How and Where to Buy ETH Fan Token

This article will discuss how and where to buy ETH Fan Token. ETH Fan Token is a crypto asset available on the Binance Smart Chain Network that gives users the option to generate dividends from the network.

About ETH Fan Token

Like other Fan Token, which enables users to vote on some decisions, ETH Fan Token gives users the ability to generate dividends.

This crypto asset was announced on December 22, 2021, as a unique asset for those interested in Ethereum Technology.

The project was launched on BEP20 to help users have lesser gas fees on their transactions. The ETH Fan Token was established to bring changes to the crypto world.

Buy ETH Fan Token
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Key Features of ETH Fan Token

• The crypto asset was tested, and an independent technology audit audited its smart contract.

• The liquidity of this crypto asset is locked for five years.

• It is a community-driven project which enables users to vote and express their opinions on decisions relating to the token.

• The smart contract would be launched with an integrated Anti-Bot feature to help protect against dangerous sniper bots.


The smart contract is made to charge different taxes for buyers and sellers. Buyers are taxed 10%, while sellers pay 14% on duplicate transactions.

The ETH reward is 45%/5%, while 1%/2% is assigned for auto liquidity. An addition of 3%/4% is set for marketing and promotion, while 2%/3% is reserved for community development.

This contract shares dividends once a holder makes a purchase. To receive the dividend, one must add the contract address to their wallet.

Their planned application will enable users to claim their dividend share easily. Purchases attract a dividend rate of 4%, while sales attract 5%.

For an investor to be qualified to participate, they must hold a minimum of 200,000 tokens in their wallet.

The token has a supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000, with 22.0% allocated to presale and liquidity, 10% allocated to private sales.

Half of the total supply would be burned while the team takes 6% of the total supply, while 12% goes into marketing.

Where to Buy ETH Fan Token

Investors and traders can purchase the ETH Fan Token from these exchanges.

• Pancake Swap.

• Binance.

• Coinbase.

• FTX.

• Kraken.

• Kucoin.

ETH Fan Token Price

The current price of ETH Fan Token, which is available on coinmarket cap and coingecko, is $0.000000007778.

ETH Fan Token Contract Address

The ETH Fan Token is a crypto-asset currently hosted on Binance Smart Chain Network, and its contract address is 0xB7bf8F6D7eC93273dF3D593E738B7aE683401adC.

How to Buy ETH Fan Token

Investors and traders looking to buy ETH Fan Token can consider these steps.

• Research on Platforms Where ETH Fan Token Can Be Purchased

The first step is to find the list of exchange platforms where this token can be purchased. You can consider checking on “Coinmarket cap” or “Coingecko,” reliable and trusted places to get information on different crypto assets.

• Select Your Platform

A diverse platform will be presented when you want to purchase the ETH Fan Token; you need to research and decide on the platform best suited to your needs or requirements.

• Create an ETH Fan Token-Compatible Wallet

To purchase ETH Fan Token, you would need some amount of a major crypto asset. You need to open an account that would enable you to store the ETH Fan Token after purchase. Then buy some amount of a major asset you can use for the purchase.

• Make The Purchase

Finally, you would need to transfer the amount of this major asset to the platform of your choice, and there you can exchange it for the ETH Fan Token.

After the swap, ensure to wait for some time before checking to see if it has reflected, and then you can transfer it to your wallet.

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How to Migrate to ETH Fan Token V2

Below are the steps to migrate your ETH Fan Tokens from the V1 platform to V2.

• Visit the Migration Page

To conduct this migration process, investors and traders need to visit the migration website,

• Connect Your Wallet

On the Migration page, you would need to connect your wallet in which you hold the ETH Fan Token to the migration tool.

• Input ETH Fan Token

Once you have connected your wallet to the migration tool, the next thing to do is enter the amount of the ETH Fan Token you intend to migrate and then click on “Migrate.” After you approve the transaction, you will receive your ETH Fan Token in V2.

• Import V2 Contract Address

After conducting the migration, you must import the V2 contract address to access your ETH Fan Token.

ETH Fan Token Website

The official website for the ETH Fan Token is

ETH Fan Token is a crypto asset that offers investors and traders a great chance to invest their funds.

It provides one the ability to generate dividends, which is ideal for investors interested in the ethereum blockchain.

However, it is essential to research and be sure before investing. We hope this article will guide you as you purchase this crypto asset. Kindly visit our comment section for all your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know where and how to buy ETH Fan token:

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