Pinterest Stock Forecast 2022 – 2025 – 2030

Pinterest stock will continue to grow in popularity and potentially become even more significant in the future. In conclusion, Pinterest is forecasted to grow by 24% this year, with continued growth in the years to come.

Pinterest Stock Forecast 2022 - 2025 – 2030
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What Is Pinterest stock?

Pinterest, Inc. (Pinterest) operates a visual search engine. People find and customize pins, or pieces of visual content, on Pinterest. When users, businesses, and artists add new content to the platform or save already-existing web content, pins are produced. On its platform, it offers a variety of pin kinds, including Standard Pins, Product Pins, Video Pins, and Idea Pins. Its Standard Pins are comprised of static images that link to online articles showcasing goods, recipes, style and home inspiration, do-it-yourself (DIY), and other topics. Its Product Pins list available products from its catalog, together with pricing and stock availability information.

Its video pins include brief clips from companies that point to articles about DIY projects, cuisine, and beauty. Additionally, it offers THE YES app, a fashion purchasing platform that allows customers to browse a tailored feed based on their active input about brand, style, and size.

Pinterest Stock Forecast

The Pinterest stock forecast for the remainder of 2022 and the years to come can be found below.

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2022

DatePrice TargetChange
2022 Aug.$20.863.14%
2022 Sep.$21.342.30%
2022 Oct.$21.651.42%
2022 Nov.$21.820.77%
2022 Dec.$21.970.62%

Pinterest Stock Forecast for 2023

DatePrice TargetChange
2023 Jan.$22.070.44%
2023 Feb.$22.140.32%
2023 Mar.$22.220.33%
2023 Apr.$22.270.21%
2023 May.$22.280.04%
2023 Jun.$22.300.04%
2023 Jul.$22.31-0.02%
2023 Aug.$22.07-1.03%
2023 Sep.$21.72-1.62%
2023 Oct.$21.27-2.08%
2023 Nov.$21.702.03%
2023 Dec.$22.493.62%

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2024

DatePrice TargetChange
2024 Jan.$22.45-0.16%
2024 Feb.$22.24-0.90%
2024 Mar.$22.330.41%
2024 Apr.$22.520.84%
2024 May.$22.550.15%
2024 Jun.$22.51-0.27%
2024 Jul.$22.50-0.10%
2024 Aug.$22.48-0.03%
2024 Sep.$22.38-0.53%
2024 Oct.$22.22-0.67%
2024 Nov.$22.270.31%
2024 Dec.$22.22-0.24%

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2025

DatePrice TargetChange
2025 Jan.$22.491.18%
2025 Feb.$23.012.0%
2025 Mar.$23.040.04%
2025 Apr.$22.95-0.25%
2025 May.$22.94-0.04%
2025 Jun.$23.050.36%
2025 Jul.$23.180.54%
2025 Aug.$23.320.58%
2025 Sep.$23.540.93%
2025 Oct.$23.931.66%
2025 Nov.$24.412.02%
2025 Dec.$24.741.36%

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2026

DatePrice TargetChange
2026 Jan.$24.890.63%
2026 Feb.$24.75-0.55%
2026 Mar.$24.28-1.91%
2026 Apr.$23.75-2.19%
2026 May.$23.23-2.18%
2026 Jun.$22.98-1.06%
2026 Jul.$23.060.35%
2026 Aug.$23.522.00%
2026 Sep.$23.610.35%
2026 Oct.$23.680.31%
2026 Nov.$24.162.02%
2026 Dec.$24.621.91%

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2027

DatePrice TargetChange
2027 Jan.$24.850.97%
2027 Feb.$24.930.33%
2027 Mar.$24.71-0.95%
2027 Apr.$24.14-2.23%
2027 May.$23.69-1.91%
2027 Jun.$23.45-1.03%
2027 Jul.$23.33-0.51%
2027 Aug.$23.370.25%
2027 Sep.$23.831.96%
2027 Oct.$23.870.16%
2027 Nov.$23.72-0.65%
2027 Dec.$24.151.83%

 Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2028

DatePrice TargetChange
2028 Jan.$24.521.46%
2028 Feb.$24.47-0.13%
2028 Mar.$24.24-0.91%
2028 Apr.$23.91-1.36%
2028 May.$23.48-1.81%
2028 Jun.$23.08-1.78%
2028 Jul.$22.93-0.63%
2028 Aug.$22.87-0.28%
2028 Sep.$22.880.05%
2028 Oct.$23.060.76%
2028 Nov.$23.060.04%
2028 Dec.$22.97-0.41%

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2029

DatePrice TargetChange
2029 Jan.$23.90.50%
2029 Feb.$23.170.33%
2029 Mar.$23.14-0.11%
2029 Apr.$23.04-0.45%
2029 May.$22.85-0.84%
2029 Jun.$22.58-1.16%
2029 Jul.$22.33-1.10%
2029 Aug.$22.24-0.38%
2029 Sep.$22.21-0.14%
2029 Oct.$22.220.05%
2029 Nov.$22.300.35%
2029 Dec.$22.28-0.06%

Pinterest Stock Forecast For 2030

DatePrice TargetChange
2030 Jan.$22.21-0.32%
2030 Feb.$22.250.154%
2030 Mar.$22.290.12%
2030 Apr.$22.23-0.24%
2030 May.$22.15-0.38%
2030 Jun.$22.02-0.64%
2030 Jul.$21.82-0.87%
2030 Aug.$21.63-0.84%
2030 Sep.$21.53-0.36%
2030 Oct.$21.47-0.27%
2030 Nov.$21.42-0.25%
2030 Dec.$21.40-0.16%

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Is the Pinterest Stock Overvalued?

Stock in Pinterest (PINS) is anticipated to increase. We conclude that Pinterest (PINS) stock is NOT overvalued based on our forecast.

Is Pinterest stock a Good Buy Now?

Yes. The anticipated price of the Pinterest stock for July 2023 is $22.3119967771636.

Is Pinterest stock a good buy now?

Pinterest stock is a decent 1-year investment given that the closing price on 2022-07-08 was $20.2399997711182, and the prediction for 2023 July is $22.31.

Is Pinterest a dying Company

No. It is thriving, and so are the businesses that use this underutilized instrument. Pinterest provides the best of both worlds since it allows marketers and businesses to coexist harmoniously with customers who want to view the brands that cater to their interests.

Does Google own Pinterest?

Pinterest is not owned by Google. Ben Silbermann is the owner of Pinterest. He also founded the company. Founded in 2010, Pinterest is now a publicly traded company (it was private until 2019).

Is Pinterest still relevant in 2022

The 14th-largest social media platform worldwide is Pinterest.

By January 2022, Pinterest was the 14th-largest platform in the world based on the number of active users on a global scale. The website outperforms Twitter and Reddit but trails Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Who uses Pinterest the most?

The majority of Pinterest users are from the United States. In comparison to 8.35% in Brazil, 3.82% in India, 2.57% in China, and 2.07% in Argentina, 42.81 percent of Americans use Pinterest on a desktop.


It’s vital to keep in mind that forecasts can be inaccurate while searching for Pinterest stock projections. The projections are based on a basic examination of the balance sheet of the business and technical analysis of the performance of the PINS stock. Future outcomes cannot be predicted based on past performance.

It is crucial to conduct your own research and keep in mind that your choice to trade or invest should be based on your attitude toward risk, your market knowledge, the spread of your portfolio, and how at ease you are with financial loss. Keep in mind that you should never trade or invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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