Hypersonic Finance: How to Get the Hypersonic Finance Airdrop

The Supersonic Finance Ecosystem is made up of Hypersonic Finance as well as the products $HyperSonic, HypeBridge, and Hypersonic Migrator. A collection of services and products created to make it simple for new cryptocurrency enthusiasts to get started while keeping a feature-rich user experience for long-term crypto developers.

Built on Solana, the Hypersonic Smart Contract has passed CERTIK Security’s audit with no major vulnerabilities. HyperSonic is a bridge that connects the Ethereum Network with Binance Smart Chain, enabling cross-chain transactions.

Due to discrepancies in the contract filter, HyperSonic V1 was not released or listed, which spurred a contract to revamp and redesign to produce HyperSonic V2, which CERTIK Security audited.

Hypersonic Finance Airdrop
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The most frequent way to define HyperSonic (V2) is as a decentralized cross-chain digital payment solution for a range of products that make it simple to embrace DeFi and provide token generation services.

Hypersonic Finance Founders

  • Hypersonic’s founder and the team behind it are cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts who dared to try a novel strategy in a field that was a normal routine.
  • With years of expertise as an investor and token developer in the cryptocurrency market, SSN, the CEO of Supersonic Finance LTD, is a blockchain software engineer and serial entrepreneur.
  • The Chief Operating Officer of Supersonic Finance LTD is a highly regarded social entrepreneur with years of experience founding B2B e-commerce, agritech, and B2C digital marketing agencies, nonprofits, and social enterprises. She is also a well-known international speaker and management consultant.


  • Only 640 thousand of the entire 1 million HyperSonic tokens are currently in circulation, with 36% already being burnt.
  • Two hundred thousand HyperSonic coins were auctioned for $2.2 during the ICO. Our IEO was held in December 2021, with 28,859 HyperSonic tokens sold at a price per token of $2 for Round 1 and $2.3 for Round 2.

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Hypersonic Finance Community

Some of the benefits of being a part of the Hypersonic community include

  • the following:
  • As a Hypersonic holder and community member, you can affect how proposals are decided.
  • Put a stake in the Hypersonic token on our SaleX launchpad to earn more of the token and other tokens.
  • Use the SSN token to settle transactions with our payment partners and make payments within our ecosystem.
  • An ongoing expansion of the liquidity pool helps to sustain active token trading and support the health of token prices. One percent of each transaction is immediately sent to the liquidity pool in the BNB-Hypersonic Pair.

How to Join the Hypersonic Finance Airdrop?

  • Go to the Hypersonic Finance Airdrop page.
  • On Twitter, follow @HypersonicFi.
  • Like and Quote RT the pinned post.
  • On Telegram, follow Hypersonic Finance.
  • Join their channel on YouTube.
  • Your BSC wallet address must also be submitted.

Total prize: $3000 worth of HyperSonic for the top 100 referrers and up to $10 worth of $HYPERSONIC for the first 20,000 participants. Best of luck!

The project team will choose 20,000 eligible participants in a first-come, first-served manner. The initiative has specified that rewards would be given out towards the end of December 2022.

It’s important to remember that you are responsible for the security of your digital assets when using decentralized applications (Apps).

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Hypersonic Finance Airdrop
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