How and Where to Buy & Sell Propy Coin – Step by Step Guide

Many are looking for ways to invest in cryptocurrency. A Propy coin is a new form of digital currency slowly gaining traction.

What is Propy coin?

Propy, a blockchain-based decentralized market platform that facilitates international real property transactions.

Propy blockchain-based platform allows real-time transactions, which reduces the risk of fraud and redundancy.

Propy (PRO) is a cryptocurrency and runs using Ethereum, the Ethereum platformPropy isn’t yet accessible on the most well-known exchanges globally like Binance and Coinbase.

propy coin, Propy Coin Price Prediction
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Is Propy coin a good investment?

PRO is a fantastic investment option if you are looking for virtual currencies with a high return Propy’s value is predicted to increase over time because shortages tend to lead to price increases.

It is important to note that there’s some risk in any investment. Make sure you put your money into what you can do before making any conclusions and do as much research as you can.

List of Propy coin exchange where you can buy PRO coin

If you would like to know where to buy Propy, you can purchase Propy in the following

  • Trust wallet via UniSwap

Propy coin contract address

Etherscan is a decentralized innovative contract platform that includes a block explorer and analytics platform.

0x226bb599a12c826476e3a771454697ea52e9e220″ is Propy coin contract address.

How to buy Propy coin

Download Trust Wallet app

Create an account if you don’t have any or sign in to your existing account

You’ll be given 12 Phrased words (Ensure you save this somewhere because this will only provide you with access to your account in the future)

Once you’re logged in to your account, navigate to DApps, you need to have some Ethereum on Trust Wallet first.

If you don’t, you can buy it from Binance and withdraw it to your Ethereum wallet on Trust Wallet

Connect your UniSwap wallet to Trust wallet

For connecting Uniswap with Trust Wallet, open Uniswap using a mobile device and click “Connect Wallet.” Then, you can use Wallet Connect to Trust Wallet.

After connecting Uniswap with Trust Wallet, you’ll be in a position to exchange Ethereum for another token.

Then choose Ethereum and enter the amount of Ethereum you need to swap

Click on the navigation button below, and you’ll be directed to a search query.

Enter the coin contract address given above, and import the coin

Then click on Swap to swap to Propy coin

Wait on the current screen until you see a success message

If you don’t see a success message, it’s probably that you need to increase your transact slippage

To increase your slippage, click on the settings icon beside the SWAP above

Then you should see Standard, Fast, and instant, leave it at standard

Then go down a bit and enter 7 in the Slippage tolerance and click on the X button above

Then click on SWAP, and it should be successful

If it’s unsuccessful, repeat and keep increasing the Slippage tolerance until you get the right one. But at 15%, slippage tolerance should work perfectly.

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How to sell Propy coin

The processes for converting your Propy currency to Ethereum are outlined below.

  • Go to the “DEX” section of your app’s bottom menu.
  • Select the token you want to swap from the “Swap” menu.
  • Choose the Ethereum to which you want to convert.
  • Calculate the total.
  • Confirm “Swap” by pressing the “Swap” button.

After you’ve swapped your token, you can send it to any exchange you want, such as Binance or Coinbase.

If you are looking to transfer your Ethereum from your Trust Wallet to any exchange platform

  • Go into “Wallet” from the “Wallet” tab at the end of the Trust Wallet application. Choose the Ethereum you wish to transfer and then press “Send.”
  • Visit the exchange or wallet you’re sending your cryptocurrency. Find the address and “Copy” the “Receive” (or “Deposit”) address.
  • Go to Trust Wallet and “Paste” the address into “Recipient Address.”
  • Type in your “Amount” you would like to transfer or click “Max.”
  • Click on “Next.”
  • Review the information, then “Confirm” the transaction.

When you send your transaction, be aware that you’ll be required to pay a cost to withdraw your money. This will be based on the network or blockchain you’re sending the transaction to.

After confirming the transaction, you can sell Ethereum on the exchange platform you choose.

Watch the video below to know where and how to buy Propy coin:

Propy coin price prediction 2022

Based on our extensive technical analysis of the PRO price data, in 2022, PRO’s price Propy is expected to be the minimum of $4.97. The price of PRO could reach the maximum value of $5.85 and the average price for the trading of $5.11

It’s time to buy Propy coin for a secure future. If you have any questions, comment below.

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propy coin, Propy Coin Price Prediction
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