The Price of Terra Luna Skyrocketed. What does the future hold? [Evidence-Based Prediction]

Over the past weeks, the cryptocurrency market saw down arrows and red charts. While these show the behaviour of the market in general, one cryptocurrency has been topping the headlines of almost every crypto-related article and news: the Terra Luna

However, after weeks of unstable and low values, this crypto showed positive indicators,and the moment its investors had been waiting for it has finally arrived – the price of Terra Luna skyrocketed. With that, the question of what the future hold arises. Check out these evidence-based predictions of what will happen with this crypto.

Price of Terra Luna

Cryptocurrency: Terra Luna

Terra Luna was launched by Terraform Labs, a company established by a South Korean programmer and entrepreneur Do Kwon, in 2018. With the various cryptocurrencies in the market right now, it’s perfectly acceptable if you hadn’t heard of this crypto before it dominated the crypto world in recent weeks. According to the Ahrefs keyword tool, at least 500 people search on Google per month about this cryptocurrency.

Since its development, Terra Luna has shown great features, which is why many people didn’t hesitate to invest in this cryptocurrency. It follows a proof-of-stake blockchain and has a faster cryptocurrency arrangement than Bitcoin. As of late March 2022, its coin, Luna, is known as the largest decentralized finance token in market capitalization – with a market cap reaching $34 billion. 

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Terra Luna Price History

Terra Luna’s coin – LUNAlaunched with a value of $1.31 in 2019 but did not last long. It then suffered a downward trajectory for the first 18 months and kept recording new lows such as $0.21 in December 2019 and dipping even lower to $0.12 in March 2020. In August 2020, Terra announced that its coin would be listed on the platform Binance so users could stake their LUNA coins from August – this led to the increased value of $0.33.

However, it was not long before the value of LUNA dipped again, where it fell back to $0.32. In the first months of 2021, the coin started showing bullish behaviors. On February 9, it reached $6.44 and has gained a constant increase in the next months, hitting $34.96 in August. But in September, it crashed again to a closing price of $27.79.

Future Of Terra Luna

Due to its history, experts have made price predictions regarding Terra Luna – some of them may seem excessively bullish. Despite the crypto’s best efforts to future-proof the blockchain, its price crash has given investors a glimpse of Terra’s native coin. Check out the predictions of various experts below.


According to Coincodex, the value of Terra Luna is predicted to drop by -100.00% and reach $0.0000000001 by June 14, 2022. Following their technical indicators, Luna’s current sentiment is Bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index shows Extreme Fear for Luna. Terra recorded 23% green days, 7 out of 30 days, with 369.23% price volatility over the last 30 days. Based on their forecast, now is a bad time to buy Terra Luna.

Digital Coin Price

Based on Digital Coin Price data, Terra ranks #220 with a price of $0.0000620 in the crypto-verse. As of today, its market capitalization is at $406.22 million. In the last 24 hours, the value decreased by -15.02%, and over the last month, the price has decreased by -100.00%. As a result, the given values could change daily, and based on their current values, it’s predicted that by the next months, Terra Luna would have a minimum price of $0.0000760 and a maximum price of $0.0000873.

Price Prediction

The crypto prediction from shows that a resurgence is not likely and that cryptocurrency will only have an average price point of $0.0005 in 2025. Terra is expected to see a gradual climb, hit $0.002 in 2028, and reach $0.004 in 2030.


TechNewsLeader predicts Terra Luna can reach a high of $0.0002 in a year. Its price prediction projects Terra will reach above $0.0008 in 2027 and reach $0.005 by 2031. This is according to the latest data gathered regarding the current price of Terra Luna, its market cap, and the decline in its current values.

Economy Watch

The price prediction of Economy Watch to Terra Luna is much more optimistic. Based on the data gathered, the Luna may climb to a valuation of $100 by 2025. The site mentioned that by 2030, more of society will be blockchain-based, resulting in Luna’s value reaching $150.

Terra Luna: 2022 Prediction Overview

After hitting an all-time high, the recent value changes and downtrend of Terra Luna have shocked the crypto world, especially investors who had this coin in their portfolios. Terra Luna’s value showed struggle in maintaining its high value, which was true as the price trend of the coin went down. While the prices of this coin have shown an initial downtrend, its value has skyrocketed once againExperts predict that a minimum price of $0.0000925 is expected for the year 2022, and Terra Luna may reach the $0.0001 mark in the third quarter of the year, attaining a maximum price of $0.000314.


The cryptocurrency world is constantly changing and developing, which means nothing is certain. Coins that initially saw success can quickly become irrelevant, while some coins that didn’t make an impact at the beginning may be late bloomers. The former is the case with Luna – this stable coin has been going up and down in the market for weeks. After suffering from great declines, its value has skyrocketed, leaving experts to make predictions based on the data shown by its recent charts. As with other assets, any investment decision should be based on your attitude to risk, expertise, and goals.

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Price of Terra Luna
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