Royal Q Trading Bot Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

In this article, you will get my honest review on Royal Q trading bot and guidelines on how to use this trading robot that seems to be performing well in the crypto space.


As you might know little or nothing about Royal Q trading robot, this is a robot most people or professional traders might want to condem because of their MLM kind of system they adopt while promoting the robot.

Does this means Royal Q trading robot a scam?

Read on and get to understand how the platform works…



Is Royal Q Trading Robot A Scam?

From my experience so far, I will say that Royal Q trading robot is never a scam or doesn’t partake in any scam activities as at the time of writing this content.

The way Royal Q trading robot works in just a normal way every crypto or forex trading robot does.

While signing up with the platform, a member is required to join with the sum of $120 USD which is used for the purchase of the trading bot.


After that, you are required send additional $20 which serves as gas fee for your transaction.

Which Exchange Wallet Works with Royal Q Trading Bot?

The trading bot works with two major exchanges which are;

  • Binance
  • Huobi

Royal Q Best Setting to Maximize Profit

The Royal Q bot trading setting is very important as this is what determine your win and loss with the trading tool.


If you want to trade and make good profit daily with Royal Q, it is advisable to have atleast $500 USD in your exchange account and set your First Buy in amount to 15 USTD, Number of strategies to 3 and Profit sharing should remain 1% then you synchronize.

This means that, Royal Q will spend $15 USDT for each trade it opens and will only trade just 3 cryptocurrencies agains USDT.

In a situation whereby you don’t have up to $500 USDT, it is advisable to fund your exchange account with atleast $150 USDT and set your First buy in amount to $15 USDT and number of strategies to 1.

This is the settings I have been using and would also recommend as well.


What is Royal Q Trading Bot?

The Royal Q trading Bot is a crypto trading bot made in china for trading cryptocurrency automatically.

Important information about Royal trading Bot includes:

  • The Royal Q trading bot is made using different crypto signals and indicators.
  • The bot is owned by a renowned Chinese company and is completely computer-based program software.
  • The trading bot has been made to trade excellently on the crypto platforms except for psychological stress and overthinking.
  • The no-emotion aspects of the bot have made it ideal for investors and traders to use for trading their cryptocurrencies.
  • It is also important to note that this doesn’t mean investors and crypto traders can leave everything to the bot.
  • It also doesn’t mean investors should not do the basic research and take the necessary steps to know which cryptocurrencies to invest in or which trades to partake in.
  • This is because the bot still requires some information and research to perform even better.

Click here to start trading with Royal Q trading bot

Royal Q Trading Bot
Photocredit: YouTube  

Features of Royal Q Trading Bot

The Royal Q Bot has a very broad range of features covering many functions in the crypto trading system.

Some of these features and functions include:

  • The Royal Q trading bot is a cost-effective assistant to trading and exchanging crypto compared to human experts.
  • The Royal Q Bot can easily calculate the market statistics and risks, easily interpret them and make the best decision with the data collected.
  • The Royal Q Bot also helps in automating the market analysis and data gotten from its research.
  • The Trading Bot can also easily carry out trade transactions and exchanges with ease once the user instructs the bot.
  • Though sometimes investors and traders cannot keep up with the volatility of the crypto market, the royal Q Bot can carry out these trades automatically once set, notwithstanding the volatility of the crypto market and coin fluctuation.

How to Use the Royal Q Trading Robot?

Using the Royal Q trading Bot is very important for traders, and this is simply a way to use the Royal Q trading bot:

  • The Royal Q Bot can be used with only two major trading platforms when writing this post. These trading platforms include Binance and Huobi.
  • Users and investors are advised to create an account with royal Q before any other thing. This is important because trying to download the Trading bot on the Play Store or Apple store can make users download the one which is not safe or original.
  • Investors can download the Royal Q App from the Play Store or Apple store.
  • Investors should already have an account on their favorite crypto trading or exchange platform, which should be either Binance or Huobi.
  • After creating an account with the chosen trading platform, users can connect the Royal Q Trading bot with their Binance or Huobi account to start using the Royal Q Trading Bot and enjoy its benefits.
  • It is important to note that a fee of $120 is charged to investors before using the Royal Q trading bot. $100 out of this payment is the subscription for the Royal Q bot, and then$20 is the gas fee charge.

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How to Make Money with Royal Q Trading Bots?

Signup with Royal Q Trading Robot here or enter the code RFKT3 on the registration page to join.

After signing up and registering on the Royal Q Bot, it is important to understand ways to make money using the bot.

There are two major ways to make money using the Royal Q Trading app, and these include:

  • Trade and Exchange of Cryptos: This simply involves trading and exchanging assets on the user’s official trading platform. The bot will trade and exchange assets already in the user’s wallet or account in this process.
  • Referral System: This process simply helps the user make more money when other users sign up on the platform using the referral of the user who directed them. This is a good way for investors and users to profit from the Royal Q platform.

Learn How to Activate Your Royal Q Bot App

Watch the video below to get learn how to activate your Royal Q bot perfectly.

Advantages of Royal Q Trading Bots

  • It’s an easy bot to use for trading cryptos and coins.
  • Its analysis works on real-time and live strategies
  • Its artificial intelligence algorithm is top-class
  • The bot uses top-class trading techniques

Disadvantages of Royal Q Trading Bot

  • There can still be programming errors with the bots, which can affect the trading and exchange of assets.
  • Getting money using the Royal Q bot does not mean instant profit for the user, its potential to get profit might still take some time.

This is all about the Royal Q Bot and its trading and exchange features which investors can maximize.

What do you think about the Royal Q Bot? Leave a comment so that we can know your thoughts on this trading robot.

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