Nike Inc. Stock (NKE) Forecast 2023 – 2025 – 2030

Are you thinking about investing in Nike stock or looking for Nike stock forecast information? It might turn out to be a wise investment. Nike stock might be a wise long-term investment.


A financial commitment that has the potential to both make you wealthy now and contribute to your long-term financial security. However, it’s crucial that you take into account the Nike stock price prognosis and projections before making a purchase.

Making wise investing selections requires having a solid understanding of potential future price changes for stocks like Nike or other investment vehicles.


You can decide whether NKE is a wise investment by reading this article about the Nike stock forecast. Furthermore, it will assist you in determining the ideal location and purchase time. Let’s get going!


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  • This article assures all the details about Nike stock forecast 2023 – 2030.
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Nike stock forecast

What Is Nike Stock?

Nike is a reliable investment based on its consistent stock performance, growth in profits per share, revenue, net income, robust balance sheet, and management style. However, not even Nike is a risk-free stock.

Is Nike Good Stock To Buy?

In terms of the fundamentals, Nike is performing great. This should also result in a significant dividend increase in the ensuing years. This is because the fact that the company’s dividend payment ratio in fiscal 2022 was just over 30%.


Nike Stock Forecast for 2022 Ending

Our study indicates that there is a good likelihood the stock price will increase in the upcoming months. NKE is expected to sell for at least $124.26 in 2022. On the other hand, the high projection for the Nike stock forecast is $132.57.

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Nike Stock Forecast 2023

Our Nike stock forecast indicates that the minimum price will be around $130.47 in 2023. If everything works out perfectly for the business and its stock, NKE should achieve its highest possible value of $157.69 in 2023.


Nike Stock Forecast 2024

Nike stock forecast is anticipated to increase through 2024. Despite market considerations, we expect that NKE’s minimum price will not fall below $146.28. In a similar line, we anticipate that the Nike stock forecast will be up to $178.57 per share.

Nike Stock Forecast 2025

The average Nike stock forecast for 2025 is $115.29, with high and low predictions of $135.08 and $99.39 for each of the 12 months of 2025. Compared to the most recent price of $110.970001220703, the average Nike stock forecast for 2025 shows a growth of 3.89%.


Nike Stock Forecast 2026

The research result shows that there is a good likelihood for the price of Nike stock to increase, with a minimum price of $178.51 for a share to sell in 2026. If events unfold as predicted, the stock price could rise as high as $197.87 per share.

Nike Stock Forecast 2027

The average Nike stock forecast for 2027 is $119.83, with high predictions of $136.05 and low forecasts of $77.49. There are 12 predictions made for each month of 2027. The typical Nike stock forecast for 2027 shows a growth of 7.98% from the most recent price of $110.970001220703.

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Nike Stock Forecast 2028

No matter what the Nike board chooses, the company’s shares are anticipated to rise in value in the future. The business will do well even if no additional companies are acquired. NKE is expected to trade for a minimum of $199.38 and a maximum of $218.87 per share in 2028.

Nike Stock Forecast 2029

The average Nike stock forecast for 2029 is $125.73, with high and low forecasts of $135.82 and $116.16 respectively. There are 12 predictions made for each month of 2029. The typical Nike stock forecast for 2029 shows a growth of 13.3% from the most recent price of $110.970001220703.

Nike Stock Forecast 2030

In 2030, we do not anticipate that Nike (NKE) stock will trade for less than $200 a share. Our study’s findings indicate a strong likelihood that the NKE minimum price in 2030 won’t be less than $217.39. Also anticipated is a stock price range of up to $248.97 per share.

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Undoubtedly, Nike is a large corporation. It is acknowledged as one of the largest manufacturers of sporting goods and the largest provider of athletic shoes worldwide. Since it was made accessible to the general public in 1980, Nike has developed several advancements, and its stock price, NKE, has increased tremendously.

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What Is The Future Of Nike Stock?

The median price target among the 29 analysts providing Nike Inc. 12-month price estimates is 128, with the high estimate 185 and the low estimate 100.00. From the most recent price of 110.97, the median projection reflects a +15.35 per cent increase.

Is Nike A Hold Or Sell?

$ 106.45 1.41 1.31% Our recommendation for Nike Inc. is a “Strong Hold” considering your above-average risk tolerance and the 90-day investment horizon.

What Is Nike’s 1-Year Target Estimate?

The median price target among the 29 analysts who are providing Nike Inc. 12-month price estimates is 128, with the high estimate being 185, and the low estimate being 100.00.

Who Is Nike Biggest Competitor?

Adidas, which was founded in 1949, is Nike’s primary rival. The Nike vs. Adidas rivalry spans a variety of industries, including clothing, sports gear, and accessories.

Is Nike Stock Undervalued?

The company currently seems to be undervalued. Our model predicts the value of Nike Inc. by evaluating the company’s technical indicators, probability of bankruptcy, and fundamentals like profit margin (12.94%), current valuation ($179.89 B), and return on equity (43.11%).

What Is Nike Highest Stock Price?

On November 5, 2021, the closing price of NIKE stock reached an all-time high of 175.83.

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