How To Calculate Returns On Stocks?

Everyone in the stock market focuses on one particular goal: profit.

Without facing profit, an investor would not like to deal with the investment market for a long time. But do you know that investments are subject to market risk, and in the investment dictionary, the word “guarantee” does not exist?

Well, we can describe profit as a reasonable rate of return in the investment market. Stock prices are constantly changing over time. When there is no certain time limit, you might experience different stock prices for the same security in the blink of an eye.

Stocks are the most vulnerable and risky investment process. Among other things, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and stocks are always at a higher risk, and thus they are more profitable compared to other investment options available in the market.

Investing in stocks is both high risk and opportunities, and thus, people like to take risks to get better returns. Return on investment is the main focus of the investors, including the total return, and here we will try to let you understand the calculations of returns on stocks.

Investment decisions are needed to take through proper calculations. For instance, if you are interested in forex funding, it’s better to understand the value of different currencies in the market. The same goes for stocks, and if you do not calculate the value of stocks before investments, you will not have any idea about their particular returns.

You can use a proper trading calculator to ensure the fact that you are efficient with the calculation of your stock trading process.

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What Is Return On Investment (ROI)?

Calculations regarding investment are inextricably related to each other. When you are finding a safe zone for the stock investment, it’s better to go with proper calculations. Here we will provide you with some prominent calculations that will ultimately help you to understand your stock investment position and the position of the company as well.

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ROI is an interesting factor that is denoted as Return on investment in the investment industry. If you talk about the risk, you can measure that through ROI as well.

Well, it is a performance measurement process to insulate and evaluate the returns of any investment made.

For instance, if you are investing in stocks, you will need to first understand what ROI the company is providing you. Depending on that ROI, you will be able to calculate the return you are going to get at the end of a year if that phrase stays stable.

However, we can measure ROI with percentage or ratio. It helps to compare and evaluate the financial instruments and assets of a company. For instance, if a company possesses a 6% ROI, then you need to understand that you will get an annual return on investment of 6%.

Calculation Of Return On Investment

The simplest form of calculation for ROI is like this:

ROI = Net Return on Investment/ cost of investment * 100%

Calculating the stocks through this calculation method is super easy. For instance, if you have invested in Tesla (TSLA) with $100 and then the company picked a 10% hike in their share price, then at the end of the year, you will get $110. This means the return on investment was 10%.

On the other hand, you can also calculate Return on Investment in different ways.

Let’s check out another popular calculation method.

ROI = (Final value of investment – initial value of investment/ cost of investment) * 100%

Calculating the ROI for stocks is a little more tricky because you will have to consider the changes over time. The value of money will change over time, and here comes the problem.

Well, when you are purchasing dividend-paying stocks, then you will have to consider the dividends paid over time while calculating the ROI.

What Are Total Returns In The Stocks Market?

Investing in stocks is not as easy as you think if you want to make a profit out of it. It depends on various things. For instance, the type of stocks and your nature of investment plays a big role in the calculator and investment of stocks.

Well, Total returns are also exposed through percentages. Understanding the total return is crucial for the stock investment purpose. Here you will need to measure the total profit collected from all sources. For instance, interests, dividends paid, and capital gains over time are the crucial source of profit that you need to calculate.

How To Calculate The Total Return?

Calculating total return is also easy if you can remember and include all the applicable metrics in the calculation. For instance, consider all the dividends and interests.

(End year value of investments – start year value of investment) + dividends/start year value of investment * 100%

Now let’s go for an example. Let’s say you have bought a stock for $7200, and at the end of a year, the worth is now $8,300. It’s time to cherish your position with a $1,100 profit.

Now, let’s say you have also received dividends with a total value of $400.

Now it’s time to calculate your total return.

($8,300 – $7200) + $400/$7200 * 100%

=$1,100 + $400 / $7,200

=0.20 * 100%


This is how you will be able to calculate your total investment in stocks.

Why Is Total Return Important For Investors?

Investments are subject to market risk, and if you want to avoid the risk, you cannot avoid it. There is a lot to explore in the digital world, and one of the best tools is the digital calculator.

The total return is very important for investors because you will have to follow the instances of risks and returns at the same time. When you know the percentage of total return and the return on investment, you will be able to be more accurate with the data of profit probabilities.

So, it’s time to find out the instances of stock trading through calculations and make it your best choice of investment this year.

Well, apart from that, there are simple returns and compound annual growth rates available in the market for calculator purposes. The above-mentioned steps are prominent enough to find better stocks for you through calculations.

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