Miami Residential Tower Becomes the Bridge Between Real Estate and Cryptos.

To diversify portfolios better, crypto can be used now for purchasing real estate in the desirable luxury market of Miami. The Crypto market is frequently recognized for its uncertainty. The underlying technologies represent a massive disruption across industries like finance, gaming, and the supply chain. Prices of asset rise and fall alongside changes in regulatory measures and new technology apps.

Most successful investors will agree that investing is balancing high-risk and low-risk assets. It is for reducing loss and maximizing earning potential via diversification. Thus, investors frequently build portfolios. They combine stocks, real estate assets, and digital currencies. It is for ensuring their portfolio is diversified correctly for success.

Keeping this in mind, Greybrook and PMG partnered with FTX US. It is a crypto exchange platform. It was for launching The Elser Hotel & Residences Miami, enabling investors to utilize volatile crypto assets. It was purchasing more stable real estate property in an accessible way.

Miami Residential Tower

Demand for the luxury building

This summer, The Elser Hotel & Residences launched as a new 49-story luxury condominium. It was built in Downtown Miami. It was located across from the famous FTX Arena. This building includes furnished residences, commercial retail areas, and an excess of selected amenities. Through the owner’s program of the Elser Hotel & Residences managed by Highgate, this property will let owners enter a short-term rental program with every day rental options.

Taking a look closer at only the development, The Elser Hotel & Residences offers all amenities. It includes a double-level spanning of more than 19,000 sq ft deck. It overlooks Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. It is a 132 ft resort-style pool. It has accompanied lounge spaces and a 16 ft poolside LED wall. Also, long-term guests will benefit from co-working areas, fitness studios, modern gyms, a yoga lawn, bike storage, a Jaguar Sun restaurant lounge and bar, and an on-site high-end coffee shop.

They are very excited to launch The Elser Hotel & Residences Miami along with PMG. It was for capturing the solid demand for move-in-ready residences in the market of Downtown Miami. This was mentioned by Greybrook Realty Partners’ CEO, Peter Politis. The rental optionality was short-term. It was available to all owners along with high-caliber tourism, population, and a boom of corporate relocation.

A bridge with a low barrier

The Elser Hotel & Residences Miami proved to be a top-tier investment in real estate. It has a location renowned for being on the list of best luxury real estate. Yet above and beyond, it is a great property. The building also proved itself to be a worthwhile and low-barrier investment. The way this agreement of purchase got organized, buyers internationally are provided an opportunity to buy a condo. Using crypto without the conventional hurdles that come with international exchanges and banks does.

The managing director of PMG, Ryan Shear, saw a massive chance of letting people diversify their crypto assets. It will also easily allow fund transfer into stable physical real estate. They also permitted buyers to accept cryptocurrency and offered a lot more accessible method of doing that and purchasing units. Blockchain and digital currencies hasten the buying process and lower barriers buyers face internationally. It is a primary tool to develop in a developing international city like Miami.

Currently, residences are priced from the $600,000s. Yet they are too available at one equivalent crypto exchange rate through an exclusive agreement with FTX US. It is the only platform that handles crypto conversions for deposits and residential transactions.


There has been a spur on crypto growth. The high-end properties have become more than only an opportunity for investment in Miami’s lucrative real estate market. They also offer users a bridge to diversify from the need for crypto to the real estate market. The Elser Hotel & Residences Miami became a testament. It was for the increasing demand for investments in crypto. It was mainly in Miami. Such partnerships like this keep on being essential to the forward-thinking of Miami and its growth as one epicenter for the crypto industry.


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Miami Residential Tower
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