$RUNE Coin Price Prediction: Is Rune a Good Investment?

Welcome to Coindecimal $RUNE Coin Price Prediction and fundamental analysis. $RUNE is the official token of THORchain.

What Is THORChain (RUNE)?

rune coin price prediction

THORCHain is a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows users to easily exchange cryptocurrency assets across a range of networks without losing full custody of their assets in the process.

With THORChain, users can simply swap one asset for another in a permission less setting, without needing to rely on order books to source liquidity. Instead, market prices are maintained through the ratio of assets in a pool.

The native utility token of the THORChain platform is RUNE.

This is used as the base currency in the THORChain ecosystem and is also used for platform governance and security as part of THORChain’s Sybil resistance mechanisms — since THORChain nodes must commit a minimum of 1 million RUNE to participate in its rotating consensus process.

THORChain was funded through an initial DEX offering (IDO) which launched through the Binance DEX in July 2019.

Its mainnet originally launched in January 2021, but a multi-chain upgrade is currently scheduled for 2021.

Who Are the Founders of THORChain?

According to an official representative of THORChain, the platform has no CEO, no founder and no directors. Instead, the further development of the platform is organized through Gitlab.

On top of this, those currently working on the project are largely anonymous. Again, an official representative of THORChain states that this is to “protect the project and ensure that it can decentralize.”

A tweet by the project sheds some light on the theory behind maintaining a project with an anonymous team, as quoted below:

“-> Developers work for the Nodes, by shipping code that makes the system more valuable.

-> Nodes work for the Stakers, by securing assets and being online.

-> Stakers bring capital, placed on-market for the Swappers.

-> Swappers pay fees, bringing economic activity.”

What Makes THORChain Unique?

THORChain uses a unique system to help mitigate the issue of “impermanent losses” — or the often temporary losses that a liquidity provider can experience when contributing to liquidity pools.

It achieves this by using a slip-based fee to help ensure liquidity stays where it is needed.

On top of this, THORChain combines a range of novel technologies, including on-way state pegs, a state machine, the Bifröst Signer Module and a TSS protocol to seamlessly facilitate cross-chain token swaps.

This is all kept behind the scenes, making the platform accessible to even inexperienced traders.

The platform isn’t profit-oriented. All fees generated by the protocol go directly to the users, and there are no provisions for the team.

Instead, the team is incentivized by simply holding RUNE — just like everyone else.

The RUNE token is currently available on multiple blockchains, including Binance Chain (as a BEP-2 token) and Ethereum (as an ERC-20 token).

How Many RUNE Coins Are There in Circulation?

As of February 2021, there are 158.4 million RUNE in circulation out of a total supply of 500 million.

As we touched on earlier, THORChain initially launched following an IEO on the Binance DEX. As part of the IEO, 20 million RUNE were sold. Prior to this, a total of 130 million RUNE were sold in earlier funding rounds.

According to the official Binance DEX proposal, 10% of the total supply (50 million tokens) was allocated to the team, and locked until the launch of the mainnet — unlocking at 20% per month thereafter.

THORChain currently has an emission curve starting at 30% APR. This is scheduled to target around 2% APR after ten years.

How Is the THORChain Network Secured?

THORChain is built using the Cosmos SDK and is powered by the Tendermint consensus mechanism.

This keeps the network safe from attacks through a novel BFT proof-of-stake (PoS) system that sees a large number of validators work together to propose and finalize blocks of transactions.

Beyond this, THORChain’s smart contracts have been audited by several third-party security firms, including one by Certik — which found no vulnerabilities.

Where Can You Buy THORChain (RUNE)?

RUNE is a popular cryptocurrency that is available to purchase and trade on a large number of both centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.

The most prominent of these are Binance (centralized) and SushiSwap (decentralized).

As of February 2021, the vast majority of RUNE trading pairs are crypto/crypto pairs.

However, RUNE can be bought with Korean won (KRW) on ProBit Exchange and US dollars (USD) on FTX.

Rune Coin Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jun 2021$217.13 USD67.37 %
Jul 2021$218.24 USD68.23 %
Aug 2021$189.98 USD46.45 %
Sep 2021$208.64 USD60.83 %
Oct 2021$209.52 USD61.51 %
Nov 2021$191.1 USD47.31 %
Dec 2021$171.49 USD32.19 %

Rune Coin Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$246.57 USD90.07 %
Feb 2022$222.3 USD71.36 %
Mar 2022$235.59 USD81.6 %
Apr 2022$225.98 USD74.2 %
May 2022$198.2 USD52.78 %
Jun 2022$231.46 USD78.42 %
Jul 2022$219.57 USD69.26 %
Aug 2022$212.98 USD64.17 %
Sep 2022$255.22 USD96.74 %
Oct 2022$212.11 USD63.5 %
Nov 2022$257.43 USD98.44 %
Dec 2022$251.71 USD94.03 %

Rune Coin Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$286.34 USD120.73 %
Feb 2023$286.52 USD120.87 %
Mar 2023$224.58 USD73.12 %
Apr 2023$275.37 USD112.27 %
May 2023$321.53 USD147.85 %
Jun 2023$323.36 USD149.27 %
Jul 2023$238.04 USD83.49 %
Aug 2023$253.9 USD95.72 %
Sep 2023$281.31 USD116.85 %
Oct 2023$278.41 USD114.61 %
Nov 2023$228.83 USD76.39 %
Dec 2023$228.41 USD76.07 %

Rune Coin Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$347.92 USD168.2 %
Feb 2024$367.8 USD183.52 %
Mar 2024$353.1 USD172.19 %
Apr 2024$356.05 USD174.46 %
May 2024$322.5 USD148.6 %
Jun 2024$269.82 USD107.99 %
Jul 2024$335.41 USD158.55 %
Aug 2024$358.27 USD176.17 %
Sep 2024$360.55 USD177.93 %
Oct 2024$271.35 USD109.17 %
Nov 2024$294.16 USD126.75 %
Dec 2024$304.76 USD134.92 %

Rune Coin Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$345.76 USD166.53 %
Feb 2025$449.57 USD246.55 %
Mar 2025$385.49 USD197.16 %
Apr 2025$402.71 USD210.43 %
May 2025$407.32 USD213.98 %
Jun 2025$410.23 USD216.23 %
Jul 2025$352.61 USD171.81 %
Aug 2025$447.7 USD245.11 %
Sep 2025$364.98 USD181.35 %
Oct 2025$346.93 USD167.43 %
Nov 2025$336.88 USD159.69 %
Dec 2025$392.03 USD202.2 %

Rune Price Prediction 2026

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2026$482.64 USD272.04 %
Feb 2026$496.39 USD282.64 %
Mar 2026$511.34 USD294.17 %
Apr 2026$391.99 USD202.17 %
May 2026$440.34 USD239.44 %
Jun 2026$430.35 USD231.74 %
Jul 2026$513.92 USD296.16 %
Aug 2026$423.58 USD226.52 %
Sep 2026$466.11 USD259.3 %
Oct 2026$509.61 USD292.83 %
Nov 2026$452.52 USD248.82 %
Dec 2026$469.9 USD262.22 %

Rune Price Prediction 2027

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2027$464.46 USD258.03 %
Feb 2027$501.1 USD286.28 %
Mar 2027$582.32 USD348.88 %
Apr 2027$575.3 USD343.47 %
May 2027$511.37 USD294.19 %
Jun 2027$495.12 USD281.66 %
Jul 2027$510.64 USD293.62 %
Aug 2027$569.37 USD338.9 %
Sep 2027$464.05 USD257.71 %
Oct 2027$545.88 USD320.79 %
Nov 2027$495.43 USD281.91 %
Dec 2027$483.28 USD272.54 %

Rune Coin Price Prediction 2028

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2028$542.03 USD317.82 %
Feb 2028$647.69 USD399.27 %
Mar 2028$532.52 USD310.49 %
Apr 2028$591.01 USD355.58 %
May 2028$615.96 USD374.82 %
Jun 2028$622.84 USD380.12 %
Jul 2028$563.07 USD334.04 %
Aug 2028$624.09 USD381.08 %
Sep 2028$637.38 USD391.32 %
Oct 2028$536.12 USD313.27 %
Nov 2028$525.49 USD305.07 %
Dec 2028$523.15 USD303.27 %

Our predictions are made on the basis of Historical Data. We are not responsible for any profit / loss.

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