MetaWin Awards Winner A $31,000 Mutant Ape NFT

MetaWin is a cutting-edge, Web3 innovation company founded on the belief that creative agreement tech is poised for widespread adoption and will significantly influence our daily lives in the future.

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Key Takeaways

  • MetaWin rewards a lucky winner with an NFT worth up to $30,000
  • With many interested users, the platform selected one winner, although many entries were recorded at the last minute of the competition
  • MetaWin allows everyone to win rewards and earn benefits in the blockchain industry

The company will probably combine its commercial expertise and cutting-edge marketing skills with ideas about brilliant contracts and blockchain innovation. Its focus is on creating stimulating products that truly benefit its target users.

An extremely rare Mutant Ape NFT valued at over $30,000 was added to the collection of one lucky winner in the company’s most recent and largest competition.

Over the final 48 hours before the winner was announced, the prize draw, which was hosted on, saw thousands of additional submissions pour in. To increase their chances of winning, some players entered more than 100 times at once.

Peruvianprincess.eth hosted the final moments before the big prize announcement live on Instagram, sharing the surge of entries that poured in as the clock ticked down to the very last second.

The lucky user, mjouan, was identified after a suspenseful wait while the winner was chosen randomly. The first prize for this NFT fan, who has only participated in four events, is a highly valuable, uncommon Mutant Ape worth more than $30,000.

Anyone has the opportunity to start winning on Web3, thanks to They can browse contests for various NFTs from renowned collections like BAYC, Moonbirds, and Genuine Undead by connecting their MetaMask wallet to the platform without paying anything.

The platform is completely transparent, allowing everyone to observe the special blockchain technology. It also facilitates the transfer of rewards to each winner, along with details such as how many entries a competition has, among other things. Competition submissions or sweepstakes are available for free.

MetaWin provides entry bundles so that participants can purchase several entries while saving money on gas fees. Users can go to to learn more and to join the community.

MetaWin Platform

MetaWin is an innovative platform that offers users the opportunity to earn various benefits while using Web3 technology. The platform is a revolutionary aspect of blockchain technology, slowly taking over the world.

Their founders hold private holdings in companies like Consensys and are also tech investors. They are seasoned business professionals with expertise in earning revenue from digital advertising and gaming.

They aim to combine principles from blockchain and contract technology with their business and digital advertising knowledge.

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