How to Claim Flare Airdrop on Coinbase

This article will discuss how to claim Flare airdrop on Coinbase. Coinbase is a renowned and most used platform for conducting various crypto-related transactions like buying, selling, and storing different crypto assets.

What is Flare Crypto?

Flare crypto is the native crypto asset of the Flare network, which allows for interoperability between various blockchains with activities and crypto-assets permitted to flow freely. Users of the network use the asset to participate in the platform’s governance.

How to Claim Flare Airdrop on Coinbase
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What Happened to Flare Airdrop?

The Flare airdrop had some issues, and after the announcement in December 2020, the distribution of this crypto asset was delayed many times.

The founder and CEO of the Flare Network, Hugo Philion, had given the XRP community his assurance that the Spark (Flare) Tokens would be equitably distributed to them.

He further noted that the cause of this delay was due to “SongBird,” which is a canary network that is vital in testing the system and structure of the Flare Network.

The CEO specified that this network was undergoing some upgrades, including adding two final protocols before the Flare Tokens would be launched and distributed.

Philion added that the Flare Network has communicated with diverse exchanges to get the full details of what they are expected to do to distribute this token after the scheduled upgrades.

Spark Airdrop Countdown

Spark tokens airdrop, which was announced in December 2020, had several issues which delayed the distribution and had some investors snd traders worried about the airdrop.

But it is said that investors and traders who completed the provided activities and submitted their details on the network were credited with their share of the spark token in March 2022.

Despite the distribution, these airdrops were not given in full as the handlers of these airdrops have specified that they will be distributed in bits over 25 to 34 months from which the airdrop was launched.

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How to Claim Flare Airdrop on Coinbase

It is known that Coinbase has already voiced their support that they will help facilitate the future disbursement of these spark tokens (Flare network’s asset to be airdropped).

To be eligible for this airdrop, one must be a, Coinbase Pro, or Coinbase Prime user.

If you are already participating in the airdrop, there would not be any need to engage in any activity to receive these tokens. But to qualify to claim the Flare airdrop on Coinbase, you must be a holder of “XRP” in your crypto account.

The Coinbase wallet app would not support spark airdrop, so you need to have a suitable wallet to claim these airdrop and not miss out.

The major thing to bear in mind is that you need to be an active user of the Coinbase platform and a holder of a reasonable amount of XRP.

Claiming Flare airdrop on Coinbase is ideal for taking early and fast steps into a new project.

Since Coinbase has provided support for this airdrop, it is a good sign that the token could become a leading asset in the crypto market.

We hope this article will provide the needed information on claiming the airdrop. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to learn how to claim Flare airdrop on Coinbase:

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