PEEPS Coin: Price Prediction and Everything to Know About the Coin

The People’s coin PEEPS coin is a peer-to-peer coin, an ER20 token built on the Ethereum network system with a basic function allowing its users access to gated integration in the crypto space.

It uses web 3.0 to ensure a secured channel for its users during the signature confirmation stage in transactions.

peeps coin
Photocredit: The People’s Coin

Some primary uses of this coin include:

  • Helps in the validation of users’ transaction and user must be holding a particular amount in their wallet to carry out transactions.
  • It can be used in assisted governance to determine polls and other political decisions in a community using the coin.
  • It can be stored as an asset of value to be used in related or different networks through a partnership with these other networks.

Number of PEEPS Coins in Circulation

Launched on June 27, 2021, the coin has a maximum supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens. To deliver a fair launch which in turn built up t 750ETH within 36 hours of opening, the PEEPS coin burnt 44% of the original supply of the coin to ensure deflation in its market, and this also includes 2% distribution and 2% burn per transaction giving a total of 4%.

It is also vital to understand that the team behind the PEEPS project, in a bid to still gets the confidence of future users and investors, locked 99% of the coin liquidity for a whole year through Unicrypt. All this happened just hours after the coin was launched.

Having integrity as one of their significant mottos and guaranteeing fair play, the team also reduced the

team allocation of the whole project to

just 6% of the entire coin supply and the team wallets are all open and transparent with labels the thepeopleswallet.eth and peepsdevelopmentwallet.eth.

PEEPS Coin Founders

The founders of the PEEPS coin are still unknown at writing this post, as no one has claimed ownership or creation over the project.

Where to Buy PEEPS Coin?

Though the coin has been listed on many other exchanges and trading platforms, it can still be purchased with fiat money while writing this post. Still, users and interested investors can buy Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat currency, and then using Uniswap can get the PEEPS coin quickly and store it in their various wallets.

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PEEPS Coin Contract Address

Being a project started within the community, the PEEPS coin is all about diversity and inclusion of every individual and spreading a much-needed awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain involvement for all in this community who might never have the platform to have been involved in the blockchain trend in the world today.

It is a project driven by the community itself and plans to hold steadfast to this course.

PEEPS coin price is $0.00 as at the time of writing this post with a good rank of 3469 on Coinmarketcap and its contract address is – 0xe1030b48b2033314979143766d7dc1f40ef8ce11

Is PEEPS Worthy of Investment, and What is its Price Prediction?

Since the project was created from within the system itself and the community, it seems a fair gain for early investors as it would be used majorly within the community.

And through its use for governance and other social activities, the PEEPS coin will develop a stronghold among users in the same network or through partnership involve users in different platforms.

With all this solid and specific direction, the price prediction for the PEEPS coin is optimistic. It is seen to have an excellent potential to keep increasing in value soon and become a stable, reliable altcoin.

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