Mbox Token: Is Mbox Token a Good Investment?

The Mbox token is a token working on the Mobox protocol, and the Mobox protocol is a Non-Fungible Token platform NFT built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The idea behind this NFT token is for players to earn as they play, as this token hinges on the Defi yield farming system.

The Mbox token has various functions ranging from staking, transactions and exchanges, and even governance to help distribute the token where it’s due and all this, of course, happens on the Mobox system.

Mbox token
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Number of Mbox in Circulation

Launched on April 06, 2021, the Mbox token entered the market with a total supply of 1Billion tokens in circulation, and these tokens are released over the length of five years, with 400 Million worth of them being released in the first year and others being released in the subsequent years in a declining pattern.

It is paramount to understand the percentage structure of the Mbox token:

  • The community mints 51% of the token
  • 21% of the coin is left for community contributors
  • 20% is kept for the team and
  • 8% left for primary strategic partners

Another vital piece of information is the auto buyback sequence carried out by the platform fees generated from these coins, in which 80% of the fees are used to burn the Mbox token through a particular smart contract.

Mbox Token Founders

The founders of the Mbox token are strong contributors to the Dapp workspace since the year 2018. Using their top-notch experience in smart contracts and crypto-related projects, the founders have handled over $4 Billion in the Dapp space. They have built various communities worldwide, making them a huge force in the Dapp space in the crypto world today.

Where to Buy the Mbox Token?

This NFT can be purchased through basic use and transaction with the pancake swap on different exchanges and platforms.

The Mbox token can also be purchased by integrating pancake swap on the official website of Mbox token – https://mobox.io/#/iframe/momo.

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Mbox Token Contract Address

Being a strong NFT coin, the Mbox token has risen above its rank because of its strong basic foundation and application and use.

This has made the Mbox token good crypto in the crypto world today. As at the time of writing this post the Mbox token is $8.576 and its contract address is – 0x3203c9e46ca618c8c1ce5dc67e7e9d75f5da2377

Is Mbox Worthy of Investment, and what is the Price Prediction?

For users and investors who so wish to invest in yield farming coins and are highly enthusiastic about NFTs, then the Mbox coin will prove to be very profitable, as the recent price spike in the coin indicates.

It is also essential for every new/amateur investor to weigh their options correctly. These NFT tokens and other coins are always very volatile and can’t be easily predicted over a particular period.

The Mbox coin is expected to grow steadily but exponentially as time goes on. This is simply because of its strong foundation and application and in the NFT space in the globe.

The Mbox project is strong as it is one of the promising tokens in the NFT space with high growth potential. As seen with its daily growth and possibilities in the crypto world, owning such a coin will boost any crypto/NFT enthusiast in the world today.

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