The Countdown is on: When will Vechain be Listed on Coinbase?

Vechain (VEN) is one of the most anticipated digital assets yet to be listed on Coinbase. Its listing date has been delayed for a while now without any announcements from the company.

It seems like this is a hot topic amongst all crypto enthusiasts and investors. So, what’s going on? Is Vechain being deliberately withheld from the public?

Why does it seem to take so long for Vechain to get listed on Coinbase? Read on to find out!

What is Vechain?

Vechain is a public blockchain platform that aims to help enterprises implement effective supply chain management.

The company has an impressive list of partnerships with governments, global companies, and telecommunications companies. Vechain’s cryptocurrency is VET.

Vechain be Listed on Coinbase

Why Vechain Needs to be Listed on Coinbase?

Coinbase is the largest and most widely used cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The company has a strict process for adding new digital assets to its platform, including meeting strict criteria. Coinbase also lists tokens that have been declared as securities by the SEC.

In the case of Vechain, it doesn’t seem like this criteria is being met according to Coinbase’s standards. Coinbase may be deliberately holding off on announcing the listing date because of regulatory concerns.

If Vechain is not listed on Coinbase, it won’t be possible for investors to buy VEN with fiat currency – limiting their ability to invest in one of the hottest cryptocurrencies today.

As a result, there is a countdown on when Vechain will finally be listed on Coinbase.

When Will Vechain Get Listed on Coinbase?

Coinbase, the leading trading exchange for cryptocurrencies in the U.S., is a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies and has been on a spree of listing new coins when they’re in demand.

Coinbase is adding digital assets based on user demand. Recently, Coinbase announced that it is exploring options to add Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and 0x (ZRX). 

But what about Vechain? The company seems to be in a good position to get listed on Coinbase.

Their goals coincide with those of Coinbase in terms of decentralization and their goal of becoming the world’s leading blockchain-powered business ecosystem – connecting blockchain technology to the real world by providing smart contract capability and interoperability with all other public blockchains.

Since last year, the cryptocurrency community has been eagerly waiting for Vechain’s listing on Coinbase.

So why does it seem that we’ll have to wait for some more time before we see them on the popular trading platform?

One reason could be that there are regulatory hurdles involved with listing Vechain. There’s also speculation that Vechain’s token, VEN, could be at risk of being delisted from Binance and even Bitfinex because it doesn’t meet their criteria for independence from centralized institutions like banks or governments. 

However, it is good news for investors that talks are going on between governmental bodies.


Vechain is a blockchain project that aims to build a new foundation for trust and value through a distributed ledger platform. Vechain is the world’s leading public blockchain platform that utilizes a proprietary cross-chain protocol to connect blockchains and transfer assets on the Vechain network.

Currently, Vechain has more than 20 partnerships with companies and organizations and is one of the most used public blockchains globally. Vechain aims to empower organizations to build, distribute, and manage their digital assets securely on a decentralized blockchain platform. 

For Coinbase to add Vechain, it will have to be one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market. Although Vechain’s price has been downward this year, many believe it will be listed in 2021.


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Vechain be Listed on Coinbase
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