Samoyed Coin Price Prediction & How to Buy Samoyed Coin

What is Samoyed Coin?

The Samoyed coin is a coin off the Solana blockchain, which has become a sought-after coin of recent owing to its surge in the crypto market.

Since the meme coins have become strong coins regarding the crypto world, it is little wonder the Samoyed coin, which is a meme coin, is getting some significant attention and buzz from investors and users of crypto in the crypto space.

Running on the back of a strong blockchain that has proven itself time and time again on how proficient it is, it is very important to understand the Samoyed coin trends. This can help investors make stable decisions on how to invest their funds.

Samoyed Coin
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Here is some basic information about the Samoyed coin necessary for investors to understand:

  • The Samoyed token is a meme token running on the Solana blockchain, making it a strong token per se.
  • The Samoyed coin is a community-owned token that focuses on making crypto fun and very easy to use for its users and investors.
  • The coin is also inspired by the dog-themed coin Doge hence its name “SAMOYED.” This, in turn, helps its development in the coin market and its appeal to users and investors.
  • Though just a few months old, the Samoyed token has built a strong community of followers and increased price and market cap.
  • The coin is built on the Solana Ecosystem.
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Launch Date

The Samoyed token just launched some months ago has seen a significant increase in its price, market capitalization, number of users, and even its ran on CoinMarketCap, making it a highly prospective coin going into the future.

The coin is expected to keep appreciating and volume of holders and traders as it has some string backings and is built on a strong blockchain ecosystem.

Samoyed Coin Contract Address and Market Cap

The Samoyed token, with its rise, has seen a significant change in its tokenomics as more and more investors show interest in the coin.

Here is some basic information about the tokenomics of the Samoyed token:

  • The Samoyed coin has a total supply of over 10 Billion coins, i.e., 10,298,477,430, and a circulating supply of over 2 Billion, i.e., 2,729,000,000
  • 5.6% of the coin is slated to be released gradually, while 14.4% has been used for rewards and airdrop for early investors and users.
  • 10% of the Samoyed token is used for the marketing and growth of the coin, and another 3% is kept for the core team of the Samoyed token.
  • For burned coins, 2.1% of the coins were burned at launch, and it is said that more than 64% were slated to be burned in the course of 3 events.
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Price and Contract Address

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the Samoyed token is $0.14 and has seen a significant increase over time since its launch.

Samoyed contract address is – 7xKXtg2CW87d97TXJSDpbD5jBkheTqA83TZRuJosgAsU

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Where to Buy Samoyed Coin

Since the Samoyed token is just a few months old, the coin has not been listed on major exchanges and trading platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and others.

But it is essential to also understand that there are some other exchanges and trading platforms where the Samoyed coin can still be purchased and stored by Investors and users.

Here are some of the exchanges and platforms where users can purchase the Samoyed coin:

  • Bittrue
  • LBank
  • AEX
  • AAX
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These are some of the exchanges where the Samoyed token can be bought and traded with ease.

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Is Samoyed Coin a Good Investment?

Since its launch over time, the Samoyed coin SAMO has seen significant growth and rise in the crypto market owing to the strong ecosystem and blockchain on which it runs.

The Samoyed coin is predicted to keep growing in the coin market and is predicted to build a good price and get listed on major exchanges and trading platforms as time goes on.

What are your thoughts on the Samoyed coin SAMO? Share your ideas and thoughts on the Samoyed coin and other cryptocurrencies using the comment section.

Samoyed Coin
Samoyed Coin

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