Walken Announces New Roadmap Target to Boost its Community

In an effort to maintain its trajectory toward sustainable growth, developing momentum, and significant overall growth, the team behind the move-to-earn player game Walken, has released its most recent plan, according to a statement from the company.

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Key Highlights

  • Move-to-earn game Walken has announced new roadmap goals, which make its platform even more efficient and user-friendly.
  • The platform aims to help users enjoy a healthy lifestyle while having fun and earning rewards.
  • Other new features like CAThletes allow users to win various in-game battles by improving their athletes using gems.

New game modes, increased social interaction features, and new collaborations are all included in the updated plan, designed to accelerate the platform’s overall growth.

The platform will soon be updated with the new changes announced on Monday. Users will benefit from a more enjoyable and sustainable platform that gives them the chance to live a healthy lifestyle and earn cryptocurrency.


One of Walken’s key objectives is allowing gamers to keep their healthy routines while combining pleasure and sustainability. With thousands of people utilizing the app daily across the globe, the platform has given rise to its own community and developing ecosystem.

Walken revealed its most recent roadmap to further assure sustainability and satisfaction throughout the community in response to the increasing number of users.

The updated roadmap, which has seven additional languages, offers stronger localization support. In addition, the 60 million community-generated tokens can be used to reinvest in Walken and add value to the community.

Another important feature includes a rating system that shows a player’s participation and accomplishments is one of the key additional features. There is also a dedicated referral scheme with bonuses and an ambassador program that will aid regional communities.

Walken will also launch a Wheel of Fortune to reward active users of iOS and Android apps. To promote collaboration within its community, the move-to-earn platform also plans to develop new game modes, including tournaments and new race modes, and features for social engagement, like friend chats.

In the coming months, Walken will also release a game that uses the CAThletes, the NFT characters employed across the Walken ecosystem. Currently, under development, the game will be released separately, allowing players to improve their CAThletes by collecting gems. Walking yields gems that can be used to increase the NFT characters’ strength, speed, and stamina, which is beneficial in in-game battles.

All phases of the roadmap will enable Walken to maintain the current pace of its ecosystem growth and maybe even surpass it. A big, vibrant community that embodies the fundamental principles of Web3 technology is the most crucial component of the ecosystem.

Walken’s Development over the Years

The Walken game platform debuted in 2022 and links real-world athletic/sports competition with cryptocurrency earning opportunities. With the use of blockchain technology and its WLKN tokens, the rapidly expanding app seeks to make leading a healthier lifestyle more fun for users.

These changes will make it possible for Walken to maintain its amazing growth, particularly through expanding its community. The platform may be on its way to becoming one of the biggest gaming platforms in the Web3 sector because the firm’s aims and the new roadmap’s vision are so closely linked.

Along with the new proposed approach, Walken also provided data on the in-game economy that illustrates the platform’s phenomenal growth and the recent extension of its ecosystem. The Walken Android app has become the largest Walken app presently, with over 7,000 new unique daily users. In contrast, iOS contributes to over 1,000 new daily users after a strong start in the user growth of its iOS version.

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