Legion Network Airdrop SCAM: DON’T BOTHER GETTING IT

This is an updated information on Legion Network airdrop and how they scammed their users to gather emails and referrals promising them $5 per signup.

The Legion Network Airdrop just launched a few months ago and currently sharing 34 LGX tokens worth $5 to users who sign up to their platform and refer other users too.

What is Legion Network?

Legion Network (LGX) is a super blockchain ecosystem that combines different services in the blockchain industry on a Mobile App. The services include Crypto wallets, NFTs marketplaces, Gaming, and Software as a service. 

The platform empowers entrepreneurs, influencers, creators in the NFT world by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem connecting them and helping them create their potentials with their cutting-edge technologies.


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Is Legion Network  Airdrop a Scam?

The Legion Network airdrop is a PURE SCAM that promised their users $5 per signup and announced to disburse their users the total money earned by the first week of March 2022.

Since March, no one has actually received any form of rewards or token from them and it seems they’ve disappeared on thin air.

So with this act, how do we trust their project when they couldn’t pay their airdrop as promised?

Legion Network Airdrop

When will Legion Network Airdrop be distributed?

According to the platform, when you want to claim the Legion Network token earned from referrals, it states that the token will be available for a claim on March 1st, 2022. So users are advised to wait till that March before claiming their rewards, so we are already in June 2022 and they’re yet to distribute their airdrop.

Why You Should Avoid Legion Network Airdrop

There are so many reasons why you should avoid the Legion Network airdrop which are;

  1. You data is not safe with them
  2. They didn’t keep to their promise
  3. No airdrop has been distributed yet to users

If you have any question or contribution about the platform, feel free to comment below.


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