5 Best Stock Market Simulator Game For Students To Learn Stock Trading

This article will introduce a stock market simulator game that can be used by students to learn about the stock market. The game is available on a website and it is easy to use. The user can choose to play with real money or fake money.

stock market simulator game for students

List 0f 5 Best Stock Market Simulator Games For Students

We recommend the five best stock market simulator games for students. The games are educational and allow students to learn about the basics of stock trading.

They are also fun to play and can help young investors develop skills that will help them succeed in the market.

 1. NinjaTrader

It was founded by the US in 2003, NinjaTrader is a trading simulation that comes with every tool you’d want.

The platform has very low fees for trading, and a fully-equipped desktop application and education resources for traders who are new to the market.

The primary benefits:

  • Lets traders take their current trading strategy and apply it to the historical data
  • Users can analyze their strategies in relation to historical and current market conditions
  • comes with useful tools like intuitive charts, an extensive range of indicators, trading algorithms, screeners for stocks cryptocurrency trading

Cost: Advanced charting is free strategy backtesting, strategy backtesting, as well as trade simulation. Options for buying and leasing are also available with more advanced options.

 2 . How the Market Works

How the Market works is a totally free online game on the stock market where you can open an account, select the amount you’d like to invest to invest, and start trading from the beginning.

You’ll be able to play trading games with your buddies and gain knowledge along the way by using the additional education products available.

The primary benefits:

  • Perfect for classrooms or for a little friendly rivalry
  • A fun and exciting introduction to the market for stocks
  • specifically created for the ‘new trader’. Highly accessible
  • Provides market analysis functions and a wealth of instructional resources

Note: Market Works is only traded in ETFs and stocks. (or ETFs).

Cost: Free

If you’re looking for an application that truly turns trading into a game then this is the platform to choose.

3. Market Watch

Market Watch users can trade stocks, earn money, and compete with other users to earn a spot at the top of the leaderboard.

You’ll be able to trade stocks in your portfolio virtual and plan in real-time with other players of the discussion groups that are provided to play the game.

The primary benefits:

  • Test your abilities against co-workers, colleagues and your friends
  • includes instruments for charting analysis, indicators advanced trading, customized games, watchlists, and even news
  • Utilize the screener for stocks to check the market prior to and after hours.

Cost: Free

4.  Warrior Trading

The Warrior Trading Paper Trading Simulator is a fantastic tool for students looking to test trading using digital currency.

Users are able to trade USA Equities Markets and the US Options Market without the danger of losing money in real-time.

The primary benefits:

  • Experience the real-world trading experience
  • Check your overall strategy for trading with an in-depth report feature
  • Follow your progress using a specific analysis
  • Check out how your current strategy might be able to do in the real-world trading setting
  • Option for group trader mentoring

Warrior trading is very flexible and ideal for traders of all levels especially newbies to trading.

Cost: Free introduction course that is completed with either of the two membership plans that include Warrior Starter as well as Warrior Pro.

5. Bear Bull Traders Simulator

The trading simulator guides you through the entire process you need to know in order to become a successful market trader by providing educational resources, classes as well as the simulation itself.

The major benefits are:

  • Fully customizable – tailor the experience to suit your needs and knowledge
  • Explore a variety of tools, including charting and an extensive collection of indicator
  • Increase your confidence by taking education classes

Cost: 7-day trial drive for $39

5 Best Trading Platforms For Students    

We’ve outlined five great trading platforms for students. Decide which one is best for you and get started with your trading career today.

1. Fidelity – Best overall for beginners

Fidelity is among the most comprehensive brokerages at present, offering no commissions on ETF, stock, or options trades, and an array of low-cost index funds.

Fidelity is the top overall option for people who are just beginning to learn. They have a broad range of products and offer 24-hour customer support.


  • Commission-free stocks, ETFs as well as options trading.
  • Wide range of research companies.
  • Strong customer service.
  • Expense-ratio-free index funds.
  • Mobile app that is highly rated. application.


  • A relatively high broker-assisted trade fee.

2. TD Ameritrade – Excellent Education

TD Ameritrade is an excellent educational program that provides access to the most recent investment options and services. 

If you are a registered user you also have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive offers and discounts on classes. With the many benefits to the educational program offered, TD Ameritrade is an ideal choice for anyone seeking expert advice on investing.


  • Extensive educational programming for beginner investors
  • A well-designed web platform and mobile apps
  • A wide range of investment and trading platforms as well as options for all kinds of traders and investors


  • TD Ameritrade does not provide fractional shares
  • More account fees and fund fees than rivals
  • Uninvested cash cannot be immediately swept into a money market fund

3. E*TRADE– Best For Ease Of Use

It is a great platform for trading. The etrade platform is simple to use and offers great advantages to investors. It’s the ideal option for online traders people who are looking for the convenience of using it with ease.


  • Easy-to-use tools.
  • Large investment selection.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Access to vast research.
  • Advanced mobile application.
  • Stock, options, commission-free, or ETF transactions.


  • Websites aren’t always easy to find.

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4. Merrill Edge – Best Client Experience

Merrill Edge offers the best customer experience available from any broker online. The site is simple to navigate, and the tools are extensive. 

They offer a variety of investment options and offer prompt updates on account status and performance.


  • Research from reputable third parties.
  • Integrated with Bank of America.


  • Advanced traders could have fewer options for securities.

5. Webull – Best Investor Community

I believe that Webull is the most reputable investor community that exists. It offers excellent resources and assistance to its members, and its founders are ready to assist anyone in need. 

I would strongly suggest signing up if looking for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to expand your portfolio.


  • There are no commissions on ETFs, stocks, or options
  • Simple account creation and options approval There are no charges or minimums
  • Free real-time streaming quotes
  • Simple to use platforms with great tools and content
  • access to late hours as well as trading before the market


  • There is no income from excess cash
  • Possible denial of execution due to the payment to the flow of orders (PFOF)
  • A limited set of tools to manage portfolios
  • Access is not available to fixed-income mutual funds, fixed-income foreign exchange, fixed income, and futures market


Is stock Market Good For Students?

The market for stocks is an excellent method for students to start in investing and understand the financial aspects. 

There are numerous tools and resources that can aid them in making educated decisions and be successful in the stock market.

 However, prior to investing, it is essential to conduct their own research and speak with a knowledgeable financial advisor.

How do College Students Start Investing?    

In actuality, there are a variety of options to invest your money. But, when it comes to investing for students in college, these options are likely the most effective.


You can begin investing in your college education with an IRA.

The U.S., two great choices include two options: the Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA.

If you have the Roth IRA, you pay taxes on the income you earn. But when your money is placed inside an Roth IRA, it grows tax-free. In general, the earlier you get started your Roth IRA, the more sensibly an investment in a Roth IRA makes.


Another method to start investing in the college system is to utilize an online brokerage.

Online brokers assist in the purchase and sale of stocks and bonds.


Another option to invest in your college is to use the bank you use.

It is also extremely practical for those who already have a history and an account in your banking institution, the town where you go to school in has a bank close to the campus.


One thing you can do when you’re in college is to make investments in yourself by purchasing an asset that can generate income.


This stock market simulator game is a great way for students to learn about the stock market and how it works. It is also a fun way for them to spend some time and have some fun. This game can help students learn about stocks, the markets, and investing.

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