Options and Hacks to Sell Bitcoin Without Fee

Can you sell Bitcoin without a fee? Fortunately, you can do it, but you need to know the hacks and tricks. Most important is knowing the platforms that allow people to sell or cash out BTC without incurring any charges.

Most exchange platforms sometimes eliminate charges to entice new users or reward loyal investors. Whether you are a newbie or otherwise, you need to know how you can save on commissions and fees when selling Bitcoin. This article was compiled after thorough research to enlighten you.

Choose an Exchange to Sell Bitcoin Without Fee

If you want to sell Bitcoin without a fee, the most important step is choosing the right platform. As mentioned, many crypto-selling models eliminate commission and fees for investors, depending on your chosen platform. The best platform to sell Bitcoin without fee should be clear on the options to follow and what requirements you must meet.

Here are some examples of popular exchange platforms to sell Bitcoin without a fee:

#1. NakitCoins – This Turkish crypto exchange will save you a lot in commissions for any crypto transactions. But suppose you want to save more or even pay nothing to sell your Bitcoin. In that case, you need to be a regular client. NakitCoins calculates your monthly transactions and discounts accordingly, including giving some transactions for free.

#2. Kucoin – When looking for affordable trading platforms, consider Kucoin’s latest option of instant exchange service. It works by providing users with the best exchange rates in the world and charges nothing for the service. It is one of the best options to sell Bitcoin without a fee.

#3. Crypto.com – Another example of a crypto exchange with zero fees when selling Bitcoin is Crypto.com. It is dynamic because you can sell Bitcoin for other cryptos and fiat currencies without incurring any charges.


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Peer-to-Peer Platforms

Have you heard of DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms? These are platforms that connect sellers to crypto buyers and sellers and are known to be very affordable. If you would like to sell Bitcoin without a fee, you can check popular P2P platforms because they are not quick to charge commissions on transactions.

Some reputable P2P platforms might charge users a small fee but are typically very affordable. They might also have amazing discounts that cancel unnecessary commissions and fees.

Face-to-Face Selling

The face-to-face option is possible if you cannot find an online option to sell your BTC for free. It involves selling cryptocurrency to someone you know, and this does not involve a middleman charging any commission.

This is the only guaranteed option to sell Bitcoin without a fee because you will send the coins directly to the buyer’s digital wallet while they give you the cash or deposit it in your bank account. However, it is a risky option when selling to a stranger and is not recommended for new investors.


If you would sell Bitcoin without a fee, these options will help you. For newbies, choosing well will help you start on the right foot. It is good to save on exchange fees while growing your cryptocurrency investments.

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