Where and How to Buy GamingDoge Token – GAMINGDOGE Coin Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

In this article, we will understand all about the GamingDoge token and its price prediction.

Given the success of many tokens and coins in the coin market in recent years, many cryptos have seen significant growth in the crypto world, including significant tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum which has reached a new All-Time High in 2021, and other ones like the meme coins including Dogecpon and Shiba Inu Coin which also hit new All-Time High in the same year.

Investors and crypto users need to understand all about any token or coin which they choose to invest in as this would help them make an informed decision as regards these tokens and also help them put their funds right and avoid running into scam tokens which are also present in the coin market today.

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GamingDoge token is one of such tokens which has seen a significant increase in percentage in the coin market, and this has been reflected and shown in its rice and number of holders and investors.

What Is GamingDoge Token?

The GamingDoge token is a token that hinges on the back of an already successful meme coin, the Dogecoin and tries to do this more dynamically and differently.

Here is some basic information about the GamingDoge token, which is vital for investors to understand:

  • The GamingDoge platform aims to support gamers and crypto users in the coin space by presenting an efficient ecosystem for these gamers and users to help ease transactions and exchanges on platforms.
  • With its unique and peculiar tokenomics, which supports the crypto community, the coin aims to hold together and project the coin even more successful and farther than it already is.
  • This platform will present users with a decentralized system that will enable their transactions with NFT games and the NFT marketplace, therefore only bringing gamers on the decentralized financial system with a platform that meets all their needs.
  • The GamingDoge coin runs on the Binance network, and this means it is a BEP-20 network coin and a strong token in the coin market.

GamingDoge Token Contract Address and Market Cap

Interested investors need to understand all about the tokenomics of any token they have chosen for their investment since the tokenomics of any token is also part of the deciding factors that help determine the coin or token’s appreciation in the market.

Here are the tokenomics of the GamingDoge token:

  • The GamingDoge coin has a total supply of 100 Quadrillion in the coin market.
  • With a rank of #3255 on the CoinMarketCap platform, the token has seen significant growth since its launch in the market.
  • There is a 4% of every buy and sell transaction on the GamingDoge token, which is used as a form of liquidity and added to the PancakeSwap platform. This is one of the exchange platforms that will enable users to purchase this token.
  • Just like many other tokens in the coin market today and their reward system, the GamingDoge token rewards its holders using 1%, which is kept aside for the sole purpose of rewarding any user holding the GamingDoge token.

Price and Contract Address

As of the time of writing this article, the GamingDoge token has risen significantly, and its price is $0.000000000033.

Its contract address is – 0x536627083e216c3cf4476ec504eb51bbd47ca4ac.

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How to Buy GamingDoge Token Step-By-Step Guide  

Though the GamingDoge token has not yet been listed on major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, it can still be purchased through other means, which investors can purchase and store this token in their wallets.

Here is an essential step-by-step guide on how to buy the GamingDoge token:

  • Crypto users and investors can purchase major tokens like the Binance Coin BNB from any major trading and transaction platform like Binance or Coinbase.
  • Once purchased, the user can set up the Trust Wallet App since this is where the transaction and encage will take place.
  • On the Trust Wallet Platform, navigate down to the dApps section of the Trust Wallet App and open it up, scroll down to the PancakeSwap exchange platform. This is the exchange where the BNB will be swapped and exchanged for the GamingDoge token.
  • On the PancakeSwap exchange platform, on the “From” button, select the BNB coin on the list of tokens and then input the number of BNB needed for the transaction.
  • Then on the “To” button, select the GamingDoge token from the list of shown tokens on there. If the GamingDoge token doesn’t appear on the list of shown tokens, go to the CoinMarketCap platform and search for the GamingDige coin and, once shown, scroll down to the part where the contract address of the coin is shown and copy the address.
  • Then go back to the Trust Wallet platform and in the PancakeSwap on the “To” section, paste the contract address on the search panel and once the GamingDoge token appears on the list, click the “import” button to get the coin to show up n the list.
  • After this, set the slippage tolerance and then click the “Swap” button to exchange the BNB for the GamingDoge token.
  • Once done, the BNB will be exchanged for the GamingDoge token and stored in the user’s wallet with no hassles.

This is a simple way through which users and investors can buy and store the GamingDoge token.

Is the GamingDoge Token A Good Investment?   

The GamingDoge token has seen valid growth in the number of holders and investors in recent times, bringing the token to investors’ attention.

It is still essential for investors to understand any token they choose to invest in before putting their funds into this token, as this would help them make better investments and maximize profit.

This would also help investors and crypto users avoid losing their funds to scam tokens, which are all present in today’s coin market, where scam founders leave with their investors’ funds in a term called “Rug-Pull”.

This means that investors must watch out before investing in any token in the coin market.

What is your view on the GamingDoge token and its price prediction? Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section.

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