Lazerpay: All About The Payment Infrastructure

This article will discuss Lazerpay and all about the payment infrastructure. Lazerpay is a payment platform that is powered by blockchain. It is a medium that enables one to receive payments for different transactions in form of cryptocurrency.

Payment Infrastructure

What Is Lazerpay?

Lazerpay is a payment infrastructure that enables an individual to accept payments in various crypto assets. It suitably aids the receiving of payments for goods and services in crypto and pays out to numerous countries in diverse local currencies.

When Was Lazerpay Formed?

Lazerpay is one of the top payment infrastructures that was created in 2021 by Mr. Njoku Emmanuel. He was responsible for the API development which allows developers to incorporate crypto payments into their platforms.

Through this initiative, merchants became able to accept payments for goods and services in crypto assets.

How Does Lazerpay Work?

Lazerpay acts as a medium through which individuals and businesses can receive payments with ease. The platform accepts payments from any destination in the world through their gateway that is specifically designed to manage user’s needs.

How To Run Your Business With Lazerpay

Businesses are open to using Lazerpay for conducting their respective transactions. The blockchain-powered platforms enable one to receive payments in form of crypto assets and one can withdraw anytime. Below are the steps to using Lazerpay for business.

• Create An Account

An individual would need to create an account with Lazerpay to utilize its platform for receiving payments. Their process is quite easy as one mainly needs to visit Lazerpay’s official website to create an account.

• Decide On A Payment Option

After creating your account, the next thing would be to decide on a payment option on Lazerpay’s platform. Lazerpay offers three different payment options which include payment with a crypto wallet, bank transfer, and debit cards.

• Integrate Check out

Lastly, one would need to integrate Lazerpay as a checkout option on one’s business website or platform. It’s quite easy and fast for one to do this with Lazerpay’s API which is designed especially for user convenience.
Once you have completed these processes, you can then receive payment comfortably with Lazerpay.

Lazerpay Pricing

Lazerpay offers a transparent pricing model for merchants and businesses. Currently, they do not charge any fee on deposits conducted through the platform.

An individual can conveniently visit their website to obtain pricing information about their country. Lazerpay processes payout to Canada, China, France, India, UAE, Ghana, United Kingdom, United States, and Nigeria.

Why Is Lazerpay Shutting Down? 

Lazerpay upon its establishment was a payment infrastructure that helped businesses to receive payment fast and easily. There is information that the top payment platform is shutting down and this is due to happen soon.

The major reason for these plans to shut down is a result of lack of funds which led Founder and CEO Mr. Njoku Emmanuel to announce the layoffs of employees which eventually started in November 2022.

It is thought that he made efforts to gather funds for the platform’s survival which proved unsuccessfully. According to Njoku’s words, “We fought hard to keep the lights on as long as possible but unfortunately, we are now at a point where we need to shut down”.

Businesses and merchants are advised to withdraw their funds from the platform before April 30, 2023, either through the bank or crypto payout option.

Despite the news of shutting down, the CEO stressed that they welcome offers from different companies who are interested in purchasing Lazerpay IP.

Also, they will still be involved in diverse technological-related projects now and in the future.

Which Account Is Best For P2P Trading?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading involves the direct purchase and sale of diverse crypto assets among users with a middleman not required.

P2P exchange connects buyers and sellers and offers a strong security network for conducting transactions.

There are many crypto exchanges that an individual can consider for trading. Some of the best include Binance, KuCoin, ByBit, and OKX which are among the best.

There are many platforms that businesses can consider for the smooth conducting of transactions. Lazerpay was one of the best but as a result of lack of funds, it would be shutting down soon. But irrespective of this, one can consider other alternatives like Stripe and Payoneer. We hope this article provides enough information on Lazerpay. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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