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Welcome to Seascape CWS Airdrop updates. The Ultimate Game Platform Designed Around the DeFi & NFT Economy powered by the Crowns Token, based on substrate, BSC and ETH.

What is Seascape

Seascape is a blockchain gaming platform focused on building the infrastructure for game developers to create the blockchain games of the future, while giving you back control of your own assets! From ideation to after launch, Seascape is building an ecosystem for incentivizing every on-chain actor using blockchain technology, smart tokenomics, as well as DeFi & NFT economies.

Within the first 6 months of operations, Seascape has already released 4 games across both Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain, with a fifth on the way.

The project is now getting ready to give back the keys, and the power that comes with it, to game developers around the world, as we enter a new era of blockchain gaming.

Key Features of Seascape CWS

  • Game Chains: Any game released on the Seascape Platform will have the option to create their own blockchain with its own set of rules.
  • Cross Chain Bridge: Cross-chain interoperability solution with heavy focus on games. Keep all assets connected to major chains such as Ethereum and Algorand.
  • NFT & Token Dex: Decentralized cross-chain bonding curve market to allow seemless price discovery of digital assets for users and projects
  • NFT Standards: The ultimate cross-chain NFT standard based on Substrate. Designed to optimize usage, trading and gamified DeFi features.
  • Game Store: User-facing game store built with DeFi in mind. Any user can serve as a PoS validator. Monthly gamepasses for users, no fees for game devs.
  • Defi Gamified: Implement gamified aspects of DeFi and traditional finance into games as part of core gameplay. In-game staking, CDP’s and more!

How to Participate in Seascape CWS Airdrop?

seascape cws airdrop

To participate in the giveaway please complete the following: Play to earn, anytime, anywhere! Take back control of your assets and earn while playing some of the highest quality DeFi games around!

Be a part of the crypto revolution that is sweeping the gaming world. Promote and enjoy play-to-earn gaming and join Seascape today!

The top 3,000 participants will receive an allocation of 6,000 CWS worth $50,000 as of August 1.

Stake your tokens and use them in games, farms, and pools to maximize your gains, with some of our users 10X in only 4 months! Want to skip the queue and buy $CWS now?

Head to Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Kucoin, MXC, and more and buy yours today!

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