Starbucks Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025 -2030

Is it better to buy, hold, or sell Starbucks stock right now? What is the Starbucks stock forecast for 2023, 2024, and 2030? Why is Starbucks stock struggling? Please read on for more details about Starbucks. Technical and fundamental analyses, background news, the global geopolitical environment, as well as other factors were all taken into consideration.

Starbucks Stock Forecast
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What Is Starbucks Stock?

Starbucks Corporation is a Seattle, Washington-based American chain of coffee shops and roasteries. It is the biggest chain of coffee shops in the world; the corporation had 33,833 stores as of November 2021 in 80 countries, with 15,444 being in the United States.

Starbucks Corp. produces, markets, and sells gourmet coffee in stores. Americas, China/Asia Pacific (CAP), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Channel Development make up its four operating segments.

Through company-oriented stores and licensed stores, the Americas, CAP, and EMEA segments sell and provide coffee and other beverages, complementing the food, packaged coffees, single-serve coffee items, and a specialized variety of goods.

Sales of packaged coffee, tea, and ready-to-drink beverages to clients outside the company’s owned and authorized outlets are included in the segment for channel development. Seattle’s Best, Evolution Fresh, Teavana, and Tazo Tea are some of the company’s brands. On November 4, 1985, Jerry Baldwin and Howard D. Schultz established Starbucks, which has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2023

DatePrice TargetChange
2023 Jan.$125.95-4.48%
2023 Feb.$118.56-5.84%
2023 Mar.$110.85-6.51%
2023 Apr.$103.81-6.36%
2023 May.$99.46-4.18%
2023 Jun.$97.53-1.95%
2023 Jul.$98.471.01%
2023 Aug.$102.233.81%
2023 Sep.$106.904.54%
2023 Oct.$110.223.11%
2023 Nov.$111.080.78%
2023 Dec.$109.82-1.13%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2024

DatePrice TargetChange
2024 Jan.$107.10-2.44%
2024 Feb.$103.58-3.32%
2024 Mar.$99.71-3.75%
2024 Apr.$96.10-3.62%
2024 May.$93.08-3.13%
2024 Jun.$90.71-2.52%
2024 Jul.$88.96-1.95%
2024 Aug.$85.94-3.39%
2024 Sep.$77.33-9.96%
2024 Oct.$65.65-15.13%
2024 Nov.$63.25-3.67%
2024 Dec.$66.054.42%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2025

DatePrice TargetChange
2025 Jan.$78.2318.45%
2025 Feb.$78.330.13%
2025 Mar.$64.93-17.8%
2025 Apr.$55.35-14.75%
2025 May.$72.7331.40%
2025 Jun.$73.791.44%
2025 Jul.$71.9-3.65%
2025 Aug.$67.03-5.70%
2025 Sep.$62.13-7.29%
2025 Oct.$34.11-45.9%
2025 Nov.$29.94-12.19%
2025 Dec.$27.32-8.83%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2026

DatePrice TargetChange
2026 Jan.$28.133.05%
2026 Feb.$31.7512.93%
2026 Mar.$35.9513.17%
2026 Apr.$38.727.67%
2026 May.$38.930.63%
2026 Jun.$36.75-5.71%
2026 Jul.$32.76-10.84%
2026 Aug.$28.32-13.53%
2026 Sep.$24.33-14.9%
2026 Oct.$21.21-12.73%
2026 Nov.$18.87-11.14%
2026 Dec.$17.51-7.10%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2027

DatePrice TargetChange
2027 Jan.$17.05-2.61%
2027 Feb.$17.321.56%
2027 Mar.$18.174.93%
2027 Apr.$19.648.11%
2027 May.$21.529.52%
2027 Jun.$23.368.50%
2027 Jul.$25.077.42%
2027 Aug.$26.626.08%
2027 Sep.$27.604.38%
2027 Oct.$28.292.15%
2027 Nov.$28.32-0.17%
2027 Dec.$27.73-2.08%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2028

DatePrice TargetChange
2028 Jan.$26.98-2.73%
2028 Feb.$26.28-2.56%
2028 Mar.$25.75-2.01%
2028 Apr.$25.37-1.45%
2028 May.$25.16-0.85%
2028 Jun.$25.01-0.55%
2028 Jul.$24.87-0.54%
2028 Aug.$24.71-0.75%
2028 Sep.$24.43-1.03%
2028 Oct.$24.11-1.27%
2028 Nov.$23.76-1.43%
2028 Dec.$23.41-1.56%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2029

DatePrice TargetChange
2029 Jan.$23.01-1.70%
2029 Feb.$22.60-1.67%
2029 Mar.$22.27-1.46%
2029 Apr.$22.01-1.08%
2029 May.$21.87-0.64%
2029 Jun.$21.85-0.14%
2029 Jul.$21.920.31%
2029 Aug.$22.080.70%
2029 Sep.$22.300.98%
2029 Oct.$22.541.14%
2029 Nov.$22.821.23%
2029 Dec.$23.121.25%

Starbucks Stock Forecast For 2030

DatePrice TargetChange
2030 Jan.$23.421.21%
2030 Feb.$23.671.16%
2030 Mar.$23.971.25%
2030 Apr.$24.361.61%
2030 May.$24.912.25%
2030 Jun.$25.652.94%
2030 Jul.$26.553.52%
2030 Aug.$27.634.06%
2030 Sep.$28.964.80%
2030 Oct.$30.655.80%
2030 Nov.$32.796.96%
2030 Dec.$35.438.04%

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Is Starbucks a buy, hold or sell?

The general opinion is to buy Starbucks. The company has a 2.50 average rating score, which is based on 13 buy, 13 hold, and no sell recommendations.

Why is Starbucks stock struggling?

The following things, according to Barish, are putting pressure on the stock: (1) unionization activities at Starbucks locations; (2) opposition to price hikes in China/Omicron restrictions; and (3) some lingering fallout from the fiscal year 2023 guidance reductions mentioned on the 2/1/22 1Q earnings call.

Is Starbucks a Good Investment?

Analysts predict that Starbucks’ overall sales will increase by 10% to $35.6 billion in 2023. However, increasing sales won’t do much good if Starbucks can’t increase its profit margins. According to analysts, the operating margin would increase from 14.8 percent in 2023 to 15.8 percent in 2024.

How has Starbuck Stock Performed In 2023?

On January 1, 2023, Starbucks’ stock was trading at $116.97. SBUX shares have dropped 26.7 percent since then and are currently trading at $85.73.


The company is expecting strong results in its fiscal year 2023-2025, with the fiscal year 2030 looking even better. With solid growth prospects, investors should continue to watch Starbucks Corp. as it enters new markets and strives to improve its customer experience.

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