed these to participants who have completed the event, which took place from 2020/12/14 0:00 UTC to 2020/12/21, 0:00 UTC.
  • Winners of this Airdrop can now withdraw to a crypto platform that supports this token since the Trust Wallet token has not yet been listed on the Binance platform and cannot yet be traded on the Binance platform.
  • It is recommended to use the Trust Wallet platform to withdraw the Trust Wallet token airdrop. It is important to note that all the airdrops should have been claimed to form the Binance spot wallet by January 5th 2021, or all won trust Wallet token airdrop will be lost.
  • To withdraw the Trust Wallet Token, the user can go to the spot wallet on Binance, type the “TWT” Trust Wallet Token, and click on the withdraw button.
  • Open the Trust Wallet platform and find the Binance Smart Chain and click on the “Receive” button to find the address to be pasted on the Binance platform o the window that opened up when the user clicked withdraw on the TWT airdrop on Binance Spot Wallet.
  • Once pasted, the user can enter the amount of Trust Wallet token TWT, which the user wants to withdraw on the available column and then click on the “Submit” button.
  • Once the transaction is successful, the TWT will show up in the designated Wallet, and user can see their funds.

These are the simple steps that crypto users and interested investors can use to claim and withdraw their Trust Wallet Token TWT before the deadline.

List of Free Airdrops on Trust Wallet without Fee

Here is a list of free airdrops on the Trust Wallet platform that crypto users and interested investors can claim without gas or network fees.

  • Feg Finance
  • EAO

These are some of the free airdrops that users can participate and earn using the Trust Wallet platform without any fees.

What is your thoughts on airdrops and how to claim trust wallet token airdrop? Share your views and opinion using the comment section.

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