Is NFTSEA Airdrop legit: Why you should not invest in NFTSEA Scam

In this article, we will understand all about the NFTSEA scam airdrop and why users can’t withdraw their airdrop.

Is NFTSEA Airdrop Scam or Legit? 

Since the trending airdrop NFTSEA has hit the cryptocurrency market, this new airdrop has seen many crypto users and investors follow the steps outlined by the founders of the new coin to get the NFTSEA token.

The NFTSEA is a new token that claims to be a future-oriented Non-Fungible Token platform. The coin aims to make cross-blockchain easier for users and investors. It also functions to help the NFT ecosystem by creating lower rates where users and investors can easily transact and run their exchanges.

This means the NFTSEA with this system will be the coin with the lowest rate, cross-blockchain support, and community-driven token in the crypto space in the world.

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The NFTSEA has a total supply of 5,000,000, intending to become a high-valued coin, which will attract many investors and holders for the cryptocurrency.

Now it’s important to understand why the new airdrop, rewind on the number of days for the release of the airdrop.

These points can prove the NFTSEA scam token illegit due to some of the following reasons:

  • The token, after giving their stipulated time on when users and interested investors can withdraw their NFTSEA airdrop to their wallet after users and investors have shared the link for other users to get the token suddenly added more time than the already stipulated.
  • This means a red flag for the NFTSEA crypto airdrop and this confirms the NFTSEA scam.
  • Another important issue noticed by investors and users is that the founders did not release any information on why they will not be allowing their investors and users to withdraw their NFTSEA after the end period, which was shown on their official website.
  • Users and investors feel that the NFTSEA have only made its users popularize the token by sharing the link, which the website claims to be a referral link that will allow users to amass more NFTSEA, but this only seems to be a strategy to make the token very popular among crypto users and not, in turn, reward the ones who have shared the link as the founders or official website of the airdrop reports.
  • This is also another red flag and proves the NFTSEA scam.

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Why You Can’t Withdraw Your NFTSEA Airdrop  

Users can’t withdraw their already earned NFTSEA airdrop because the official information on the site means there will be more days added to the airdrop before users can withdraw their NFTSEA.

This goes against the previous information released on the site that users can withdraw their NFTSEA airdrop after the first countdown on the number of days shown previously on the website.

Five Things to Learn from NFTSEA Scam

  • First, users and investors are advised to do candid and thorough research on any coin or airdrop before clicking on any link or investing their time and attention and even funds on the airdrop or token.
  • Also, investors and users are advised to know that not all airdrops or token websites are worth believing. Some of these sites are just straight-up scam websites and do not hold any water or truth.

What are your thoughts on the NFTSEA scam? Share your opinion and thoughts in the comment section.

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14 thoughts on “Is NFTSEA Airdrop legit: Why you should not invest in NFTSEA Scam”

    • Are you aware that as at the time of writing this post, NFTSEA was supposed to have distributed their tokens to those who participated in the airdrop and presale? But unfortunately, they failed and reset the time to addictional 28 days, and later on, they changed their domain.
      If you believe it’s not a scam, I wish you good luck and happy earning…

      • Funny enough I was also in their official telegram channel they made an announcement today about changing their domain from ETH ERC0 to Binance Smart chain BEP20
        I sent a migration link
        We all tried migrating and connecting our BNB wallets which asked for our wallets recovery phrases and said we shouldn’t put any coin wallet address after imputing our recovery phrases it will write successful and also right error an then give you an option to try another wallet…so I came back to the group tried questioning the admins why issit so and why can’t I see my initial refers and my initial tokens anymore…before I knew it they removed me from the group
        What I came to understand is that they are scamming us by collecting our different wallets recovery phrases…which they can easily use an gain access to our different wallets and loot all coins present in there… I’ve been believing this NFTsea crap since but now I’ve fully Confirmed that they’re all scammers

  1. Today, 23rd of November, 2021, when the airdrop was to be deposited, the countdown has been increased further by 10days. I pointed out in the group that it just proved to be a scam being operated from a certain place in Asia, due to the timing on the site and the awkwardness of the admin’s use of English, I was immediately removed from the group and blocked from returning. What a brilliant scam. I am impressed.😂😂😂

  2. Now 12th Jan. Milking it for all its worth I guess. No whitepaper, working platform, no faces, one admin with the same rubbish. Most certainly fraudulent

  3. If a token creator keep promising to distribute the airdrop on a specific date with promises of no further extension but come the day to distribute said token they extend the airdrop period again and again and again and again that’s definitely a scam.
    I’m sorry for all the idiots who fell for this by sending their Ethereum to their contract address.


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