How and Where to Buy Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) & Price Prediction

Like many other cryptocurrencies with the name “Baby,” the Baby Bitcoin is one of such crypto s to hit the market.

For interested investors and crypto users everywhere, it is important to understand some certain information about the Baby Bitcoin:

  • The Baby Bitcoin is a meme coin in general, which makes a strong coin per se as the year 2021 has shown how meme coins have ruled the coin market and their potential
  • The token focuses on rewarding its holders with more coins depending on the transaction and exchanges done on their platform.
  • Also, sentimentally driven to help alleviate poverty, especially child poverty today, the Baby Bitcoin also works towards this goal using its reward pattern for its users worldwide.
  • The baby Bitcoin token is a BEP-20 token; this invariably makes it a Binance token functioning on the Binance blockchain or network.
Baby Bitcoin
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Launch Date

The Baby Bitcoin recently launched has seen a sufficient surge in price, making it a token that has drawn the attention of investors and users in the crypto world.

With the wave of meme coins in the crypto industry in 2021, it is little wonder the Baby Bitcoin has seen a significant increase in price and volume of holders and potentially will keep appreciating as time goes by. You can also check out immediate edge.

Baby Bitcoin Coin Contract Address and Market Cap

The Baby Bitcoin has shown a significant increase in the market. It is important to understand the tokenomics of the project and all about its contract.

Here is some basic tokenomics information about the project:

  • The Baby Bitcoin token has a total supply of 1 Quadrillion, i.e., 1,000,000,000,000,000.
  • 5% of every transaction carried out on the token is retained, where 3% goes to liquidity basically to pancakes was, and 2% is redistributed to the token holders.
  • This way, the reward program of the token continues smoothly.
  • As of writing this article, the Baby Bitcoin token has 31,439 holders and many more transfers.

Price and Contract Address

The Baby Bitcoin continues to increase in percentage rise on CoinMarketCap and other coin platforms.

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the Baby Bitocin is $0.00 with a rank of #2813.

The Baby Bitcoin contract address is – 0x5b0dfe077b16479715c9838eb644892008abbfe6.

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How to Buy Baby Bitcoin on Pancakeswap

Since the Baby Bitcoin token has just been launched and has not been listed on major exchanges like Binance, CoinBase, interested investors and users can get the token through other means.

Here is a step by step guide on how to purchase the Baby Bitcoin token and store it in your wallet using pancakeswap for interested investors:

  • To get the Baby Bitcoin token, users should purchase a major coin like the Bitcoin BTC or Binance Coin BNB on major exchanges like Binance or CoinBase.
  • After purchasing this major coin, users can then sign up on Trust Wallet or Metamask, where they can store their Baby Bitcoin token.
  • When completed with the sign-up, users can simply withdraw the already purchased coin, in this case, BTC or BNB, to the Trust Wallet app and move on to the next step.
  • When the BNB has been successfully withdrawn into the Trust Wallet app, it is time to purchase the Baby Bitcoin token.
  • Simply go to the DApps section of the app, scroll down to pancakeswap, on the “From” section, select the coin withdrawn to the Trust Wallet, in this case, the BNB, and input how much of the user wants to swap.
  • In the “To” section, paste the contract address of the Baby Bitcoin token on the search bar and import the token into the wallet if it is not already on the wallet.
  • Once successful with all this, simply click swap, and the BNB withdrawn to the Trust Wallet will be swapped for Baby Bitcoin token and stored in your wallet.

These are the simple steps required to purchase and store the baby Bitcoin in the user wallet using pancakeswap.

Is Baby Bitcoin Coin a Good Investment?

Given its spike in the number of holders and transactions and its growing percentage on the CoinMarketCap, the Baby Bitcoin token shows some good prospects going onto the future.

This is a token definitely worth the attention of investors and crypto users everywhere since meme coins and tokens have ruled most of the year.

The Baby Bitcoin coin has some worthwhile potential, and investors can key in to make profits given the volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

What do you think about the Baby Bitcoin token? Share your opinion and views using the comment section.

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